Mary Kay Manipulation: Scripts for Potential Car Drivers

It pays big to have “Mary Kay cars” on the road. It costs Mary Kay Inc. NOTHING (because consultants and directors pay for their own cars via the inventory orders they place), and is essentially free advertising for the company. Not only that, Mary Kay knows that the cars make people think the drivers are successful. If they got a “free” Mary Kay car, they must be making lots of money. The cars silently convince the masses that there is success (where none really exists).

In fact, the earnings of nearly all of the pink Cadillac drivers are anything but “executive.”  But the general public doesn’t know that, and they think that the pink Cadillac signifies a high income earner, which is exactly what Mary Kay Inc. wants.

Mary Kay Inc. doesn’t want a director to take the available cash compensation option, because no one can see that but her. The company wants her to take the car because it advertises for the company, and it is fully paid for either via the team/unit production, or with the copay. The bottom line is that if your people don’t order enough to “pay” for your car, you have to pony up the money with a copay.

A common argument I hear is that in ANY company, you have to continue to qualify for benefits such as a company car. Here is the difference: Mary Kay puts people in these cars knowing that they have little chance of maintaining the requirements to remain “free.” The company knows that you will either be paying the copay each month, or you will be conning people into ordering products they can’t sell, just so you can meet the requirements. Either way, the company wins, and the consultants lose.

In the spirit of pushing consultants toward those cars (and having Mary Kay get more recruits and more unnecessary inventory orders), Mary Kay Cosmetics has scripts to be used to encourage consultants toward the car, using the “DISC” personality types.

Are they manipulating? You decide.

Dominance: Wouldn’t it feel great to drive around town in that vibrant red Pontiac Vibe? I believe the key is consistency. Commit to a plan of action to build your team right now. I know without a doubt that you can do it!

Influence: Imagine how great you’ll feel arriving at our unit meeting in that red trophy, the Pontiac Vibe! I can’t wait to go with you to the dealership to pick up the car! And once you’re driving red, all your team members are going to want to follow your lead.

Steadiness: What is (child’s name) going to think when you drop (him/her) off in a new red Vibe? He/she will feel so special coming to school in a brand new car, and he/she will be so incredibly proud of you!

Conscientiousness: You’ve accomplished what it takes for on-target for Grand Achiever status! Congratulations! But I know you’re not stopping when your goal is in sight. The most important thing for you to do now is fill your date book with appointments and watch for that special person at each one. If you talk to at least five new people every day about the Mary Kay opportunity, I know your dream of driving that car can become a reality!

These scripts are just meant to encourage with the use of good sales tactics, right? Well, everything in Mary Kay is geared toward manipulation for the benefit of corporate and your upline.


  1. Lexi

    I think it’s telling that the alternative to taking a “free car” is a small sum of cash that isn’t even a fraction of what the car is worth.

  2. No Pink For Me

    I remember telling my SD that I did not want to work towards a car. I was not impressed with them and liked my car much better. I don’t recall the cash option being mentioned. Also, we spent what felt like a year praying in Bible Study for the car to happen for her. This was before she recruited me.

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