You Have a Chance to Succeed in Mary Kay

A note from an angry Mary Kay customer to Pink Truth members:

To whom it may concern…..

What has this world come to??  What are you thinking??? You all are bitter, bitter women that can’t find anything else better to do with your time.  Get a life!!!

I am completely blown away that you would start a website like this!!!  Do you think that we are all stupid, that we can’t think for ourselves???  I can not believe that you all started your Mary Kay businesses and put yourselves in a financial hole!!!  That is too funny!!!  Whats even better is that you blame your failure onto Mary Kay Inc.???  Did they put a gun to your heads????  Tell me something…. are you gutting Avon??  What other MLM companies did you fail at that you are gutting??

The hate and discontent in this website is way out of control!!!  You ladies really need to get a life and allow us to find out if the Mary Kay world is for us.  I get it, it wasn’t for you…. do I care???  No!!!  Everyone has different situations and life stories….  it doesn’t mean that my story will turn out like yours!!!  You know, if I was able to have a chance to stay at home with my children and still make the same wages that I would at a 9-5 job or 3-11 or 7-4 job, damn straight I would!!!  My children mean the world to me and I would do what ever I had to, to make sure that they weren’t raised by someone else!!! To be able to give them a life that the NSD’s have would be amazing!!!  Can you give your children and family that same life???

Every single one of you had the same chance to succeed!!!  Instead you gave up!!!  And that is sad…..  stop blaming someone else and blame yourselves for being such loosers!!!  Because that is what you are!!!  Bitter, hateful, sad, sad women!!!  I am so thankful that I don’t know who any of you are, because I would be ashamed to say that I did know you!!!

You think you are saving us all from a terrible, terrible fate!!!  Well guess what…..  all you have done is made yourselves look stupid!!!  That is even funnier!!!  Now the whole world knows about it!!!  You all had a chance to make a difference in your lives….  what you did with it…. you threw away that chance and all you have done is made yourselves look like fools!!!  Congrats!!!

With the economy and job market the way that it is right now….  I will try anything to be able to put food on the table and clothes on our backs!!!!  BUT!!!  I will do it in a manner that is suitable for me and my family and not financially damning!!!  Dumping $4800 into a business that your not sure is going to work for you…..   like I said…. fools!!!

All of you really need to grow up and shut up!!!  Your opinions are just that…. YOURS!!!  I don’t want to hear it, neither does the next woman.  We all have two legs, you need to let us stand on them.  Stop bashing Mary Kay!!!  They did nothing to you, you did it to yourself!!!  I really feel sorry for you and the others that you have sucked in!!!  It’s pathetic that you would go this far!!!

Just to clarify……  I’m not even a consultant.  I’ve used the product for 15 years, but never really looked into the company itself…..  but because I have stumbled onto your website,  I am more intrigued now to prove you all wrong.  When I read things on your website, all I see is bitter, sad, probably lonely women that are full of hate.  Trying to blame someone else for their failures.  Well sweeties….  buck up!!!  Life isn’t fair, and the only ones to blame is yourselves!!!

All I can see is that someone out there hurt you and you are just wanting to get revenge on them.  I see that as very, very sad.  Making it your lifes quest to crush a company because you failed???  Because 1 person promised you something and it didn’t happen like you wanted it to.  If it were me, I’d be looking for something else to occupy my time, because in the end you are going to only destroy one person…..  you.  Good luck with your bashing party….  hopefully one day you will realize that you are only hurting yourself and your followers.  That just tells me that you don’t have a conscience.

I will do one thing for you……  I will pray for you…..  pray that you will see the damage that you are doing and causing terrible hate and discontent in everything and everyone around you.  That is why there is so much hate in the world, it’s because of people like you that have a score to settle and don’t give others the chance to test the waters.

From what I understand, Mary Kay Inc. has been in business for 45+ years???  They must be doing something right.  If I am able to get just a small piece of that pie to make a better life for my family…..  it’s worth the try.

So I thank you….  I am looking forward to proving you and your haters wrong.  It’s going to be a fun ride!!!


  1. MKHater

    Be sure to post your Schedule Cs for all of us to fawn over….

    Life is hard, even harder for stupid people. How many thousands of dollars are you going to pour into MK before you realize that it is a con and you are only making money for people above you?

  2. pinkvictim

    This is an old post, yes?

    Nevertheless, it’s hilarious! I suspect its origin, but I’ll go with it…

    I know she says she’s just a customer, but there’s no way a customer would know some of the things she hits upon. She’s got all the buzz words and phrases down… a little too good for just a customer.

    “If I am able to get just a small piece of that pie to make a better life for my family…..”

    Customers don’t get a piece of the MK pie.

    Thanks for playing, better luck next time!

    1. raisinberry

      Yeah…I wonder how this “consumer” knows what NSD means?? In the world of Pink, lies drip off the tongue like little fairy raindrops.

      So maybe she is considering joining and did an internet search…and Oops!

      I can understand her fury. When you sit in a hotel ballroom listening for over an hour to a well crafted “I-story”, it’s a rough blow to have somebody rub the shine off your apple!

      Dear Critics of PT,
      We are not bitter, lazy women who were stupid beyond belief.
      We are here warning YOU, of the tactics used to get you to believe in the “pie in the sky” opportunity, and how little of what you are told is actually true. Many of us here were actually good at selling and recruiting and building teams, winning cars and trips and stage walks. But YOU never knew at what cost. Now you know.

  3. Neverpink

    My question is, why is it that Mary Kay folks (and apparently, even customers) use excessive amounts of punctuation??? I just can’t take anyone seriously that writes like this!!! As if adding more exclamation points at the end of your sentence makes it more important!!! Who taught you to do this???

  4. als8432

    This “customer” makes me laugh. I have been a consultant for a little over 2 months and I am incredibly glad to have found this site because I am getting out of this cult now. It will save me from having a ton of regret down the road. Everything that previous directors and consultants on here talk about I have seen already, from the scripts that made me think my recruiter and director cared, to the monthly emails and facebook group posts. It’s ridiculous. I am wondering, is she sure she isn’t a consultant? She said she will pray for us, will she pray for parties and orders too like the rest of the MK cult?

  5. BestDecision

    I was a Cadillac Director and never did I net the same income as I would in another job. Even a part-time job clears more money than most Directors will ever make. It’s naive to think everyone against MK is lazy. Sure, I had unit member that didn’t put forth any effort, but I also had some that worked extremely hard and consistently…and still aren’t in cars or Director suits.

    Our monthly tapes used to have a legal disclaimer at the start of them to warn us that the success of the featured speaker might not be our outcome. They don’t use those disclaimers anymore.

    As for bitterness you accuse us of, I can say I’m not bitter, just sad. I’m sad I gave up so many nights and weekends away from my family when they were home to build a business that never reached the potential I was constantly teased with. I’m sad there are people falling for it everyday. I’m sad for the thousands that are flying to Leadership Conference and will feel beaten down and guilted by corporate and the NSDs they they don’t work hard enough. I’m sad for the consumers like yourself that think they’re using the best quality product when I’ve had more people compliment my skin and makeup SINCE I resigned than when I sold the stuff myself.

    And also, it’s not necessary to overuse exclamation points. Your credibility dropped by a bit when you did that.

    A Cadillac Director Labeled a “Looser”

  6. Cindylu

    Yes it is sad. Sad that many families and women were financially abused. Sad that this company has not offered any real place to advertise. The class or party system has failed for decades. As long as new recruits are the customers those at head office and corp are ok. The rest of the IBC’s, Directors etc. don’t matter. The company also profits from free advertising from those pink cars and at those phoney conferences. Those at the top have all the costs of marketing, the costs of many cars, the costs for the conferences etc. paid for by unsuspecting women.

  7. onelessSD

    Wow… her post gave me a headache! I’m calling her bluff that she’s just a customer… no way, no how. She says too much of what a consultant would say. Maybe she’s a SD’s daughter- or NSD’s daughter, etc… who know- I don’t care.

    What I do know is that I wasted too many years chasing after the pink pipe dream called Mary Kay. I made it to directorship, I accomplished the National Court of Sales @ the $36K mark for 5 years in a row – (4 out of the 5 years legitimately – I can sell stuff!) However, my schedule C’s always were pitiful due to all the expenses that kept sucking away my money. So- it was completely wasted time on my part. Wasted time with my family and friends, and time for myself. When I walked away from directorship I was $22K in credit card debt – from all the extra director expenses… and I can finally say that I’ve paid it all off in January 2016.

    So listen up little lady… if you do jump in to prove us all wrong- I would suggest keeping a sharp eye on your money- as it will get sucked into that pink vortex faster than you can get it to the bank. Also- don’t forget… you have the option to return your product at any time… and it’s a rolling 12 months- not your 1st 12 months.

  8. NewlySuckered

    I am glad I found this site. After my first conference I became weary as numbers didn’t add up, I didn’t like the use of religion as a manipulative tool as well as sleep deprivation. But even more than to see the nervous energy and stress of the young lady who recruited me and then the notion that we were supposed t be working during the conference, i.e. calling people, etc… Well, it doesn’t take a rocket science degree to know Houston, we have a problem.

    1. BestDecision

      I’m so embarrassed to add up how many hours I devoted to my “sisterhood” nights while at Seminar and others. Not one of those people stayed in my life after I resigned.

  9. MeganH

    Hello all. Long time lurker, first post ever. My only experience with Mary Kay was when I was a competitive baton twirler in 2003 around age 12 (yeah I know, lol), but we were all required to wear MK products because one of the moms sold it. Still remember those silver compacts!!

    I’m now having problems with some adult acne, have tried lots of things, and saw a crazy super cheap MK soap on ebay (I also bought Clinique). As soon as I opened the MK soap the case was just so cheaply made, it gave off a REALLY odd scent (like stomach acid almost??), and just was like something you’d find at a dollar store. Based on what I’ve read, I’m assuming it’s par for the course for this company. Ah well, thought I’d try it. (And sure enough, there was a sticker on the back for an “Independent Beauty Consultant” lol). I mentioned it to my 52 year old mother and she goes ‘I had no idea they were even still around!’.

    I think MK is fighting a losing battle. I don’t know a single person my age who is even familiar with Mary Kay. We mainly go to Sephora, Ulta, amazon, etc. People my age are all about good bargains, quality products, and being able to try different things until you find something that works for you.

    Wow- sorry for the dissertation. Anyway, I definitely appreciate all this site has to offer for those looking into signing up for this pyramid scam, as well as curious people like myself. Thank you to Tracy and all others who contribute to this site!

    1. BestDecision

      Those silver compacts and the “MK Signature” line was the last gasp of air for us. It freshened the brand, but not enough to compete with the major stores you mentioned as well as the enormous amount of higher quality products out there now. How many other brands are still pushing “mineral” makeup? Only 1 that I know of, and Bare Minerals was the first to create that bandwagon.

      Be cautious about buying MK online. There are a lot out there that are either expired and past their shelf life or haven’t been cared for in a healthy, climate-controlled environment. Sounds like your cleanser you bought is very much expired.

      1. MeganH

        Gosh, unfortunately I didn’t see your comment sooner. Thank you very much for your feedback. I just posted in a different blog post. I’m sure it was indeed an old product. Didn’t work for me at all. I didn’t break out, but my skin didn’t react well. Dryness/flakiness and just a poorly made soap (Original Purifying Bar). Will be going in the trash. It baffles me this company is still around and people are selling ridiculously old product online.

        I tried to see if there was a way to delete my other comment, but couldn’t find it. Ah well, if anything it could be an example for lurkers that the product itself (expired or not) is just not good quality. Thanks for your comments, I appreciate it 🙂

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