How Mary Kay Sales Directors Can Get Consultants to Order More

Let’s not kid ourselves. Getting consultants to order more inventory is the heart of the pyramid scheme: recruit and frontload. Notice that this email has absolutely NOTHING to do with selling the product. It is pure recruiting and scamming orders out of newbies.

All of this ordering is encouraged without regard to any consultant’s personal situation. No regard to her inventory. No regard to her sales. Only regard to has she ordered yet? And if she has ordered, was it enough? And if it was enough, do I need more?

I love how the writer points out that these schemes have worked for her time and time again throughout the years. That is… It worked to suck orders out of consultants. (I know, Kaybots. It’s their fault if they’re not selling to support their orders. But do you see anywhere in this email where it instructs the director to help anyone sell anything?)


The countdown is here to month-end, & the adrenaline is rising. Your goal is in sight, but production is short. Where do you find it now? Your diligent efforts over the next two days could DOUBLE your production & increase your paycheck by even more than double!

There’s no telling how many more consultants you can still recruit & activate by Saturday, just by being out in the personal space of your prospects & operating with an energetic sense of urgency!

Preferably the groundwork has been already been laid for you to cross the finish line victoriously between your personal business activity & that of your unit in the last 28 days, & now all that is needed is focused followup on the phone.

Today is the day to view or print some reports. Think of them as treasure maps to production!

Be sure you have connected & downloaded the most recent reports into your Director’s Desktop Office Manager.

1. Go to “Recruiters & Their Teams”, and treasure hunt there first:

* Check your personal team to secure your own 13% Love Check. Have 5 of your team members ordered? Do you have in at least $600 wholesale yourself?

* What Red Jackets have an “I” by their own name, yet have team members who have  ordered? Unless an activating order goes in by Saturday, she will lose a Love Check. Alert her immediately!

* Now check for 9% & 13% potential upgrades with Team Leaders & above. What Team Leaders are short of $600, yet have 5 team members who have ordered or could order? What TLs have in $600 themselves, but are short of 5? A quick, excited phone call to those Red Jackets may be just the motivation THEY need to cross the finish line beyond what they are seeing today.

2. Now go to your Unit Consultant Wholesale Production report, & measure it against your August Unit printout, under Monthly Unit reports. (If you have a DIQ, be sure to print both Parent Unit & Qualifying Unit pages):

* Who placed an order last month who could be inspired to begin a Consistency Club pace by placing a second order in August?

* Who has been in the Consistency Club, but hasn’t ordered yet in August? Send out both an email & voicecom message today with the “End of the Month Ordering schedule”, then have your office assistant call every one of these Consistency Club pacers just to remind them that the end of the month is Wednesday & what that schedule is. (Give her a script.)

I cannot tell you how many times this has produced orders, just because the end of the month had crept up on busy consultants who had no intention of giving up their Consistency Club status!!! Yes, they thank-you for conscientiously reminding them every month!

STRATEGY NOTE: If you do not have a Consistency Club promotion going in your unit, don’t allow another month to go by without placing a priority on this promotion! I have been running one for 15 years, & it has been the single most significant promotion I have ever run to maintain consistency in both my production & my paycheck. I have consultants who have placed $200+ orders every month for 8, 9, 10 YEARS!

* What new consultants came in in July who have not yet ordered? The deadline for her new consultant product bonus is this Wednesday! Has she been reminded of that this week?

* What other new consultants need to place initial orders before the end of the month? Are they aware that an order placed Sept. 1-5 will experience a long shipping delay? That DOES make a difference to new consultants! New consultants in qualifying units and/or on car teams probably have no idea that the timing of their order makes a big difference to someone else’s goal. If this new consultant has a Team Player personality, she will want to know that her timing can benefit a team goal. How you communicate that must be sensitive, but what has often worked for me was taught to me years ago by my Senior Director, Xxx Xxxxxx, “If you are going to be ordering anyway, is there any way possible you can do so by this Wednesday?”

* Check ordering patterns over the last 6 months. Who is “due” to order by her traditional pattern? (Example: usually orders every other month & has fallen out of pattern? Is she ordering? If her pattern has broken, why? Red Flag?)

3. THINK: Who has told you recently that she has sold a lot of product or “needs to order”? What if you call & offer to facilitate getting that inventory order in for her today before the end-of-the-month rush, so she can give the best service to her customers? From now on, anytime you hear that from a consultant, write a note to yourself in your day – timer the last week of the month… Has __________ ordered yet this month???

4. Finally, print your Former Consultants report (under Monthly, then Consultant reports). Who will lose her wholesale buying power if an activating order doesn’t go in by Wednesday?

Our work is cut out for us, leaders, so put on your running shoes! Cross the finish line Saturday with your tongue hanging out, & whatever the scoreboard says, hold your head high! If this month is going to be great, we must MAKE it great!

So that’s the formula for getting consultants to order when you’re Dialing For Dollars. But what happens next month? You do it all over again, and hope to squeeze every last penny out of each and every consultant.


  1. Lazy Gardens

    operating with an energetic sense of urgency! ???

    What does that really mean?

    The countdown is here to month-end, & the adrenaline is rising.
    IMPORTANT: You are expected to spend the last week of every month in this crisis mode to meet those quotas they say you don’t have.

    That’s 3 full months of crisis mode every year.

  2. als8432

    This is so true! My director must have been desperate for orders earlier this week, she posted a message in our unit Facebook page offering free full sized products from the new spring line based on orders. The crazy thing is that people actually placed orders, they spent hundreds of dollars for a product that would maybe cost them $10 or $20. Our unit was still about $7000 short of our goal the last time I checked, guess the director might have to give up that Caddy. Darn.

    1. BestDecision

      You’re right, that IS crazy. If people would just run the numbers, they’d see that ordering hundreds more to get a free nail polish is ridiculous.

      The things we promoted as Directors is embarrassing. But, that’s what all the side conversations at Leadership Conference are all about. How to bust it out in March to finish a goal. Then, you have teachers teaching how they finished their last Seminar Year big, and it creates even more brainstorming.

      If your Director is about $7,000 away from finishing her requalification for Cadillac, I bet she’s either financing the difference on her own credit card or going to the bank to get a loan. I was friends with a very successful Director who did that for just $6,000. A bank loan!

  3. enorth

    They’re all going nuts trying to “earn” that Alaska cruise.

    Let’s all throw our hearts over the line and stretch our bee-lief so WE can earn OUR Alaska cruise.

    1. BestDecision

      An Alaskan cruise is nothing special compared to previous Top Director Trips. A lot of regular Americans take cruises up there all the time, so it kind of takes the magic out of it.

      1. Als8432

        Very true, she could go to Alaska cheaper on her own. We were $7000 away from the production goal for the month, we won’t be “requalifying” for her Cadillac. I checked out our unit website and there are so many people listed I’ve never heard of. Granted I never go to meetings but it’s always the same 5 people being praised on the unit Facebook group.

  4. enorth

    I heard a certain SSD (her mom is NSD) say that she always encourages her team to discount products at the end of the month. She said it’s to help them move inventory and achieve their goals.

    It sounds so innocent.

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