Why You Shouldn’t Read Pink Truth If You’re in the Pink Fog

From a Mary Kay sales director to other sales directors:

Hey Ladies,

I’m not sure if everyone realizes this, but every single time we go to a negative MK site “just to see” what is going on there we increase their hits which causes their sites to come up higher on search engines.

What does that mean to us. It’s simple. Anyone who is thinking about becoming a consultant could have her dream taken from her if she decides to go online to do some research herself and happens to land on one of these sites. Now we all know that our success is this company is up to us and that we are bound by God & the company to do it the right way. We also know that there are those that haven’t done it right and we need to pray for those they hurt and for them to.

Not only can it affect your team building, it also affects your attitude about your own business. It’s hard to build an impenetrable wall around yourself of positivity. It’s even harder to keep it. Everytime we allow ourselves to read this stuff, it absolutely affects our attitude or belief, and many will start to self-doubt and that starts a downhill spiral of emotions that could kill your dream. Do you really want that for yourself or anyone else for that matter. You have to reach up to go up. Don’t take a chance even once reaching down. You cannot afford it. You become like the 5 people you hang around the most. Has one of these sites become one of your people? (Yes, unfortunately we now live in a society that internet sites see more of us than most people.)

These sites will only go away if they don’t get any hits. They relish in the fact that people go to see just out of curiosity. It always does more harm than good.

I really hurt for all those that have been misled &/or mistreated. I just know that my mission is to never make the same mistakes so as to never harm anyone in my unit.

I am also thankful for the fact that this has happened to only a very small percentage of women who have chosen the Mary Kay journey. There are more of us that are good & Godly women who really do strive to enrich women’s lives and live by the Golden Rule and Go-Give philosophy!

We all know that every decision we make should be in her best interest, not our own. So, let’s not allow theses negative sites anymore ammunition and ban ourselves from those sites. As Directors, we have an obligation to ourselves, our company, and our unit to protect ourselves, our company, and our unit. One way to do that is to stay off these sites.

You know for the first 11 years in my business, I never knew anything about these sites. Only when I joined the cc did they come to my attention. The one thing I regret is going to see for myself one day. Reading that site totally ruined my day and now looking back, I now realize it ruined more than just that one day for me. I still catch myself doubting my skill, ability, belief, etc. and am having to fight those negative thoughts even harder. Yes, it was my own choice to take a look, but I’ll never do it again. It cost me too much emotionally. I’ll stick to positive MK tapes and listening to Top Sales Directors and Nationals on how to do this business the right way. I will not be taken down any longer.

Just my 2 cents. Have a great day!

Note to Mary Kay director: Pink Truth isn’t going away.


  1. Lazy Gardens

    Anyone who is thinking about becoming a consultant could have her dream taken from her if she decides to go online to do some research herself and happens to land on one of these sites.

    We’re in ur browzers, steeling ur dreemz!

    1. Beth

      Anyone who is thinking about becoming a consultant should research the “opportunity” herself – that’s just the logical, normal, responsible thing to do, and it has nothing to do with a dream. (It’s rarely someone’s dream to sell makeup, anyway.)

      The fogged don’t get that. At all.

  2. Did Pink

    I will just stick to the brainwashing tapes and ignore all negative um any thoughts around me.

    I have an idea, why don’t you say- yes I know about those sites. Do your research. If you say- don’t go there, guess what- you will go there and make you look bad.

  3. MK-B-I-L

    “I’m not sure if everyone realizes this, but every single time we go to a negative MK site ‘just to see’ what’s going on there we increase their hits which causes their sites to come up higher on search engines”

    Somebody doesn’t understand SEO.

  4. BestDecision

    Social media has even juicier bits than this site like NSDs wearing MAC. You can see pictures of Pam Shaw’s dressing table and easily make out MAC pencils. Just the other day, Kimberly Copeland posted that she took her daughter to a counter in a store to have her prom makeup done. I think that was MAC, as well.

    Directors, we all know there are negative, unbecoming things happening in MK. You, like myself, just don’t want to admit there’s r d flags everywhere. I did the same thing! I was terrified my unit would find this site. The trouble is, THERE ARE A LOT OF TRUTHS ON HERE THAT THEY’LL EVENTUALLY SEE AND WRECK YOUR COMMISSION CHECKS. I totally get it.

    But, when you look up to these very NSDs that are lecturing you about being “all in”, remember that you’re just making yourself prey to them. Your life will be more authentic, more peaceful, and emotionally stable when you leave. Trust me!

    1. Pinkfreesince2015

      It goes to show you even they know that MK products are horrible quality. I too saw Kimberly Copeland’s Facebook pictures, and indeed it was the MAC counter. I can’t blame her daughter for wanting to look good for prom. Even she knows that MK products are horrible.

      Side note I am appalled by Kimberly’s choice to wear a Native American’s headdress. This is offensive to Native American’s because the headdress is reserved for men of the tribe and the eagle feathers signify honor and respect. The Copeland area managed to degrade an entire race of people in one day. It would be the same as if they painted their face black or wore a turban because it was cute. I am even more appalled that MK corporate allowed such a thing!

      1. BestDecision

        I saw those headdresses, too, and felt the same way! I don’t think they can do anything to her because she’s Independent. She also has the brute force of Pat Fortenberry at her disposal.

        Kimberly never emits anything positive for MK in her makeup, her awful outfits, and the way she has a table full of people at her home every month-end. I was told the way she finished NIQ was by having a garage full of inventory that she’d bought (as well as funded by Pat) for her DIQs and struggling Directors. They were allowed to come and buy it from her as they needed it or if they’d met a goal as a reward.

        Watch the Applause magazine and her commissions. She never shows up in the monthly scoreboard. I think she has enormous chargebacks. She also doesn’t go on many NSD trips. Wonder if she’s being punished by MK for something.

        1. Pinkfreesince2015

          I too have heard the “rumor” of how she finished NIQ. MK Corporate knows but won’t punish her because of Pat Fortenberry and the serious lack of NSD’s that will be here in the next few years.

          Her sister is a perfect example of how flawed the pyramid is. Let’s wait and see here in a few years when her mom retires and gives her all her people. Then Krystal may finally become NSD.

          Look what Karen Piro did for her daughter. Her daughter becomes a director right before her mom retires then mom hands her all her people. That year she “earns” Cadillac and trip. It’s so disturbing!

          Let’s look at the real NSD commission checks. We have all seen the actual numbers here on Pink Truth. The NSD’s who are making only $2k a month. Yes they do exist! I hardly call that executive income.

          1. BestDecision

            Her December check made her YTD total $76,735 (Apr Applause). Subtract her taxes, and she will gross $115K for the year BEFORE taking out expenses. The average “executive” pay is about $170-180K/year, so here’s another NSD that is far from that.

            $9591/month after taxes and then – expenses. And we all know she “showers” (her words) her Area with prizes like no one I’ve seen before.

            Hideous, gawdy bracelets eating away at her income. So “awesome”.

            And I think you’re right about her sister. If it’s so “repeatable”, why aren’t everyone’s daughters and sisters climbing so quickly??

          2. Pinkfreesince2015

            AT BestDecision.

            Let’s not forget that the check number does not reflect chargebacks from the company.

            I would love to see what she has for retirement, because let’s be honest here, if MK goes under POOF bye bye retirement. Especially for the younger NSD’s. And no thank you on her prizes. You couldn’t pay me to wear those tacky shabby chic items.

            Look at Million Dollar Message directors, only one has achieved NSD. The majority are senior directors. So it’s not like Krystal is in the minority. How many of them are trip winners? This should be the focal point of the big picture. Why aren’t the inner circle nationals daughters higher up if this opportunity is so great? Because everyone is catching on to the poor quality products and mental abuse!

          3. BestDecision

            Did you know they’re not even publishing the Director commissions or unit retails anymore in Applause? Now THAT is revealing! They’re pretty smart to realize it makes the business plan look weak when you have open-minded, smart people adding up the numbers and realizing it’s falling apart. It’s exactly what I thought would happen soon enough!

          4. Pinkfreesince2015

            They are still there. They just have them broken into different sections now.

            Here are the numbers for Ruby….
            Unit Retail
            Candace Doverspike ………………………$94,396
            Highest Check
            Candace Doverspike ……………………. $12,990

            Numbers for Emerald
            Unit Retail
            Grace Snively………………………………..$73,748
            Highest Check
            Grace Snively……………………………… $12,020

            Numbers for Diamond
            Unit Retail
            Kim Messmer ………………………………. $71,944
            Highest Check
            Cristina Hernandez ………………………. $12,388

            Numbers for Sapphire
            Unit Retail
            Tommi Pleasure…………………………….$54,773
            Highest Check
            Tommi Pleasure……………………………….$8,395

          5. BestDecision

            Is this from the April issue? What you’re showing is the highest retail, not the top commissions or Unit Retail for December. It’s the big, long list (Top 100?) that shows Directors only, not Consultants’ retail.

          6. Pinkfreesince2015

            And after the discussion yesterday about the Million Dollar directors aka the NSD daughters, I became curious to see what the 6 directors made in January. Here it is….

            Krystal Hunsucker didn’t make top 100 so her numbers were below
            commission check below $4,725
            Unit Retail below $30,748
            Made below $20 an hour avg

            Tiffany Stout also didn’t make top 100
            commission check below $4,846
            Unit Retail below $30,361
            Made below $21 an hour avg

            Jordan Helou Eicher…………………………40,197 Unit Retail
            Jordan Helou Eicher …………………………6,456 Commission Check
            Avg of $28 an hr pay

            Amber Towne
            Amber L. Towne-Geehan ………………….. 48,918 Unit retail
            Amber L. Towne-Geehan………………….. 7,612 Commission
            Avg of $33 an hr pay

            Kristin Sharpe only has commission published
            Kristin Sharpe……………………………………11,740
            Avg of $51 an hour pay

            Kali Deblander
            Kali DeBlander Brigham…………………….34,520 Unit Retail
            Kali DeBlander Brigham…………………… 5,693 Commission check
            Avg of $24 an hour pay after taxes

            I hardly call this executive income. We constantly heard you are the CEO of your own business. The national median income for CEO’s is $752,677 an avg $275 hr pay. Huge difference!

          7. Pinkfreesince2015

            This was from applause released today, January commission and unit retail.

            It is really eye opening! Why are they still publishing this?

          8. BestDecision

            Krystal and Tiffany didn’t even do Cadillac production! The May issue shows a Trip Director I know didn’t, either. January wasn’t always the strongest of months, but, if the product is strong enough, there will still be strong reorders and people coming in because of the stellar business opportunity. There’s a lot of Trip Directors doing way less than they used to. The ship is sinking, indeed!

        1. BestDecision

          Valid point, but we are actual former Directors and Consultants on here and have dealt with more nonsense than you can imagine. Please don’t major in the minor stuff when we’re discussing our experiences or observations. No matter what kind of feather they used, it’s appalling someone would lessen the importance of that culture–just as it’s worth the commenting on how silly and gawdy the sales force can be at events we attended.

          1. MLM Radar

            Once again you misread my comments and mock my experiences while claiming that they’re somehow invalid; as if the only test of validity is to have spent years promoting a scam. I’ve explained my background before to you. I won’t repeat it, except to say that while you were one of the ones profiting from the lies, my family and friends were the ones being hurt. If that’s not good enough for you then you may not be as much past Mary Kay as you’d like to believe.

            I was just as disgusted as you about those headdresses. Thats why I used the word turkey. I’ve been on real Native American reservations. I know how real eagle-feather headdresses are made and why. They’re nothing like the colorful trash those women were wearing.

  5. MichelleM

    Maybe I missed it, but there was not ONE mention of makeup in this article. Very cult-like writing. This could easily be about a fundamentalist religion. But then again, they don’t really sell makeup, now do they?

  6. raisinberry

    The sad thing about this genuinely nice person, who no doubt is trying to run her Unit without manipulation, distortion,lies of omission, predatory frontloading is that she actually believes what she is doing is “positive”.

    You have to be in a strong delusion to pretend you see success all around you in Mary Kay. NO ONE tells the truth. They CAN’T…for this very telling reason! If any Director mentions the reality of her Unit business, that would be negative and be akin to stopping in at Pink Truth! These women simply can not “see” that the scam IS to disallow any input other than company/Director/NSD approved brain washing. The steady pink diet is called “keeping your blinders on” and they willingly do it, as this poster suggests!

    Ladies, readers! If your so called opportunity can not stand the scrutiny of an opposing opinion, or can not stand the scrutiny of a partners concerns, or can not stand the scrutiny of a demand for actual business accounting, YOU ARE IN BLIND DENIAL!

  7. ran4fun

    “We also know that there are those that haven’t done it right and we need to pray for those they hurt and for them to.”

    I’m all for prayer, but to not call out the “bad apples” and demand changes to correct the problems, just makes you complicit. Problems don’t go away by hiding them and refusing to discuss them.

    Pray all you want, but God doesn’t sprinkle magic dust over things to make them right. He uses people (Nathan confronts King David in 2 Samuel 12) and even animals (2 Peter 2:16 “But he was rebuked for his transgression by a donkey, otherwise without speech, that spoke with a man’s voice and restrained the prophet’s madness.”) to be His messengers.

    Change only happens when wrongs are brought to the light of day.

  8. Shay

    This blog is ranked pretty high.
    Believe me- Tracy could pass this blog on to someone else if she chose too.

    The Pink Truth will never go away.

    This blog is an information website. It’s not an entertainment website wherein you have to have target dates for ad companies etc. I bet Tracy doesn’t even care about how many people visit.
    I never sold Mary Kay and I visit daily, you know why ?
    The wonderful participants helped a friend
    of mine by giving her ideas on how to get rid of her inventory. But you know what? They helped so many people.

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