The “Spiritual” Spin of Mary Kay

Written by SuzyQ

This was the hardest part for me.  I remember running into a director at a gas station after my first seminar in 1998.  I asked her “I don’t get this part of making God my business partner.”  She said “You will.”  At that seminar I heard Cindy Williams say “God does not call the equipped, He equips the called.” I was stunned.  Born and raised as Episcopalian, I had never heard God’s name evoked in any business opportunity before, and I was at a loss for words.

Fast forward a few years and I am a member of a semi-elite Bible Studies group for directors only.  This involvement calls for me to drive 100 miles round trip to breathe the same air as other directors who are more worthy than me.  I remember the first time we prayed for more red jackets and more production. Another stunning moment.  The leader of the group was a soon to be nsd and we were all in awe.  She referred to women like me as “baby Christians.”  I knew I was lacking but was unclear where my growth needed to be focused.

We read all the books (Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, whoever wrote The Prayer of Jabez, some Beth person) the list goes on and on.  Whatever the “Christian” book of the moment was, we bought it and read it.  My business did not grow.  I was not successful…

I remember going to church and asking my Priest for a moment after the service.  I told him that I had been learning that my goals are not big enough, my deserve level isn’t high enough, and I asked him if I had been saved.  I was in tears and he held my hands in his and suggested that maybe I try a different Bible study group.  He also assured me that we had the “saved” thing covered when I was baptized as an infant.

My senior director was fond of saying that when she died, she was going to have to face Mary Kay and God, in that order.  She was a lapsed Catholic and I always thought that was kind of hinky, but then again, when we got the call from MK Corporate that MK had died, I cried, so there you go.  The point is that Mary Kay became entangled with God in my head and it was devastating.

I am not a stupid woman.  I have advanced degrees.  (That would be plural.)  I can’t believe I fell for this shit.  It got to the point in my head that if I quit MK, I was also quitting God.  Can you take a moment and breathe and think about how powerful this thinking was for me?  I was letting “the enemy” steal my dreams;   I was letting negativity into my life.  The response from my sister directors when I mentioned reading MK Sucks (PT way back then) was devastating.  I was quickly id’d as the person to avoid and to pray for because I was letting satan into my head.  I was doubting.  I was not working enough, I was not believing enough.

I quit, after telling my unit to read PT, make their own decisions, and decide what was best for them.   I circumvented the MK return form by using the one on PT and surprised my senior with a huge hit in June the year I quit.  Rumor has it she was really pissed.  We have that in common.

So some 5 plus years out, I am still amazed at the women who fall for this crap.  That’s what it is, it’s crap.  The money is in recruiting and that is the entire focus.  The product line is changed to make sure consultants order and the directors get their cut.  I am appalled at the nsd’s who quote Scripture out of context as a way to justify their behavior.  This twisting of “religion” and “God” and “spirituality” is morally corrupt and emotionally damaging.

To put the period on my sentences here… the woman who led my super special Bible study sessions did in fact become nsd.  She did her 5 years and quit.  I wonder how she sleeps at night.  How do any of the “leaders” in MK sleep at night?


    1. Lazy Gardens

      You have to be an NSD for five years minimum to get the retirement pay they dangle, and it’s based on the last few years of your income.

      It depends on when you reached that rank. Some have longer if they were younger when they made NSD, and they are watching their retirement dwindle.

  1. Ellyndia

    This post really hits home for me. I have never done (and never will do) Mary Kay (thanks PT!) and am an atheist, but I have a very good friend who is a devout Christian and has recently been caught by the MK trap. The strong religious tint of MK pulled her to the company, I think, even more than the so-called “be your own boss” mentality. I worry for her because her faith is so important to her – if she ever has the same revelation the OP has, well, I hope she can get through her crisis of faith. Stories like the OP also make me mad at MK and similar MLMs because their true power is the emotional hold they take over their ‘consultants’ all for the companies’ economic gain. It is sickening and disgusting. I am sorry that the OP had this experience, because no one deserves to have their faith and beliefs toyed with.

    1. QueenOfTheTanned

      You’ve got a great point there, Ellyndia. What is up with MLMs and the way they mess with your emotions? My J-O-B isn’t that emotionally draining. Nor does my boss tell me what my priorities are (God first, etc..). I am a Christian, but it always bothered me how much MK (and other MLMs) like to tout how ‘Christian’ they are, and how J-O-Bs are not God-anointed opportunities. And how about that concept of ‘paychecks of the heart’? (WHAT? Can you Direct Deposit ‘paychecks of the heart’?) Or ‘getting the dollar signs out of your eyes’? So a company that claims to be ’empowering’ for women wants you to not think about good business practices and do things for free (or that cost you) because that’s the NICE thing to do…and women have to be nice, right?

  2. Nopink-just stink

    Religion has no place in business, in my opinion. I don’t ask my employees what they practice, if they practice and if their faith is good enough, right enough or whatever enough. Unless you are running a church or ministry – it’s no ones business. (Pun intended). I think it is manipulation at it’s highest and such a red flag when you enter a business and this culture exists.

    1. Joelyn

      I agree. Religion talk has no place in business. I stopped attending a lot of small business seminars in my community because it is very religious and prayer and god talk was always included in the program. Turned me off big time.

    2. BestDecision

      The only reason Christianity was even introduced into MK was when MK Ash told people to treat others like they’d want to be treated and then referred to it as The Golden Rule. It was widely known she was Christian, but it has gotten abused and misused so as to cause Consultants to trust everything that comes out of their Director or NSD’s mouth if they’ve quoted scripture or say they read the bible. To my best recollection, I never heard it so openly pushed until Pam Shaw became an NSD, and then the whole MK world went into overdrive with it. “If Pam Shaw does it, it has to work…”

      It’s the sickest thing I’ve ever seen, and I don’t miss having trust issues with people anymore.

      1. D. Phillips

        Take a look at Kimberly Copeland’s Facebook page. Talk about Christianity abuse and misuse. Every other post is about God bringing all these beautiful wonderful women into her area. She is BLESSED!!! Praise the LORD!!
        This deceptive bleached blonde has definitely taken out the pages of Pam Shaw’s playbook.
        Sickening misuse of Christianity I have ever witnessed.

        1. BestDecision

          Interesting that she wasn’t on the NSD trip this year. Personally, her outfits are childish and frumpy, and her eye makeup hurts me to look at it. It’s too harsh on her. But, I’m very aware of how she feels people in with her Godly statements.

          1. D. Phillips

            It is indeed very interesting that she wasn’t on the NSD trip. Also, I do not believe her mother, Scarlett was on it either.
            I agree with you on her outfits. They are extremely gaudy and her makeup screams out Old Lady Mary Kay Cosmetics!
            I detest her use of God and scriptures as her so called success in MK.

  3. whatthefox

    After Seminar, SD told me that:
    — I didn’t need medication.
    — My illness wasn’t real.
    — I let it get the best of me and missed out on some stuff at Seminar (this REALLY let her down).
    — It was unfair to the girls in my unit, who depend on me.
    — If I thought more positively and let God into my soul, I would be cured.

    Mmkay. She made me cry. I felt guilty and uncomfortable. I tried really hard to fake being healthy and feeling okay.

    Then I quit. 🙂

    1. BestDecision

      Perefect example of the manipulation Directors use at Seminar and elsewhere when they NEED you because they’re working out of desperation. If the opportunity was so great, the seats would be full and you’d not have to convince anyone to go!

    2. Bethany


      That is absolutely despicable. I am so happy that you are out now.

      No one should ever hear those things. I deal with chronic pain and I know those kind of things can really stay with you and breed so much guilt and shame.
      I hate that she said those things. Shame on that woman!!

    3. pinkvictim

      This is absolutely revolting.

      Due to my own illness history, I have had the same treatment, many times. Believe me when I say that I know exactly what it is like to be subjected to such treatment. Just thinking of it makes me feel that pain.

      I’m sorry you ever had to come into contact with such a wretched human being.

      1. whatthefox


        Thank you. 🙂

        I’m so sorry that you’ve had to go through this as well. It’s infuriating. It adds more pain to an already painful, life-long struggle.

        As for my ex-SD, she is probably in loads of debt without her husband’s knowledge. That will go over well!

  4. BestDecision

    The Prayer of Jabez! I bought that book, memorized it, and can recall kneeling at mass and praying it to God and asking Him to grow my unit. I said it in the shower, driving around town, everywhere.

    It’s funny how, even when driving a Cadillac, I wasn’t clearing $25,000 some years. What a waste of money and time!

  5. Bethany

    One of my fav lines was:

    “You are the only Mary Kay this person may ever meet!”
    which mimics the saying, “You may be the only bible this person may ever read.” which I heard all growing up.


    1. MLM Radar

      I certainly hope for the day when she would be the only Mary Kay I may ever meet.

      As of right now there are far too many Mary Kay consultants competing with each other over people who will never be their customers

      I find Mary Kay business cards in public restrooms (eewwww) and products in faded dusty boxes at garage sales and in mom and pop stores. That certainly doesn’t enhance the image of the brand.

  6. NoThanksMLM

    I wish I could get a bunch of business cards that say nothing but “Pink Truth” and the website on them, so I could drop them in the fish bowls and baskets and other places the MK folks do their soliciting. I’ve had a family member and a friend recently get into MLM, one specifically because it’s “Christian” and will “bless” her family. The other one is in MK because of the supposed flexibility and she thinks she can use it to pay off student loans. I can feel it eating into our relationships. I want to support them but not the cult. I don’t know how to do that yet.

    1. BestDecision

      Refuse to come to anything she invites you to, and wear any brand but MK. Support her by being evasive but not confrontational. Except for the day you ask her how much her net profit was last year or month. Wait for the deer in the headlights look.

      1. NoThanksMLM

        I went to my friend’s first party, since invited me and a few other long-time friends. I wear a specific brand of cruelty-free makeup, so purchasing wasn’t going to be an issue for me (wasn’t gonna happen), but hey, night out with the girls plus her recruiter or whenever she’s called. We get to the hotel’s house and get drinks and the recruiter starts babbling with this scary happy tone, trying to get to know us. My MK friend was standing next to her with this strange blank look. The recruiter then looks at one of the other friends, a heavier set woman, and says “Well, let me ask you the obvious question: when are you due?” To which she responds, “I’m not pregnant.” My MK friend didn’t say anything, just stood there. Not a lot was sold that night. I thought for sure my MK friend would contact me the next day and we’d gossip about what an idiot the recruiter was. But if anything, it made her more defensive. So I did some research online, found PT, and now I’m scared for her.

          1. MLM Radar

            That’s like asking what kind of a flat tire is worse.
            Is it the one which blows out suddenly, causing you to crash into a ditch?
            Or is it the one which gradually bleeds all the air out of the tire, that you discover late at night when you’re parked in an unsafe neighborhood with a dead cell phone?

    2. Lazy Gardens

      There was a file you could print on laser-perfed business cards.

      I had a huge stack of them and distributed them around a NSD even in Phoenix. I tucked them in their books for sale, dropped them into open totes and purses, popped the locks on the paper towel dispender and interleaved them … the whole meeting area was loaded with Pink Truth cards.

      1. pinkvictim

        I will produce a file for some laser-perfed cards today and post it here. I will also post it in the forum boards. I am going to start a guerilla campaign in my area…

        {evil grin}

  7. BestDecision

    This reminds me of the “Godly” Director I know who put her kids in daycare so she could work her business during the day. Another got rid of their family pets because they were “keeping (her) from being able to build (her) unit.” Another took out a loan against their mortgage to requalify for Cadillac. Another took out 5 credit cards and shifted the balances so her husband would never know how much she kept charging.

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