Teamwork In Mary Kay?

Written by SuzyQ

Your director is the one who drives the Cadillac, you are not on the insurance. She gets additional recognition at events, you don’t. What you get from being a Cadillac unit is an additional name badge ribbon, 2 minutes going across the Career Conference “stage” and the ability to eat in a separate dining room at Seminar.

Doing it for the team/unit means doing it for the sales director. Period. The production must be there for the sales director to earn the Cadillac and to maintain it without a copay. She cannot do this without a big unit which means there will be a huge push on recruiting and ordering. Stars will be given extra recognition as will recruiters.

Even before the Cadillac is earned, she will introduce herself as a Future Cadillac Director (in the name of abundance, name it and claim it, and manifesting from the universe) and you will be introduced as members of a future Cadillac unit. It will be so special and may even be accompanied by tears. You may even receive postcards with a picture of the sacred car and a plea to do your part to make this dream come true. Order and recruit. Recruit and order.

And then there are the Unit Clubs and the Top Director Trip, and the honor of representing you on the Seminar Stage! Once again, this team effort nets you little, but your director will have a good time with the bling, the jealousy of the non-trip directors, and the sending of emails and postcards from the trip. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the pictures of food as these appear to be the epitome of the experience to most of the directors.

Next time you see a pink Cadillac, ask yourself a couple of questions: First, why would any adult female in her right mind be caught dead in a pink car, and second, what is the typical amount of her copay and her charge backs? Last, but not least, why doesn’t everyone realize that the pink Cadillac is a brilliant advertising ploy for MK and is used as the epitome of materialism in the MK world that values appearance over substance. The ultimate reward of selling your soul– the trophy on wheels.

Watch for consistency clubs and a huge push after Career Conference for orders and recruits. June is always deadly with new products to be introduced and “goals” to be achieved. The NSDs will hit the road for events and you will be pressured to attend with recruitable guests. You will be reminded frequently that those who show up go up, and if you are not sharing this opportunity with everyone, you are being selfish. You just may be the answer to some woman’s prayers. After all, you are doing this for the Team, and you ARE a Team player aren’t you?


  1. Cooling Off

    Well said. It’s like rooting for the Yankees, but not being a player. In this case, you’re an unpaid player. Entertaining, but no tangible rewards for you.

    1. goldfishaddict

      I think it’s actually closer to being a fan of any team than being an unpaid player because you spend SO MUCH MONEY to be a “team player”.

      You pay to watch them play (meetings/retreat/Career conference); you pay for the matching Jersey (red jacket, director suit); you pay for food at the games (which isn’t very good, if what I’ve read about Seminar and Career conference are true); and finally you don’t get to travel with the team when they go from city to city (in any car unit, it’s the director’s car and no one elses –
      you may get to ride in it occasionally, but you definitely helped pay for it and you DEFINITELY can’t drive it).

    2. Debby Shelton

      Hi .. I recently was recruited to sell MK. & in that 1st. meeting, I agreed to buy the Starter Kit (a$400.00 value for $116.00). IThe money was taken out of my bank act.(I had given my debit card). I have now decided to not sell, whereas I am on Disability & don’t want my Medical to be stopped) .. Anyways, regardless, Is the kit still mine to sell or is it still Mary Kay Property ??!!

      1. BestDecision

        It’s yours unless you want to return it unopened. However, if you don’t return it, you will likely be hounded by your Director to become Active at the very least. If you’ve opened it already, you can still call MK and ask them to terminate your Consultant number. You’ll then disappear off your Director’s reports and won’t be bothered anymore.

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