The Value of 3 Pesonal Recruits a Month in Mary Kay

It’s all about the money from the downline in Mary Kay. It doesn’t matter that your recruits will have a difficult time selling products. Sure, they will make some sales. But it is nearly impossible to sell the products consistently at any level that gets you something more than a little extra pocket change.  But your director and recruiter have one goal in mind: to get you to order on a regular basis, regardless of what you are selling (or not selling, as the case may be).

Linda Toupin provides the following information on The Value of 3 Personal Recruits a Month. Please understand that the numbers are completely fabricated. Pieces like this are produced with fake information in order to keep recruiters and directors on the hamster wheel. Give them fake numbers and they may just stay on the wheel a little longer, thinking “if only I can get to that level..”

The company average for a new recruits’ first order is $1000.

3 personal new team members @ 26 % commission on $3000 is $780 a month additional income.

Additional personal recruiting bonuses for the year $3600

If your 36 new personal new recruits never ordered again your additional income for the year would be $12,960

(The chances are excellent that the additional $3000 a month in production would increase your production bonus on your unit by an estimated additional $300 a month which would add an additional $3600 a year)


If 12 of your recruits quit after their initial order.

If 12 of your recruits ordered an average of $200 a month for a year=$7488 commission.

If 10 of your recruits ordered an average of $650 a month for a year=$20,280 commission

If 2 of your recruits were members of the National Court of Sales=$8320.


This “what if” scenario adds an additional $36,088 to the already $15,360 for a total of $51,448. (without production bonuses figured in.)



  1. pinkvictim

    Yes! There’s my source for the $1000 initial order statistic! Got the PDF bookmarked… even though my own informal polling indicates an average initial order more like $1600. I’ll go with the $1000 claim.

    There is never any verification of the numbers rattled off by kaybots… baffle them with bulls**t.

  2. Lazy Gardens

    If your 36 new personal new recruits never ordered again your additional income for the year would be $12,960

    And WHAT IF … they sent their initial order back. Your additional income for the year would be ZERO!!!!! Because Mary Kay would take back all the commissions and bonuses.

    1. MLM Radar

      What you said!

      Debunking this “what if” fantasy is really easy, and we hardly have to do any math. We just look at Linda Toupin’s basic assumptions:

      1. The 12 who never order again won’t send their inventory back. Wrong. Period. And Mary Kay will deduct every penny of those chargebacks from your commission check.

      2. The 12 who go “personal use” will order $200 per month. Wrong again. Personal use consultants make $225 minimum orders once a quarter. They order even less often when they figure out that you can stay “inactive” for a really long time then place another activating order with no reinstatement fee.

      3. The 10 who are actually selling will order $650 a month. Not likely, not unless you have them hooked on “consistency club” or “profit level” or some similar meaningless gimmick. They’re simply not selling enough to continue buying at that pace. If they were you wouldn’t need the stupid gimmick promotions.

      4. Two of your recruits will order enough to cross the stage at Seminar as “Queen of Sales.” Again, not likely. Not even remotely likely. All you have to do to debunk this assumption is look at how many women were crowned “Queen of Sales” at Seminar last year, and compare it to the number of Directors. Here’s a hint: There were a few hundred Queens of Sales at Seminar and roughly 12,000 Sales Directors, give or take a thousand or so. The chance of any Director having a “Queen of Sales” consultant under her is extremely remote. The chance of her having two is so unlikely that you have better odds of getting hit by lightning.

      So we can put this fake “possible earnings” scenario in the garbage heap where it belongs. Or we should be able to , except that it keeps being thrown up by the predators and the “fake it” hopefuls towards the new consultants because it looks so pretty.

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