I Hitched My Wagon to a Mary Kay Star

Written by Raisinberry

I hitched my wagon to a Star, showed up to go up, prayed to widen my territory and be kept from evil, polished up my attitude by cancel, cancel, canceling my negative thoughts and I still landed in a crap heap with double digit interest rates!

God is good. Today I get to look at this Mary Kay business with an amusing chuckle. God helped me heal from the pain, sadness, guilt, shame and anxiety of Living the Mary Kay dream! After all it is a dream… they weren’t lying!

The Star I “hitched to” was another consultant in my Unit who was always up front getting ribbons. She was awesome. She gave me hope! Cause after my perfect start-perfect stop, I wondered if I could ever get a booking again. She was always working her biz, and reaping the rewards. I ran into her a few years back. She has been gone from the biz for many years and I thought gee, she made it work, I should ask her exactly how she did it all, back then.

“Mary Kay? Well, that wasn’t exactly on the up and up. My Husband and I declared bankruptcy and it took 5 years to get everything straightened out.”

Wow. My wagon was hitched to her star! My wagon was in the same boat hers was! And she hadn’t been around for years! Apparently I needed more than a star; I needed to be hitched to a comet!

Knowing that each situation is individual, I pressed on, didn’t go for bankruptcy but to work harder…. so when Seminar came and the Prayer of Jabez was distributed I was really excited! A Wider territory was definitely what I needed and to be kept from evil – that made sense! Testimony after testimony was given about how God just seemed to really respond to this simple prayer! According to my Biblical studies, this prayer was juvenile and a bit revealing about where the authors head was at, but what the heck, it can’t hurt… after all, My NSD endorses it. When my DIQ quit upon returning from Seminar, I thought, gee, that’s strange.

I prayed the prayer about 5 times a day! My NSD promised it would work! We went on to have the worst year ever, and apparently I wasn’t sincere in my prayer life. I guess My NSD wasn’t sincere either, because her territory was reduced as well. I always was amazed at how these NSDs can move the hand of GOD.. what with prayer circles, squares and email chains. The Deity must have a formula that He responds to and you have to be in the Inner Circle to have full access.

I was waiting to hear the right words, the perfect speech, the ah-ha moment could happen anywhere so I needed to be at everything according to my senior. What would happen if I missed the event where what I needed to hear, was said?

So I showed up to go up. I went to everything! I listened… I took notes. I BEE-LIEVED. Sales commissions being as inconsistent as they were, I noticed that attendance at everything was costing me a bundle. The talking part of training might have been free, but getting there sure wasn’t. Showing up was getting me down, but I cancel, cancel, cancelled the thought.

Since nobody was allowed to “talk negative” and if you voiced any concerns you were shunned, nobody ever found out about how much financial trouble women were in. Just like that “star” I hitched to… had she told us she really wasn’t selling all that much to real live customers, we might not have followed her blindly trying to keep up. In real business, a retail unit can’t fly a bunch of bogus numbers. So a west side location, with a cash register verifying sales, can’t pretend its volume is better than a south side location. In Mary Kay, pretense is what it’s all about!

But if you say that out loud – CANCEL, CANCEL, CANCEL. – you’ll end up sitting alone at your unit meeting with that kind of talk!

So the moral of the story is, continue in Mary Kay, and you will end up in a crap heap. Makes no difference how far up the career path you go, you will end up in a crap heap. It doesn’t matter how “right” you to work this business, because it is set up for you to fail.  What really matters is how long you will pretend you are successful at this before you end up in the crap heap. Even  NSDs are facing the crap heap. This game only works as long as women are silent about their results.

NSDs sell a bogus potential earnings formula like 3 plus 3 plus 3 that even THEY can’t achieve. And they are absolutely CERTAIN their Directors do not achieve it, and they are pretty sure that their consultants aren’t either. But they stand up on stage doing another one of those great MK signature phrases, “what you think about you bring about.” Hoping to fend off the crap heap, this “formula” is circulated with a $250 skin care class average and multiplied by 50 weeks as if it were REMOTELY do-able. I ran across that paper with the formula just yesterday. Oh did I laugh! What a load of crap.

Mary Kay convinces women to blindly and ignorantly follow a “star” who may or may not be telling the truth. Pressuring these women into being at everything is designed to squelch negative thoughts and mature evaluation that every business woman would normally consider necessary. Selling religious doctrine like “taking God as your business partner” is touted as the secret to success- an insult to the Deity! God is interested in conforming character, and when women do unethical things, or jump on any “wind of doctrine” to sell more commitment to this fraud, in His Name, character is revealed. Could anyone expect His blessing? He applauds lying to and frontloading the innocent?

You can cancel, cancel, cancel this post all you like. Mary Kay Cosmetics and its upper sales leadership are engaged in a grand deception, designed to pull from you whatever financial resources you have, string you along with prize bribes and when you are out of resources, toss you on the crap heap, fully believing you didn’t give it your all.

Only now that we are “Breaking the Silence” on this corporate abuse, the NSDs can see what’s coming. They did nothing to stop this and enjoyed their unethical earnings on the backs of consultants saddled in debt. As MK starts decomposing, one only needs to sniff the wind. Let us remind our Nationals that there is room on the crap heap for them.


  1. Lovinmesomesephora

    Dear God I have GOT to update my resume…..
    Cancel cancel cancel that part about selling the #1 MLM predatory cosmetic company trashing women’s lives…..

    1. Lazy Gardens

      List the skills you USED … ordered inventory online, customer satisfaction .. I know I wrote an article about “after Mary Kay” and dealing with it.

      and if asked why you quit, smile and say, “it was not the opportunity they led me to believe” or “I like 9-5 and predictable paychecks”.

  2. Cindylu

    Pain, Sadness, Shame, Guilt, and Anxiety. Also financial devastation and wasted time away from our family and friends. So many of us have suffered because of this pyramid, mlm and cultish nightmare. Quit sooner rather than later. No amount of praying can make this fake 50 year scam work.

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