Lies You Should Tell to Get Mary Kay “Offsprings”

You really can’t make this stuff up. This is a document from one of my favorite Mary Kay national sales directors, Anita Garrett Roe. She says this is how you “get the offsprings you need” (her words).

You now have some people picked out who you feel could become Directors. Ok, take those and have a heart to heart talk with them separately, away from the meeting. <

Tell them sincerely why you think they’d be good, etc. Tell them it is so easy and they would be so good. And, that you want to set up an appointment to come over and talk to her and her husband together. Go over the marketing plan with him and show him how we make our money. He will get excited.

Tell him his wife is a natural, and you have been watching her for some time, and really feel like she is ready.

Talk about the potential and the big money, so they can realize this could happen to them. The bonuses are amazing, when you think about it!

Don’t worry too much about their people skills. It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. The thing is, even Jim Jones (the kool aid guy in Guyana) had followers!! People are always looking for someone on a mission to follow. The business will teach her, the hard way, better than you could ever tell her to her face what she can and can’t say.

It is okay to encourage someone to go for Director who needs some growth in the people skill department, because the journey itself will affect how they deal with people, and experience is a great teacher. Plus, we have our Mary Kay role models constantly in front of us, so they show us the way to go.

If there is something you want to cover to correct behavior, have a sales meeting topic on it and no one will know who you are talking about, and it will not embarrass her. You can’t get very far calling her on the carpet. She needs to look up to you and trust you, which I know she does, so keeping things smooth is the best case scenario.

Then, as she recruits, you work on her people to get the back up recruits you want. You never know, she may fall by the wayside, but a new one will emerge. If you are working the system, that is the main thing. The system works.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how many do go the distance and decide to become Directors. And, have several picked out to work with all at once. As Helen McVoy used to say, “individuals will fail you, but the masses always come through.”

Did you notice that she doesn’t even say you should assess whether these people have the skills or would be good at directors. Just tell her X, Y, and Z. Cookie cutter, for anyone you think could possibly make it to director.

Why? Because Mary Kay is just about the numbers.


  1. NoThanksMLM

    So, she just put up a mass murderer as a role model? And tacitly admitted that MK is a cult by using him as an example. “Hey, if Jim Jones can convince 900 people to kill their children and themselves, you can sell them product so they can look great on the way out.” Oh, btw, Jim Jones killed himself, too.

  2. MLM Radar

    Then, as she recruits, you work on her people to get the back up recruits you want. You never know, she may fall by the wayside,

    As she recruits to qualify for DIQ, you sabotage her recruiting efforts by signing up her best people for yourself. This will virtually guarantee her DIQ attempt will “fall by the wayside” and you’ll get most of her other recruits for yourself too!

    Or you’ll get ALL of them for yourself if she exhausts herself and quits. Gotta sacrifice one to save your team, don’cha know?

  3. Lazy Gardens

    And, that you want to set up an appointment to come over and talk to her and her husband together.

    And that lets her evaluate the potential of the husband’s salary for exploitation.

  4. raisinberry

    This is what gets me. It is so shady. So plotting and manipulative. It’s “insider” info that basically tells us all that we were just patsy’s, manipulated into believing we had a certain something—gullibility? Just an exploitable number…place holder…

    None of these women ever gave a SHIZ that their downlines were financially DROWNING in debt, trying to project Mary Kay Success!

    1. QueenOfTheTanned

      SO EXECUTIVE! I make more than that and I have a real 401k & free dental insurance. And free time…and hobbies…and friends who don’t avoid my phone calls.

  5. pinkvictim

    Does anyone have a copy of this document? Is there a link where I can find this document?

    I’d like to have a link to point people towards, or at least a copy of the document to show the behind the scenes manipulation and lies.

    This one reveals quite a bit:

    “Tell them it is so easy…” This flies in the face of what they are constantly telling kaybots when they tell their directors they’re not making any money.

    “…show him how we make our money.” Yep, she admits what we always knew: the money is made through recruiting, not through sales to end customers, like kaybots and MKorpse are constantly telling victims and government regulators.

    “Talk about the potential and the big money…” That’s an FTC no-no. Earning representations must be accurate and verifiable.

    “Tell him his wife is a natural…” vs. “Don’t worry too much about their people skills.” Contradict yourself much?

    “…even Jim Jones (the kool aid guy in Guyana) had followers!!” The irony of kaybot cultists praising a mass murdering cult leader is so rich! LOL

    “Then, as she recruits, you work on her people to get the back up recruits you want. You never know, she may fall by the wayside, but a new one will emerge. If you are working the system, that is the main thing. The system works.” So, “the system”, as we’ve always said, is about recruiting. That’s an FTC no-no. The scam’s focus, and a kaybot’s revenue, must come mostly from VERIFIABLE sales to end users.

    The MKrap lies make me sick.

  6. PurpleH

    And this speech was aimed at Directors who should recognize that these exact plots were used on them for the same reason. Can you imagine listening to that and realizing that your SSD never thought that you were “a natural”, “so sharp”, “ready to bless others,” or whatever line you fell for? How devastating to learn that you were just generating back-ups and churning numbers. My SD just lives and breathes to hear wisdom from the NSD and she never clues in that all the strategies were used to drag her along as a cash cow. She even launched one offspring (just one in 20 years) but mostly trundles along with a little unit of rotating IBCs and the odd RJ. Very sad.

  7. BestDecision

    Real numbers just came in June Applause magazine:
    Only 19 units nationwide added 20 or more new Consultants in February
    Only 9 NSDs are on-target for Inner Circle
    NSD Kimberly Copeland, who we’ve recently been discussing, has made only $95,568 in last 8 months. (Subtract taxes and she’s nowhere near “executive income”. As an NSD!)
    NSD Dacia Wiegandt is only on-target for $200,000 gross income
    Bottom of “Top 100” Directors for unit retail production are barely doing Cadillac production ($32,000 retail, meaning all others are nowhere near Cadillac production)
    Bottom of Top 100 Director commissions is $5,325. (Subtract taxes and expenses then!)
    MK is launching a “new” Baked Cheek Color. Tarte has had them for YEARS.
    Director Michele Cobin is in spotlight for having 400 customers.
    *Tracy, can you verify what car she is in? Doing either Court?
    MKI is giving only $70 wholesale credit for Seminar gift. Cost this year is $195-225, depending on if you went to Career Conference or not.

    The numbers don’t lie.

  8. Mudsy

    I can’t believe she literally compared MK to Jim Jones. We joke around about drinking the koolaid, but she really said it. And this is something to aspire to lady?

  9. I was a Mary Kay “consultant”, back when I was young and foolish. All Mary Kay “consultants” were required to buy a full array of products to demonstrate to potential clients. I later learned that Mary Kay made most of its money from selling the “consultants” their “demonstration” beauty products. Talk about a SCAM!

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