Why Your Director is Pushing You To “Be a Star” This Quarter

mary kay star consultantYour “stars” help your sales director get cars and make a unit club for seminar. Do you think Mary Kay is a numbers game? It sure is to your sales director! Here’s one email about it…

One way to build a million-dollar unit is to build Star Consultants. Independent Elite Executive Senior Sales Director xxxx xxxxxxx from Omaha, Nebraska, who went from the $650,000 Circle of Excellence to the Million-Dollar Circle in one year, shares these ideas for doing just that.

Set a yearly goal for Star Consultants
Decide what you want your unit retail production to be by the end of the seminar year and then use the following general rule of thumb to help determine how many Star Consultants you may need in order to achieve that goal:

$300,000 Circle of Achievement = 30 Star Consultants
$500,000 Circle of Achievement = 50 Star Consultants
$650,000 Circle of Excellence = 65 Star Consultants
$800,000 Circle of Excellence = 80 Star Consultants
$1,000,000 Circle of Excellence = 100 Star Consultants

If 30 Star Consultants in one year seems overwhelming, break it down into quarters – that’s only about eight Star Consultants each quarter.

Increase the initial orders of first-time Star Consultants

During your inventory discussions with new Consultants, explain the benefits of having a larger inventory. For instance, they can receive more free product from the Company.

Raise the expectancy level of current Star Consultants
Are some of your Consultants perennial Sapphire Stars? Then give them a reason to work for an Emerald, Diamond or Ruby Star. For example, xxxx supplements the Company’s Star Consultant program with her own unit promotions. To encourage $500, $600, $700 and $1,000 retail weeks, she offers prizes that are not very expensive. For instance, here are some of the prizes she’s offered:

  • Popcorn or pizza at a unit meeting
  • Lunch with her
  • A weekend at her home for four quarters of Star Consultant status

Says xxxx, ”Think of all the things that you could do to build your Stars, to build to the top and it may take you there.”


  1. Lazy Gardens

    Decide what you want your unit retail production to be

    IMPORTANT! The directors “retail production” has nothing to do with how much her unit sells. It is just how much she can convince her unit to ORDER.

    None of this is about sales! None of this is about increasing the sales of the unit to real customers It’s all about getting the unit members to order large quantities of product – by getting the newbies before they wise up, by offering cheap prizes, and by shaming toehm to do more.

    1. raisinberry

      Listen up lurkers! Do you see what this article and LazyG is pointing out??

      Now take ANY other retail “business”. Does the General Manager “DECIDE” what his/her retail is going to be in a calendar year by ORDERING MERCHANDISE ? Would ANY retail manager anywhere still keep his or her job, by having retail outlets (YOU) holding the thousands of dollars worth of inventory on your shelves, in your basements, garages, second bedrooms, trunks? Would sales associates be required to buy floor stock so that he/she can make her “numbers”?

      This is a masquerade! There is NO ONE…not anyone in Mary Kay that cares one iota for your personal profitability and inventory management. They move their merchandise out of their warehouse into your basement! Even manufacturers will take back unsold goods in the real world…but not Mary Kay. You get to eat your obsolete/out of fashion goods.

      When some SD encourages you to get the “Emerald” or “Double Diamond” package, just take the wholesale amount, double it, add the freebies, and look at the retail that will be on your shelf. Then ask her, what are the average weekly sales in this Unit. (She’ll hem and haw…depends on you…yada yada, then ask her again, No really, every week, those who show, what are their average sales…)

      Even if she lies and says $500 (check your newsletter, watch top sales for the week at the meeting) just take that figure and divide it into your retail. How many weeks will it take you to sell roughly, that amount of retail, (knowing you’ll also have to reorder stock you are out of)?

      A Double diamond (which isn’t even a legit company level) is 12,000.00 retail plus another 800 or so in freebies. At $500 a week, it will take over 24 weeks…and believe me you will have ordered and ordered over again to get what you didn’t have on hand that already sold.

      Do you honestly think you need to stock 6 months of product to support a $500 week???
      I hope you use your head as you are subjected to inventory ordering manipulation strategies…better yet, quit now.

      1. MLM Radar

        I don’t completely agree. Yes, you want to know the unit’s actual average retail sales to end user customers. But asking a Mary Kay Director for average weekly sales will get you a completely different number.

        The number a Director will give you is “estimated” weekly sales, which is really 2x whatever she persuaded people to buy. It has nothing to do with real sales.

        Even when you get a real sales number (Linda had a party and sold $500!) that’s often the 2x “wholesale” number. It doesn’t make allowances for hostess gifts, discounts, BOGOs, or anything else that reduces your real take-home dollars.

      2. karla manriquez

        Wow what ur saying it’s very interesting. Because now as a I paid my fee to become a Mk consultant I was told I have to make an order of 600 to begin. But Im very confused when she explains to me it makes sense. Then when I read articles here it also makes sense 😞😭

        1. Lazy Gardens

          Karla – When your recruiter or director says you need to order $600 to be a “qualified consultant” … YOU are paying the $600 and THEY are qualifying for bonuses and prizes.

          Directors get CASH BONUSES in addition to their commissions if they can convince a recruit to order $600 within 30 days.

          1. MLM Radar

            The only thing a consultant gets when she’s a Star Consultant is applause and a 50 cent ribbon. Placing a “qualified” order qualifies the consultant for nothing.

            But… her Director gets cash! That consultant’s “qualifying” Star order qualifies the Director for a bonus that could be several hundred dollars, and kicks up her monthly “unit production” which can pay her even more bonuses.

            Like the old song says, when you place a Star order your Director gets the gold mine, and you get the shaft.

    1. BestDecision

      A weekend at my Director’s house would’ve given me the creeps. I wouldn’t have had a place to set my things because of MK lying around everywhere. This may sound horrible, but I’ve no desire to spend time in her house when mine is nicer, bigger, cleaner, and not full of hot air.

  2. GrumpyMillennial

    “Independent Elite Executive Senior Sales Director ”

    Welcome to the Department of Redundancy Department.

    Besides which, that’s far too many titles for her to be taken seriously. You can’t just pile adjectives in front of crap to make it any less crap.

    1. BestDecision

      I remember when they updated the titles and added the “Elite” and “Future Executive” ranks. Imagine a company putting “FutureExecutive” on a door or business card. Their employees would laugh at them, and they’d start losing potential employees because they’d be such a joke! I thought it was cheap, hokey, and weird then, and my Senior just loves gloating over her “Future Executive” title, thinking she is the s#!+.

      What a joke!

  3. Jamming Berry

    What are these freebies? I never got a single free thing from the company in product or ??? All I got for free was a text from my SD “asking” me to buy more on the last day of the month. LOL!!

    1. BestDecision

      When we’re pushed nearly 24/7 to work our business, why not reward of true TIME OFF? No “awesome” Power Hours, no datebooks color coded, no talking someone into signing someone up. My thoughts are like yours!

    2. LoopyFromPink

      I’ve never understood this reward. Can you imagine this in the real world? Hey, great job this year, you get to sleep over at the CEO’s house! It would be so creepy!

  4. Stephanie

    If Mary Kay products actually sold themselves- then IBC’s would not have to constantly recruit; why on earth would you went to recruit to competition?
    Mary Kay Canada requires IBC to have one active recruit-very selfish company.

  5. sucker

    wow reading all of these comments just call me SUCKER!!! I joined Mary Kay 3 years ago. I was great my first party i had 10 guests and i recruited 3 people then there was the inventory call i could only place a $600.00 however I was a red jacket within a month.. Then it was holding that position was fine for me but my Director was you only need two more recruits and you will be a Team Leader so I pushed I bought, So i held that title for a while and i was Queen of Guests every month at my Unit Meeting for months and i ordered $600.00 every month for three months to stay STAR CONSULTANT, BUT Look new products are coming out have to order again if i was to keep bringing guests to the events and staying a Team Leader. Then my Director pushed me to do double credit so I ordered $1000.00 dollars not once but twiice My credit card was maxed so i applied for another one and i started placing my $300.00 here $400 there and finally i maxed that card too after of course i had 10 recruits and i was in DIQ I ACTUALLY hit CAR Qualification and i was told to push my recruits to order so that I could keep car qualification well that didnt last by the time i was in month 2 all my recuits gave up and i lost DIQ and now all my credit cards are maxed i have 2 recuits left and now she at me to start all over again.. So here comes the talk how important Seminar is so I fork out $400.00 for that and it was a waste of my money and now I have inventory on my shelves and in boxes and i mean alot….. I keep getting texts from my Director. I stopped going to unit meetings i had to consolidate all my credit card debts and I was $8000.00 in debt now I have to pay $250.00 a month to my creditors for 6 years. I STOPPED getting guests out i stopped attending vendor shows they cost me so much money… and now i just got a text from my Director asking me to come to the Christmas Pot Luck Meeting she made a fortune off me and she wants me back…..

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