Today There Is No More Mary Kay

quit-mary-kayWritten by ThePinkStink

Today I woke up and thought to myself, “I can’t do this anymore.” I graduated with a degree in Japanese. In other words, pointless degree. I loved the program, so I stuck with it, earned the degree, graduated, then thought… now what? Along came Mary Kay. One of my best friends held a “class” at her mother-in-law’s home and I attended it. She painted such a pretty picture, and I was feeling so down about my worthless degree that I thought, why not give it a go?

I did pretty well. Three recruits one month. Five recruits the next. Decent enough sales, I suppose, but after all, most of the profit was spent on re-ordering, re-stocking, taxes, shipping, cost of gas to get to and from parties, etc.

Last October I was talked into getting a credit card, although when I first joined I refused. But I was doing SO well, with all my recruits, that I thought, it’s time I’m a star consultant. Notice, I wasn’t doing enough in sales to get me to that point yet, so that’s why I said my sales were only decent. In the poor area I live in, my average class of 4-5 people gave me about $100 in sales. And that was on a really, really good day. I know skin care, and makeup, too by the way. I went to school (before Japanese) for esthetics for a while (and will be returning for esthetics this fall, thank goodness). I’m also a good salesperson. But my director said I was just making excuses when I said that my area is poor.

I live in an area that is notoriously cheap. If I told you where I lived, instantly trailer parks and overalls would come to mind. But onward with my Mary Kay dream!

With that credit I purchased  $2,400 wholesale inventory. Shortly after that, for some reason, I could not get people to hold bookings with me. Cancellation after cancellation. I went to career conference, which got me so energized and “ready” to be a director, that I said I would “do whatever it takes” to make it happen. I told myself I would never ask my family members to join my team to get me into DIQ. But after career conference (I’d never been to a conference before), out of my excitement from hearing all the stories, my director convinced me to call up family members and get them all added onto my team and active within the next 7 days (til the end of the month). And I did it. FIVE of my family members joined to help me, and placed the NOW $225 minimum to get active.

Ah, that was March. So April starts, and I have zero appointments on my book. I started April first cold calling people from the name games I’d played months previously. No one took the bait. I finally called a girl who had attended a party almost a year previously and she miraculously booked with me. She had 6 guests attend, because my hostess credit was, have 6 guests, get $100 in free product REGARDLESS of sales (another strong suggestion my director said I should do during DIQ). I arrived at this girl’s house, did the party (her, plus her guests made it 7 people)… not one person purchased ANYTHING. NOTHING. And it was 45 minutes out of my way! And here I am OVER $100 of product gone, when you calculate taxes/shipping. I cried my eyes out that entire 45 minutes back, then went for a long, hard run to run out my anger and bitterness from that day.

Towards the end of April I knew I wasn’t going to make it through DIQ, and I told my director I REFUSED to buy my way into the next month. My best friend who recruited me had just bought her way into her second month of DIQ, and I wouldn’t do it. I couldn’t afford to. So, I failed. I had the worse emotional breakdown I’ve ever had knowing that I got my family members into this to help me and I was going to fail, but thankfully my husband was there to support me and tell me it was okay… failure is inevitable in life, and maybe I needed to take a step back from MK and relax for a little bit before entering in to DIQ again.

I’m so thankful he suggested that. I know on the inside he was thinking, “I wish she would stop with MK altogether,” but he waited patiently for me to come to that conclusion myself. We went on our first vacation in over 6 years, and I deleted my facebook, and turned off my cell phone for 8 days.

I felt like a human again.

Over the process of the past year, getting into DIQ, failing… I neglected my marriage and my family. All my energy and efforts went into “building my business” that just wasn’t working. For almost a year while I was in MK I didn’t go on one date with my husband. How sad is that? I have also lost a lot of friends. I used to have so many friends that I would see them all the time, who would call or text every day, and now no one talks to me… probably for fear I’ll talk to them about Mary Kay. I never wanted to be this person, yet here I am. It’s been really, really sad for me. But today I woke up and I am saying there is no more. No. I can’t do this. I am returning my product and getting that 90% back. I am paying off that credit card, and I will buy my skin care from Wal-Mart for all I care.

It’s time to get back to loving life, working a normal 9-5 job (which I have now… the stability and regularity of a 9-5 job is so much more appealing now that I’ve had this MK experience) and going back to school for something I love. MK may have wasted a year of my life, but I suppose now I know and won’t be deceived by any other direct selling companies again.


  1. Lazy Gardens

    I graduated with a degree in Japanese. In other words, pointless degree. I loved the program, so I stuck with it, earned the degree, graduated, then thought… now what?

    You know what you do with that degree … you get a job as a technical writer, cleaning up lousy Japanese translations into good English. Seriously, a native English speaker with good English skills who can read Japanese is a treasure in an international company.

    Send me a PM from the discussion board if you are interested in more info. Yeah, join my team! (you can truly set your own hours and work from home as a bilingual freelance writer, but make real cash and not have to stock words in your basement)

    1. Charlie Nelson

      I am not with this Pink thing. The history of Mary Kay’s vision was not to exploit and ride her business off the backs of women.

      If you were juked into buying products knowing dern well you could not afford them or not selling the products to customers in a one on one or class setting. Then your greed to have power, prestige and presence is your own fault and not the fault of Mary Kay Cosmetics.

      So sorry you were taken advantage of, but please do not slander Mary Kay and her vision because of your choices to want to become rich.

      1. TRACY

        Actually, Charlie, Mary Kay DID exploit women. She is well known for talking about how little you have to give someone in terms of “recognition” in order for her to invest heavily. What she was talking about was very cheap prizes that enticed women to order products. That’s exploitive. The company continues to exploit women to this day with a bogus opportunity through which almost everyone will lose money.

      2. Lazy Gardens

        So sorry you were taken advantage of, but please do not slander Mary Kay and her vision because of your choices to want to become rich.

        Mary Kay’s vision was to be the BOSS and to be RICH.

      3. MLM Radar

        This man is either a MLM husband/ participant/ promoter, or has been blinded by “Fake It ‘Til You Make It” MLM participants.

        There was a man in my church group once who said almost the same thing. He was an honest businessman himself, and sincerely believed his buddy in Amway was also making a good, honest living selling Amway. But he’d never looked past the surface.

        It’s not slander when you’re telling the truth.

  2. MLM Radar

    So April starts, and I have zero appointments on my book.

    That’s what happens when you stop trying to build a customer base and start recruiting your customers instead.

    Your customers who would have reordered are now “personal use” consultants, and the new women your former customers might have referred are now the customers of your recruits.

    Bye-bye home business.

  3. Lovinmesomesephora

    It as LT says “there is a car in your profile box”. Or DIQ team or National Area….no…….there isn’t.
    A woman who just wants a lipstick does not want the excessive baggage of a business failed before she ever signs her agreement.

  4. Gina

    Oh this sounds so familiar! $2,400 in inventory myself and the next month I was inactive 😵😡 I wished they would have counted the sales from my inventory! I just joined Lularoe I’m happy with the character of people who are in this business.
    My MK sponsor literally fb stalked me and then got my number and called me, got a list of my friends, fb stalked them and or called it was terrible and embarrassing!

    1. TRACY

      Lularoe is still multi-level marketing. You’re almost guaranteed to lose money. Good luck with all that inventory you bought. You will be left with items you can’t sell because they’re the wrong size or wrong pattern… Don’t be fooled. There is no such thing as a good MLM.

      1. EmmaLee

        That’s right Tracy! Lularoe might seem nicer on the outside, but didn’t Mary Kay also seem nice at one point? The amount of inventory you have to buy in Lularoe is staggering! You’ll never be able to dig yourself out. I know it’s a big temptation to get into something like an MLM, because the promises they make seem like a dream come true. But they are just that…a dream. You will eventually have to wake up one day and it will then seem more like a nightmare.

  5. d

    oh gosh

    just a warning.
    even if u are invited to go to an event,
    there is pressure to join.

    after u join of course they want you to drop everything so the recruiter and director can ” meet you. ” hello ? I don’t have major $ to drop right now.

    and at the event – no value.
    a mother and daughter NSD were presenting.
    but pushing their cd’s and raffles to pay for the room rental.
    few won cheap door prizes; not worth taking a day off
    and now ignoring the text, phone calls, emails.

    phone carrier sent me a warning that I am going over my data limit
    as too many texts ! beware, if you want to join research first !!

  6. Dawn

    Did anyone see John Oliver’s report on MLMs from a couple of weeks ago? He showed a woman’s basement that was packed with inventory. The piece mainly focused on other MLMs, but it was still very interesting.

    I was a Mary Kay consultant for a year and a half, and then I returned my inventory and got out of it. The meetings were strange experiences. I felt like no one was being sincere. I remember asking my director how often I should report my sales to her. She said that I didn’t need to do that. I couldn’t believe that all they cared about was purchasing inventory. I am grateful to Mary Kay for turning me off of being an independent consultant for ANY company. It’s not my strong suit, and it’s too expensive to do business! No one should feel bad or be made to feel bad for leaving Mary Kay.

  7. Selena

    How do you quit marykay I just started and I already want to stop! Since I have started it non stop pressure getting a loan or a credit card buying all this inventory that I don’t want sales director is non stop calling texting wanting to talk to me about getting loans and all this stuff to spend thousands on inventory which I refuse i don’t like to wear dresses, skirts on this cold weather and I’m made into doing it I’m not my own boss like they said I would be! I’m done with mk

    1. BestDecision

      Call 800-272-9333 and ask to speak to the Repurchase Department. They’ll tell you how much you can get a refund on. Then, ask them to remove you from the Consultant database and cancel your Consultant number. Ignore your Director’s calls because they will only get worse when you give her the faintest hope for production.

      It’s an easy process to get out, especially when you haven’t dedicated YEARS to it like I did. Good for you!

  8. Ness

    I was taken advantage of by a MK consultant who promised some free cosmetics if my friend and I hosted a party. She lied and gave us a free sample of a cosmetic item, instead, not an actual product.

    I live close to MK headquarters so I called and complained, but they told me she’s an independent consultant so they are not responsible for what she does. I did not tell them her name, but she has since moved on from consulting.

    We put a lot of time and even money into hosting this party, where the consultant made over $100 in sales. I am disgusted that she lied to us and still would like to get the free lipstick that she promised for my friend and I. I am also disgusted that MK Corp would not do anything about this or attempt to rectify the situation in any way.

    1. BestDecision

      Sadly, MK’s legal department cares more about lawsuits than customer service, so you’ll never see a drop of that free product. Their side is like you said–she is Independent and not an employee that can be fired. All a lot of Consultants and Directors care about is getting ahead, and they’re willing to drop their morals to do so. (You just wouldn’t believe what happens at the Director level and above!)

      Take your friends for a “lesson learned” lunch out and go shopping at Sephora. Much better products and better, knowledgable service.

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