Mary Kay is Obviously Doing Something Right!

pinktrollA Mary Kay critic leaves a comment on my business site, citing all the same catch phrases and lies, such as the one about Mary Kay millionaires, taught at Harvard, and no one put a gun to your head.

With my MK business, I don’t have a store at all, yet I seem to do just fine with it. I have several customrrs who are out of state even. I make enough in my business to pay all of my bills and have extra cash for whatever.

MK is also a numbers game. You can’t get discouraged or take it personal when someone tells you no, you just have to play out the numbers. I will admit, direct sales of any kind isn’t for everybody, but why try to turn everyone away? I’ve come across this site and pink truth several times by researching info to help me grow my business, and all I read is negativity. If you spend as much time being positive about something as you do at being negative, you could possibly change.the world.

Everyone needs haters, and if someone is hating on you or what you do, then you are obviously doing something right! I’m sorry that MK didn’t work out for ya’ll, and I’m sorry that you feel you have lost friends bc of it, but don’t blame the company as a whole, or even the vast majority of the consultants and directors.

Just like at any store, you run into people who are inconsiderate, and pushy, and when that happens, what do you do? I’m willing to put $$ on the fact that you either go to another store, or you don’t go to their register. Same thing with MK, you don’t like the consultant for whatever reason, then talk about your concerns with her, and if that doesn’t work, then find another consultant. I’m sure that if you tell the new consultant your concerns, she will damn near leap mountains to make you a happier customer.

Yes, MK may have a turnover rate, but look at the resturant business, or even retail stores, they have huge turnover rates too. All of my customers and even team members are happy with MK as a product and as a company. But like it’s been said several times before, anything worth having is worth working for. And fact is, I know several women personally who are millionaires who made their millions starting off as a consulta nt just like me.

If your director pushes you, it’s only to help you achieve your goals. She has her own goals for herself and as a unit. The only way to achieve any goal is to work toward it, no matter what it is. And any business you may start, whether it be MK, resturant, or even mechanics, you have to work at it to keep it going.

Also, to truly see any significant profit, no matter what the business is, you have to give it a min of 3-5 years. If you quit before then, then you just gave up. So, stop blaming MK, or even consultants for your misfortune, we didn’t hold a gun to your head and make you do anything you didn’t want to do. It’s pretty funny tho how our marketing plan is taught in top universities including Harvard! Think about it, why would it be taught if it didn’t work?


  1. Suckered2016

    You are right, no one put a gun to my head to get me to buy inventory or do anything else in regards to starting my MK business. A few points regarding this post.

    1) Sometimes people see the truth as negativity. The old saying: The truth hurts. And in this case, the truth about MK hurts.

    2) There is a high turnover rate among consultants because directors and recruiters are not 100% truthful about what it actually costs to be a beauty consultant. Yes, the starter kit is $100. No one mentioned to me that I would have to purchase SEVERAL additional products to have a successful skincare party. No one mentioned the extra costs of having a website, getting business cards, the constant cost of having samples on hands, hostess gifts and the giveaways they want you to do (“Hey, you want a free lip gloss?? All you have to do is blah, blah, blah”. ) And don’t even get me started on the scam that is inventory. But, yes…you’re bottom line is right. I did not see one gun when I signed my agreement.

    3) Never, not even once did anyone in my unit tell me it would take 3 to 5 years to be successful. You can bet your shiny little consultant pin that I would never have agreed to any business venture that would take that long to turn a profit. EVER. If your unit explained this to you, good for you, but I am sure this is not the norm.

    4) I would love to see this marketing plan dissected in the Harvard psychology program as opposed to a business class. Now that would be some interesting stuff!! From a business standpoint, MK is brilliant. The corporation carries no debt because it forces it on the consultant. Bravo! Good for them. Yay God.

    5) If a director pushes you, it is only because she needs you to help her keep her status and possibly a car. If you don’t produce, she is forced to pay into her status and “free” car. Directors do not care about anything but the bottom dollar.

    6) I’m truly happy for the 1% that is able to somehow make this business work. It is a very, very small minority of the population.

  2. Lily in NYC

    “Everyone needs haters, and if someone is hating on you or what you do, then you are obviously doing something right!”

    What? That makes absolutely no sense. It’s one of those meaningless phrases people say that are not remotely accurate.

  3. raisinberry

    The thing that seems to be most lacking in this world is truth. People can have their uninformed opinions and think they are credible and rock solid. People can have their assumptions that they believe, without examination or even a modicum of pursuit for the truth. She assumes we “gave up” or otherwise didn’t apply ourselves and this seems to be the default setting for most criticisms of this site.

    Can we once and for all clear this up? This site exists BECAUSE WE WERE SUCCESSFUL AT MARY KAY. We KNOW how it was done. We KNOW what is taught behind closed doors and at meetings YOU are not privy to.

    The average consultant and Director have long abandoned normal accounting practices. They live a pink bubble where their earnings story is a fantasy and their profitability rarely analyzed. They live in a fake it till you make it bubble, hoping the next recruit will be the big bail out. Their hidden debt grows and grows as they try and look the part. You can not tell us any other story. We have THOUSANDS of women here who have already done it “the Mary Kay Way”.
    We represent Star Team builders, car winners, Caddy winners, DIQ’s, Directors, Senior Directors, Exec Senior DIrectors, NIQ’s, Queens Court achievers, TRIP winners.

    What do you really think you are going to enlighten us about? Seriously.

  4. Cindylu

    Negativity. Considering all the decades of idolizing MK herself (with all the pink stories and that we were her daughters) and the horrible amount of adoration of narcissistic NSD’s, it is amazing those original NSD’s can stand themselves. The amount of abuse that has gone on of the mostly female sales force is astounding. Sorry we aren’t madly in love with the concept of an mlm with the following flaws: Can’t advertise anywhere, no free training, no free cars, really cheap prizes, being praised at meetings only for buying inventory, sharing a room with strangers at expensive conferences, etc. Watching women going into debt while buying products they can rarely sell. The deception isn’t just happening occasionally, it is now happening on a regular basis. It isn’t a business. It is women having to deceive other women and cajoling friends etc. to buy over priced prizes. Absolutely NO one in 2016 wants to go to a stupid make up party with over priced products and women who no nothing about make up. Also MK consultants aren’t even allowed to apply the products themselves because they aren’t licensed aestheticians. So much easier to buy other better products at a local store or on ebay. Who the heck wants to have to deal with predatory MK sales women anyway?

  5. Lazy Gardens

    MK is also a numbers game. You can’t get discouraged or take it personal when someone tells you no, you just have to play out the numbers.

    OK, let’s do the numbers (facts from Mary Kay website)

    Mary Kay Inc.’s global wholesale sales are $4 BILLION DOLLARS. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it.

    But, unfortunately, there are 3.5 million Independent Beauty Consultants in the world.

    4,000,000,000 / 3,500,000 = 1,143

    That means that each consultant’s share of the sales is $1,143 per year. If any IBC sells more, some IBC is selling less, because that number doesn’t stretch.

  6. Iescaped

    Another one of these emails where you don’t even know where to start.

    I’m not going to debate about whether you were given full disclosure before starting your stint in MK (you do realize most of were not and that is a BIG problem with MK and other MLMs). But I will discuss what you have stated in your email.

    First off, the average yearly living expense in the US for a single person without children is approximately $28,000. That’s about $2,300 per month. You said that you pay ALL of your bills with your MK money. If this is true than you would be selling over $4,000 per month. Remember, you have to figure in expenses and taxes. I am highly doubtful that you are doing this, because if you were you would be setting company records and the Queens Court of Sales would be yours hands down.

    Now you could be telling the truth about paying ALL your bills with MK profits, but you either are living at home with mommy and daddy picking up all the expenses like mortgage, power, water, insurance, food, etc… and all you need to pay for is maybe some gas for the car. Or your husband is paying all the real bills with his J.O.B.

    See pumpkin, we here have a BIG problem with the lies of omission. The tweaking of the Truth to make sure you look successful. And the FTC is starting to have a problem with this too!

    So please respond and educate us on exactly how you are doing over $56,000 in sales each year. My guess is that you can’t, so quit giving people the impression that your MK business is paying ALL your bills!

  7. BestDecision

    I had an MBA student tell me that NO MLM was “studied” while they were in school other than being explained what an MLM was and how fraud has happened in them historically and how many consumers are leary of them nowadays. And this student went to a very prestigious MBA program.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      They are “studied” the way John Hopkins studies bubonic plague, and the political science department studies North Korea.

      There are some “case studies” about Mary Kay – the one I remember was how she got her low-paid sales force motivated with cheap prizes.

    1. Cooling Off

      I heard it was the $22 million they lost trying to update the website for directors & consultants. Suddenly the president needed to spend more time with his family.
      They are reeling.

  8. Lazy Gardens

    How did I miss this … we didn’t hold a gun to your head and make you do anything you didn’t want to do

    No, you just LIED to us. Lies of omission – not mentioning the stuff like the continuous requalifying, the quotas and the over-populated reseller ecosystem. And plain old lies about how much money you were making, as you desperately juggled credit cards and moved money from the household budget to cover the ghost consultants orders.

    Getting money with a gun to the head is armed robbery. Getting it by lying is fraud.

  9. Kathy Lathrop

    I’m a current consultant. I have a few Customers and also sell some of my product on eBay! I make enough, my goal I s to have more reorders for ordering a second time this year. I also like the fact, that I get my product for 50% off, and it’s a nice tax write off. If u had more time, I’d be able to focus on getting more customers. Working a full time job doesn’t leave me much time! I’m happy.

    1. TRACY

      What exactly are you writing off, Kathy? You can only write off legitimate business expenses. So if you are incurring expenses, and this causes you a loss on your taxes… it means you’re losing money doing MK. Why are you happy that you’re losing money?

    2. MLM Radar

      If you’re in the 15% tax bracket like most people, you have to lose $1000 to reduce your tax bill by $150. The other $850 is gone forever.

      If you’re claiming tax losses because you’re writing off your entire inventory purchase up front, that will increase the amount of income you need to declare later when you sell the stuff (you can’t claim the product cost again), if you sell the stuff.

      I’ve watched the eBay auctions. Most Mary Kay auctions close with no bids and no sales. Good luck trying.

  10. Paul Heytman

    First of thank you. They say coming out of a cult is worse then Stockholm syndrome as bad as SEVERE PTSD and typically requires years of therapy afterwards. You provide a Place of therapy.
    I’m a 36 year old male. I know nothing of makeup n honestly thought Mary Kay was out of business. My story down the “pink wormhole” doesn’t matter but here I am. Before you thank me for my “service” let’s compare cults. The green machine to the pink fog.
    Green machine don’t expect what you don’t inspect. Mary Kay don’t inspect what you don’t inspect.
    False idols. Green machine take your pick of generals n WWII Medal of Honor winners. Mary Kay Mary Kay ash
    Don’t assosiate with civilians don’t tell your husband what your doing
    If the army wanted you to have a wife they would issued it. Mary Kay. Your running your own “business” your husband does not need to know.
    Let’s talk about hamster wheels. In my case I made it to platoon sergeant. That meant 18-20 hour days so when am I w my family? Right when I’m sleeping. Why am I working such long hours. Cuz I’ve got a platoon to train oh n all paper work that has to be shuffled. N let’s talk quotas. I dont retain x soldiers im gone. I get 1 DUI im gone w a relief for cause evaluation
    But hey company First Sergeant better less stress three duis in company before getting fired. Then BN SGMGR he gets ten.
    I’m sorry I’ve carroed on to long my cult
    Just like Mary Kay you thing the next level is better but we still running that wheel. Every higher level sucks more

    Big hugs ladies,
    What is going on here is special
    I’ll go back to lurking.
    Thank you
    Paul Heytman

    1. MLM Radar

      Hi Paul,

      I was USAF full career and retired. All of it operations, no admin positions. Been there, done that. Found out the hard way that often what matters is that your mistakes and shortcomings don’t make your boss look bad. Took my licks, got back up, fixed my attitude, fixed my performance. And snagged a transfer away from a bad situation.

      The military is no cult. We train hard and have a zero tolerance threshold because we deal with very dangerous weapons. When people get careless other people die. It’s a demanding life, but it’s very, very real. Not a cult. Sorry.

      In Mary Kay and all other MLMs the only thing that’s real is the debt. Everything else is an alternate reality fantasy – nightmare designed to distract you from recognizing what’s happening. Throw in a big dose of twisted religion and yes, MK is a cult.

      1. Paul Heytman

        As they say experiences may very. But Ive got my own outlets. I was attempting to convey my appreciation for what everybody here is doing. I think it is a wonderful thing, as well as, a place of healing and therapy. If my content got lost in my original message, then I applogize. Hopefully this message clears up any confusion.

  11. Formykids

    Hey Paul. Welcome and thanks for sharing. I would never want to compare the difficulties in MK to those involved in risking your life, but I would just like to say, and correct me if I’m wrong, in the military all of your expenses are covered and you are paid and have benefits, whereas in MK you have none of those…..just credit card debt. My statement here, is in no way to justify the militaries actions, just to point out the financial con game of MK.

    1. Paul Heytman

      Yes ma’am. In military we are paid. I was just trying to compare cults and if you don’t think the military is well. And second much like the former directors on here I thought I was making a difference. I was just another cog in the machine to move paperwork around. All those shiny trinkets (ribbons) mean so much to a potential employer. I think I cost my marrage for the lofty title of best firing battery in XX division.
      Please see my above comment about the damage a cult does to somebody and I fully believe Mary Kay is a cult among other things. Honestly ask yourselves if it wasn’t why would you intelligent ladies go 20-40+k in debt for them.
      I would never wish the Mary Kay experience upon anyone! To the point I called my x wife yesterday to tell her about thins and stay away!!

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