All It Takes to Earn Your May Kay Car…

The lies Mary Kay consultants and directors tell about how “easy” it is to earn a car in Mary Kay and how little time it takes! This is a training document which completely downplays the amount of time and effort it will take to “earn” the car. It will cost you far more than if you just went and leased a car on your own!

Out of your 168 hours week you will need to spend 12-15 hours a week in people time to earn and continue using your free company car. Suggested allotment of time:

6 hours – 3 classes per week
3 hours – 3 interviews per week
2 hours – weekly meeting
2 hours – business debut or specialized training
2 hours – reorders, follow-up phone

Car drivers are responsible for attending all local and company sponsored events such as specialized trainings, retreats, career conference, seminar, etc.

All paper work and computer work should be delegated or hired out. Approximately 204 hours a week.

This level of activity continues building your team above 12, assures a $500-$800 sales week ($200 – $320 profit) for a monthly profit of $800-$1300 and a team commission check of $500-$800 a month.

This part-time position earns you the use of the car, tags, and approx.70% of the insurance. With the suggested activity above you will earn a total of $1000-$2100 a month in commissions from sales and recruiting.

And that, my friends is what we call a FALSE EARNINGS CLAIM. You will not “earn your car” in only 12 to 15 hours per week. The time it takes to find new victims, convince those victims to hold parties, recruit from those parties, get the recruits to place inventory order… it is all very time-consuming and claims like the above regarding the time commitment and effort are flat out lies.


  1. raisinberry

    LOL…well you can stop at item 1. When did 3 classes EVER take 6 hours of your life? Nine minimum if you interview the hostess as you’re supposed to do…and the non people time of prep and travel needs to be added if we’re talking about what it’s going to take. Facts are, they never quite portray with any accuracy, what you can expect and what will be required of you at any level of the career path.

  2. Lazy Gardens

    All paper work and computer work should be delegated or hired out.

    Delegated to … your spouse, who is already working a 40 hour week, plus picking up the slack in the child care and housework you no longer have time to do?

    Hired out to … anyone you can find who will work for obsolete product?

    The cat?

  3. pinkpeace

    “All paper work and computer work should be delegated or hired out. Approximately 204 hours a week.”

    Hilarious typo!

    No, it will only SEEM like 204 hours a week.

  4. pinkvictim

    Now, anytime I see numbers in one of these claims, my response is, “Verify.”

    NONE of the numbers prattled off by kaybots is ever verified. I no longer believe ANYTHING a kaybot says unless I am shown verifiable proof. Show me your Schedule C. Show me your P&L (not “People and Love”). Show me sales tickets signed by your customers. Show me attendance lists for your parties signed by the people in attendance. Just about the only thing that’s verifiable is how much product you bought from MKorpse.

    To all Kaybots: You need to verify EVERYTHING you say. As far as I am concerned, EVERYTHING you say is LIES until you show me verifiable proof.

  5. morningstar

    And now back to reality……..this is nuttier than the Christmas fruitcake!

    The assistant will not work for free……isn’t that taking money out of the pocket?
    Glossing over of details is not gonna work to get ahead in MK. And BTW keep pushing that rock maybe it will move.

  6. enorth

    I saw a young gal who got into the Cruze last year. She looked shell-shocked in the photo. A month or two later, she became a SD. Fast forward about three months…both the car and suit disappeared. She’s still in MK, listed as IBC. She was married last Fall and is now selling her bridal gown and various other items on Facebook.

    Connection? Maybe, maybe not. But she was in — and out of — both the car and the suit so fast, her head must have spun. She was, no doubt, “pushed.”

  7. Hahahaha

    My sister in law actually asked me if I would like to work for her as her full time assistant for $10/HR no benefits and leave my career that already gives me flexible hours and full health benefits. LOL OKAY.

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