You Have No Right

little pink liesWritten by Anonymous

Dear Mary Kay sales directors… This is a list of things you have no right to do or say to consultants, potential recruits, or anyone else involved with Mary Kay.

Encouraging dishonesty…

  • It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Lying to one’s husband is not okay. It is especially not okay when it comes to spending money on inventory, starting a Mary Kay “business,” going to an out-of-town event, or any other part of Mary Kay. Marriage is a partnership, and partners share information with one another. They do not purposely withhold information, especially when they know it would be of concern to the spouse.
  • You can use the “husband unawareness plan.” (Didn’t I just mention lying?)
  • If you have a “bad class” don’t tell your husband. He will want you to quit. Tell him only the good news, and show him the money. (Yes, that’s more lying to the husband. Bad, bad, bad.)

And then there are all the lies related to selling the products and recruiting. You know they’re lies, so you have no right to say them. Oh, and all those statements about helping her? You’re only planning to “help” as long as she’s ordering, and the real help only includes encouraging her to order more and recruit more.

  • You could find the money to do ____ if you really wanted to.
  • Of course you have $____ to go to _____. (No, director, you don’t know that she has any money available to do anything. Quit assuming things about her finances.)
  • You could sell more MK products if you really wanted to. (Yeah, cuz we really don’t want to sell them. We didn’t really try.)
  • If you need more money, book another class. You decide how much you want to make. You can control your own income. (Not really!)

How the director will work with you (or not).

  • I work with decision makers. Do you really need your husband’s permission? (Oops, there she goes interfering with the spouse again.)
  • Mary Kay may not be for you, but how will you know if you don’t give it a try? (Please don’t say this, because you know that when she fails and quits like the other 99% of women, you’re going to call her a lazy loser. )
  • I do life with my consultants. I intend to spend the rest of my working life with you. (But only as long as they’re ordering, and you know it.)
  • I will match my time with yours. If you are working (ordering) I am yours. If you are not, I will not be spending time with you.
  • Same with meeting attendance. Those who go up show up. (Moving up in MLM really has nothing to do with attendance, other than the fact that the brainwashing sessions will keep you on the hamster wheel longer than necessary.)
  • My job is to help you be successful. (No, your job is to help her order more.)
  • I will earn your red jacket for you, I will help you earn your car, and I will let you become a director. (Really, you’ll just help her use her credit cards.)

And then the lies about Mary Kay priorities and intentions. You know you don’t really mean these!

  • Mary Kay women are different, we are energy-givers not energy suckers. (Unless you’re begging for month-end production when you dial for dollars?)
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to ignore your values and instead be able to put faith first, family second and your business third?

This list could go on forever…


  1. raisinberry

    I understand the perspective of Anonymous…it looks that way from the outside, but to be fair, most Directors do want their consultants to succeed. I think the vast majority of them start out with the best intentions and think that even if they struggled to finish DIQ, or knew they did some shady stuff to get the numbers, they basically believe that all the consultants are at differing levels of drive, and they hope someone comes on board who is a racehorse and will prove the claims, even if they can’t. They hide behind the fact that everyone can work it how they want, so if they aren’t pulling in big bucks, well, that is their choice. The real data comes in when a person really tries to get themselves booked, and finds they have to give away the store to do so. All of us who remember “20/20” or 10 class weeks know that they weren’t really that profitable! All the giveaways and incentives, when sales might not really be that great, ultimately hurt the bottom line…but that’s not the talking point. The talking point is, See I held 10 classes…met 30 people…(to talk to, to recruit)…got 2 recruits…and even if sales are mentioned, it is not PROFIT from sales! So see it really is possible to make money at this….

    And now what? You burned up your customer base with freebie incentives, recruited people who WOULD have been your new show lines to new customers.

    The “mlm” system of endless recruiting is at cross purposes to actual business health…and they have TRICKED their consultants into conducting this behavior, so that the Corporation and the commission-able levels above the new recruit can garner their profits by 1st, the wholesale sale going to the Corp, and 2nd, the commission reward going to the upline. It works until you run out of people to “help” you…and that’s when the whole thing turns as anonymous describes-ordering manipulation.

  2. enorth

    “ordering manipulation”

    Consultants placing orders…not because they are replenishing salable products…but to meet their production quota, earn a prize, achieve a goal, attain “special seating” at the next event, maintain their career-status or “free” car, or because they are guilted, shamed or bullied into ordering products they don’t need and can’t afford.

  3. Jamie

    One of the things that always bothered me was the encouragement to either lie or not mention things to your husband.

    My own husband encouraged me to sign up for MK. He thought it would help me become more outgoing (not only did it not do that, but it left me feeling like a failure). We didn’t know about the “Husband Unawareness Program” or the asking forgiveness instead of permission line until later. Needless to say, we both raised an eyebrow

    Ladies, if you have to lie to your husband and damage your marriage for an “opportunity” , it isn’t an opportunity. It’s the potential destruction of your relationships at your own hands. Is any trinket worth that ?

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