Mary Kay: A Real Job?

This is Mary Kay nsd Gloria Mayfield Banks comparing Mary Kay to a “real job.” Mary Kay isn’t a real job because 99% of the people involved spend money on it instead of getting a paycheck. Because it’s an MLM, the odds of success for the vast majority are miniscule. So they’ll end up spending money instead of making money.

Moving up in Mary Kay is not tied to the mastery of a skill or to how hard you work. It is directly proportionate to whether or not you can “pull inventory.” If you can recruit new victims and get them to place big initial orders, you move up.

And don’t take my word for it. Take the word of the many sales directors and former sales directors here on Pink Truth. They worked damn hard. And didn’t have much to show for it in the end.

Throughout my career I have seen many Consultants come and go because they felt they needed to find a “Real Job.” Why do people think that Mary Kay is NOT a “Real” job? What classifies an opportunity as a “Real” job? Does getting a paycheck with the same number of dollars each pay period classify as a “Real” job? Does working 10-40+ hours, and still making the same amount of money classify?

How about getting up very early, taking a shower and leaving your house every day? What about putting your kids in daycare- does that make it a “Real” job? How about having to schedule vacation time a year in advance? Or having to explain to your supervisor why you need a day off? Maybe that is what makes it a “Real” job. Maybe you need to be working for someone else, have to report to someone else and let him or her decide when you deserve a raise.

Let’s pretend for a moment. What if we apply “Real” job guidelines to your Mary Kay business? Just imagine if you devote 20 hours per week of complete and total focus to doing your Mary Kay job well? What if you set your own goal and always did today’s work today instead of waiting until you felt like it? Imagine the possibilities- if you paid attention to profitability and actually took the steps necessary to promote yourself.

You owe it to yourself to make Mary Kay a “Real” job-even if it’s just part-time.

Why would you give more time and commitment to someone else’s business than you would your own? Do you really want to work for someone else forever?

Wouldn’t you prefer to work 20 hours, but get paid like you worked 40 hours?Would you like to be your own boss? Would you like to plan your own hours each week to work within your family’s schedule? What if you could take an extra day off one
week, then work an extra two hours each day for the next week to make up for it? Do you have this type of freedom with your “Real” job?

If you feel like you have “tried Mary Kay” and it hasn’t worked for you, try asking yourself a few questions.

  • If someone with my MK work habits worked for me, would I continue to pay them or reward them?
  • Am I consistent in my efforts?
  • Do I make calls when I need to make them- no matter what?
  • Do I place orders in a timely manner to keep the “store” stocked with the hottest, most up-to-date products?
  • Do I give great customer service-going over and above what the client expects?
  • Do I follow up on all leads and potential recruits quickly and professionally?
  • Do I work with my Director on accountability and turn in my weekly accomplishment sheets?
  • Do I attend trainings and events in my area?

If you have answered any of these questions with a “NO”, perhaps this is an opportunity to change your ways and make new goals for your business this month. Make it a point to treat your Mary Kay business like a “Real” job-you will earn REAL money, REAL cars, REAL prizes and see REAL changes in your life!

Want to make a REAL difference in the lives of women? I believe we can!


  1. Lily in NYC

    Funny how they don’t mention some of the main reasons someone might want a “real” job – for health insurance benefits and 401K-type retirement accounts.

  2. BestDecision

    The very person that tells people to “dress for success” and get out the door DAILY to hand out business cards is preaching about leaving the house for a different career?

    Sure, I’m much happier and peaceful knowing how much my paychecks are going to be and exactly the same amount twice monthly versus wondering what my commission checks were going to be as a Director. And then hoping I didn’t have chargebacks. And what about those car payments that would follow you for an entire additional quarter no matter how much better your unit was producing?

    If I spend 20 hours a week now, I get paid for that time. As a Director, it didn’t always make a dent in things whether I spent 10 or 40 or MORE hours a week on it.

    And vacation time getting scheduled “a year out”? First of all, I know NO ONE that does that. Secondly, Directors had to be aware of when we took vacations because we couldn’t be gone and miss:
    June 30
    Star quarter deadlines
    Leadership Conference
    Career Conference
    Fall Retreat

    I also make no apologies for never taking advice from someone like Gloria. (And I certainly did fine without doing so.) She is SO full of herself. Her website now has “souvenirs” you can buy from her, including posters. Her smile is ridiculously obnoxious and fake. While I applaud her success in MK, it’s gotten to her head.

    I was more in a J.O.B. as a Director with offspring than I have been since college. Just Over Broke describes the bottom line P & L statements by most Directors. Again, read this: IF YOU’RE NOT IN A CADILLAC, YOU’RE NOT CLEARING MORE THAN $20,000/YEAR. (I’d safely say it’s way less than that, but I’ll play the “positive” game.)

    Gloria, Gloria, Gloria. I’m “banking” on way more now that I resigned than I ever did in my Cadillacs.

    1. BestDecision

      And if you’re clearing less than $20K/year, you’re making less than $10/hour.

      And sacrificing nights away from your family.

      And weekends.

      And are never in “off” mode.

  3. ran4fun

    GMB certainly is charismatic. My loved one thinks she is the greatest. (Personally, every time I hear her, it sounds like fingernails on chalkboard.)

    I sometimes wonder what MKAsh herself would think about GMB? Since the passing of MKAsh, she seems to be the new living icon for the Kaybots. For a “Christian” company they sure do worship people and things.

  4. enorth

    I listened to a MK training video where the SD was using the Product Tester Panel script:

    “Announce you’re doing a survey of our products and you need testers! Have the hostess gather some girlfriends at her home. Everything they buy will be 50% off.”

    I listened to it twice to make sure I heard it correctly.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      “Have the hostess gather some girlfriends at her home. Everything they buy will be 50% off.”

      So this is part of the job? Work 3-5 hours and make ZERO MONEY because you gave the product away at your cost.

  5. MichelleM

    “Do you really want to work for someone else forever?”

    God, yes! I make a great salary, benefits, PTO, etc., and don’t have to worry about the huge responsibility of running a business. The more I read the manipulations of MK, the more I see one single thread running through them – convincing these poor women that there is a way to be “at the top” and not answer to anyone without putting in the time, getting advanced degrees, and putting 20 years of sweat into it. Well, there isn’t, end of story. Everything has to be worked for and earned, and while there is luck and favoritism involved, no one gets to skip to the top. We see this OVER AND OVER – “I’m playing with my kids and making money!” Here’s an observation, when someone mentions “passive income” it means that they are now one of the pod people.

  6. K Brad

    She can kiss off. I worked for 20 years with free medical, dental, vision, 30 days vacation annually plus other benifits. Only had to work 20 years and retired at 42-never to work again because of my retirement benifits and pay. Beat that NSD’s!!! Thank God I figured out MK real quick and got out super quick!

  7. JLY

    Let’s see:
    4 weeks of vacation/personal time a year that I can take at just about any time, a set salary with bonuses depending on performance and company results, a raise every year, opportunity for advancement without burning friends and family, a 401k, medical and dental insurance, a set work schedule, the ability to travel to different sites as needed…and I’m in legit sales. Like health insurance sales.

    I think I’m doing pretty damn well.

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