Pink Truth is a “Waste of Time and Resources”

A comment left on Pink Truth for me by Kaelei Johnson, Mary Kay consultant:

I have a feeling that whoever this woman is — writing in Pink Truth… probably putting down NSDs and making stuff up about Amy Dunlap or Gloria Mayfield Banks — must’ve been pretty bad at time management and sales… with her negative attitude she probably repelled all of her clients and they PROBABLY bought Mary Kay cosmetics but from another consultant. All of the team members she attracted were probably all in it only for the money rather than for pouring into women who really needed someone to love them. I’d bet on the fact that she attracted all of her failure and lack upon herself and Pint Truth is a waste of time and resources dedicated to bringing down the women who actually give it their all — not pretend to; women who give their all physically as well as emotionally and energetically. Pink Truth is dedicated to bringing down MKC because whoever designed Pink Truth failed and needs to blame someone else for her mistakes rather than owning them like a grown woman.

It’s kind of pathetic that an ENTIRE site is dedicated to bringing down one of the most successful companies in American history rather than the energy being spent on doing something positive and uplifting. Yack. *mic drop*

And my response:

Hi Kaelei! Thanks so much for participating on Pink Truth. I’m curious about how successful you’ve been with Mary Kay? And how long have you been with the company? A couple of months? How much money have you made?

Thanks for your concern about my career and my success. I’ve been fortunate enough to build a very successful forensic accounting business. It’s a real business — unlike Mary Kay which pretends to be a business for the consultants. I don’t have to lie or deceive anyone in this business, unlike Mary Kay. Sorry that I don’t fit the failure narrative that you’ve come up with. In fact, I’ve done so well that I’ve been able to fund this site personally so that we can be a resource for women looking for information on Mary Kay.

I don’t consider this site a waste of time or money. It has helped lots and lots of women avoid the bogus opportunity being sold by Mary Kay. It has helped women who got sucked in get their money back. It has helped educate lots of women about the evils of Mary Kay. That has been worth every minute and every penny.

You’re mistaken about the mission of Pink Truth. We never set out to “bring down” Mary Kay. Our only mission for the last 10+ years has been to inform women about the truth behind Mary Kay. Our purpose has always been to tell women the things their MK recruiter won’t tell them. Almost everyone fails in MLM because that’s the way the system is set up. When you experience that, we’ll be here as a resource for you.

*mic drop*


  1. MLM Radar

    Bravo Tracy!

    As I read her assumptions I couldn’t help thinking about Linus and the Great Pumpkin. She’s trying so hard to be a True Believer. She seems to really bee-lieve that’s what brought the Pink Truthers down and thinks that will bring her success.

    When I was a kid there was something I really wanted, so I mentally worked my way up to it, I closed my eyes, and I really really believed it was true. I KNEW my desires were real. I KNEW they had come true. Then I opened my eyes and… nothing.

    This one has the blinders on, too, except that her eyes are open and she’s refusing to see. It’s sad.

  2. Pinkiu

    Who says “mic drop”? I think s
    This speaks volumes about her level of involvement in MK so far. My guess she’s been in less than…oh…6 months, is all bright eyed and bushy tailed and was herself conned/persuaded that it is in her best interest to buy a full store or close to it without having any experience in make up and skin care. I speculate that she has no idea who her market is or how many other IBCs are in her market or that eBay has the same product for less. Bless her heart. She’ll be back when the floor falls out from under her and she has thousands of $$ on her shelves that no one wants to but. She’ll be convinced that it’s all her fault.

  3. MichelleM

    “one of the most successful companies in American history” – LOL! I am a girly-girl, and to this day I have yet to see anyone I know pull a Mary Kay lipstick out of their purse. Proof that everyone is selling but no one is buying. Scam.

  4. Pinkfreesince2015

    Bless her heart, she’s doing the best she can! This poor girl probably believes that 80% of women who make six figures a year do it through network marketing and the MK model is probably taught at Harvard. While we are at it GMB probably wrote the curriculum for the course because she is that amazing!

    My question for these die hard directors is, “What will you do for retirement?” No seriously? How will you support yourself after you leave your husband for not supporting your business and dreams? Maybe there could be a director retirement home where there are 3 to a room, just like Leadership.

    1. onelessSD

      Pinkfree… that is brilliant!.. except it will be more like 4 to a room (at least that’s how I did it… because I wanted to go as cheap as possible.. because I was BROKE!) Then they can play Bingo with all their fake jewelry..

    2. Blanca Jimenez

      If only I had searched on the “Pink Truth” sooner!! Your right about Directors wanting us Consultants to pressure our husbands to support us on our careers, making us believe they have a perfect life.. I’m glad I returned my Mary Kay products and now my Director has to pay back Mary Kay for all the Bonuses she received, that’s what she gets for lying and pressuring me to buy more and more product I’m so glad i found the “pink truth” thank you all for speaking up;)

  5. kakay95

    I love how she says you must’ve been only recruited women concerned with making money, like it’s a negative thing…um, the last time I checked I thought Mary Kay presented themselves as a means for women to make an “executive income” and helping other women along the way was a perk that comes with those seemingly guaranteed commission checks.

  6. pinkvictim

    All of the team members she attracted were probably all in it only for the money rather than for pouring into women who really needed someone to love them.

    “I’m hesitant to suggest it’s advisable for a woman to rationalize her experience through her social returns at the expense of significant financial losses.”
    —Stacie Bosley, an economics professor at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN

  7. raisinberry

    “It’s kind of pathetic that an ENTIRE site is dedicated to bringing down one of the most successful companies in American history rather than the energy being spent on doing something positive and uplifting.”

    And how has Mary Kay been so successful?? It has an independent sales force that exceeds 3.5 million. Sales of Mary Kay products exceed $4 billion in wholesale sales worldwide. Did you catch that? 4 Billion WHOLESALE.
    4 Billion worth bought by 3.5 million=1142.85 each, wholesale. Not even the SALES FORCE in its totality is investing in Mary Kay products to any degree of profitability!! It is a giant sea of personal use “consultants”, with a month to month POP of new recruits. DO the math! THIS IS THE SCAM! The NSD’s sell the success story so the Directors stay on the hamster wheel, driving the new recruit production. If Mary Kay consultants were successful in sales by any measurable accounting practice, the wholesale orders would be in the HUNDREDS of billions.

  8. Lazy Gardens

    making stuff up about Amy Dunlap or Gloria Mayfield Banks

    I don’t know about Amy, but you don’t have to make up stuff about GMB. She’s a mother lode, treasure trove and really big pile of astounding full of herself stuff.

    As for putting down NSDs, we mostly just point out the impossibility of working the way their training materials say you can, correct the flaws in their economics, and guffaw at their lack of style at seminar.

    1. Now Purple

      Ha! I know some major insider stuff on both Amy (she’s not even in MK anymore plus her almost NSD offspring Hilari) and GMB but any details I give would make it clear who I was to them. Biding my time and planning my strategy…
      BTW I have lurked first on the MaryKaySucks blog then Pink Truth since its inception in 2006.

  9. CaraMiaTish

    I’d like to share a story about the love of my Director.

    I signed up in late 2011, was a Red Jacket not long after I started, and was at every evening, worked my business. In fact I worked two full time jobs with Mary Kay being the second.

    I was signed up to go to seminar in July when someone I loved so deeply and was deeply connected to, my grandmother, had a stroke. It was decided that my mother and I would head to the nearest hospital to my grandmother (10 hours away from us) and be there for her to see what the next steps were. When I told my Director that I had to pull out of seminar I was asked “Well what if you get up there and it’s not so bad? You’ll miss out on the experience of seminar. Let’s not pull you yet, don’t you want to try and make it?”

    My grandmother was flown to my city and upon arrival suffered a severe seizure and went into a coma. She never woke up and for a week we held vigil waiting for her to pass. My Director wanted to know if I would make Unit Awards because I was going to get something. There I was watching a woman who was a big person in my life die and somethings are more important than a printed certificate and a cheap ring I couldn’t wear.

    Finally after my grandmother passed whenever my Director reached out to me to check on me it was always asking when would I restart my business, or I know you don’t want to talk Mary Kay right now but *insert something about it here*. Let’s have lunch and talk about what’s going on with you really meant let’s plan to work your business.

    I was devastated, I was grieving, I was abandoned by my Unit, honestly not one message of sympathy or condolence from any of them. So much for the family that is Mary Kay.

    The worst part is my Director was my childhood best friend…

    Let that sink in. Someone who KNEW what that loss was to me, who KNEW what my grandmother meant to me. That’s how she showed me her love.

    I pretty much decided to be done after that.

    Oh and then there’s the Director who took a shot at me for working my business with my disability because I was recording her session rather than writing stuff down. When she mentioned I wasn’t making notes I said that I was recording stuff and would type up notes when I could, as I am arthritic. Her response was You should be writing it down anyways…..

    So much love there.


  10. BLGW

    Tracy you should make a Patreon account so we can help you keep the site running! Not that you need it, I just feel like I want to give back to you/Pink Truth because I’ve been using this site for YEARS to convince friends and family not to fall for the MLM lies. I’m sure other readers feel the same! So if you ever decide to take donations I’ll be the first one in line!

  11. onelessSD

    I for one am so very grateful to Tracy because I was deep in the fog when this site was mentioned to me. Then when I started to read… I was shocked at what was here. But then it all started to resonate with me… all the scripts, lies, training materials that I’ve personally seen and used. The stories of other directors struggling just like me, drowning in debt and miserable. It took me 9 months to make the decision to let my unit go. It took me 6-7 more years to finally dig myself out of all that debt that I created with MK. But the debt is paid, I’m gainfully employed and enjoying having savings accounts to fund college funds, vacation fund, vehicle fund and still have $ in our regular savings account!

    Seriously, without Tracy having this site up and running and all the contributors like PinkPeace, Raisinberry, Scribbler, Pink Apostate and Lazy Gardens… sharing all the secrets of the Pink Cult… I know my life would not be where it is today. Thank you Tracy & everyone else that contributes here.. you certainly have helped me recover and share with others the real truth of the pink monster.

    1. Pinkinthered

      Agreed, onelessSD! I would have lost God knows how many more thousands of dollars if it weren’t for this site! When you are coming out of the fog, you can’t turn to others still in the fog and I was too embarrassed to admit my “failure” to my loved ones. So, all the ladies on here were a blessing! Thank you!

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