A Pink Truth Critic Will Pray For Us

Apparently this woman doesn’t realize it’s “sad” for her to have time to bash Pink Truth:

ladies, as a Mary Kay beauty consultant let me just say that i will be praying for you. praying that you realize you’re wasting your time. who really has time to look at the money other women are making and talk smack? wow! go spend time with your famalies or something.

we are a group of positive women who don’t get put down by your bull. the start up cost is $100. seriously? even if it Was a scam, that would be minimal. especially considering the fact that you get $410 of product.

for a lot of women who join mk its about more than money, but about building relationships with other women and we love it. plus, the extra money is nice 🙂 if you didn’t do well you didn’t try hard enough or you (clearly) had a bad attitude.

my first two months in i made $1800! i heard about this site from a girl i wanted to recruit. she did the research, signed up, and just had an awesome debut!!! anyway! i hope you all realize that we love our lives as mk consultants and for you to have time to bash us is just sad.


  1. BestDecision

    And I hope you take some grammar lessons and learn how to capitalize your letters. As for not working hard enough or having a bad attitude, your condescending nature cements what most of us on here say: You’re too dazed to see others’ real life experiences.

    I made money in MK, but not an “executive income”. Never. Not in any of my Cadillacs or when I debuted multiple offspring. Never. And I made car payments, just as a lot of the Directors I know are driving Cadillacs are, according to the number publically posted on Applause every month.

    Bottom line…if you’re not making money, you’re in a hobby. Own up to it. Quit touting it as a way for struggling people to live in mansions and “never” have a car payment. And quit supporting people who are abusing God with their language and egos.

    1. Formykids

      I wish they would just come clean that it is a sisterhood, and a ministry disguising itself as a business. No business there. My fogged wife has been in for almost 10 years, a director for 7, raised and lost 8-10 directors under her…..she currently has 1….drove and lost the Pink Caddy…….for which she had significant co pays……worked her butt off at a clip of about 50-70 hrs per week, and hasn’t made a penny. Any income she has earned she has poured back into inventory, trips, and special events with her NSD, etc. It’s a crying shame.

      1. BestDecision

        Her story sounds like mine before I resigned. It’s not a sisterhood because they turn on you the moment you get out. Not 1 of my so-called friends has anything to do with me since I sent my Cadillac back. It was appalling!

        1. Formykids

          Yes. I have seen this too. I have seen her be directed to unfriend certain gals when they leave the fog, and since I continue to raise issues, I have now become persona non grata. I am the enemy……just like in the Leah Remini series on Scientology.

    2. coralrose

      I’m trying to figure out if my current director is making money… she’s a senior executive director and our unit is “close to” making a million in production. Does that mean she’s making a lot of money? When my former director lost her unit, we went into this Senior’s unit. It’s a HUGE unit as far as I can tell from the newsletters.

      1. Formykids

        Here is what I can tell you. In my wife’s best year she had a gross income of about 90k including commissions, bonuses, and actual end user sales. After expenses were deducted, she had a net taxable income of about 15k. That’s operating expenses of 83% of total revenue. This does not take into account non deductible expenses like all the additional babysitting needed while she was out at meetings, classes, street fairs, etc. Everyone pays taxes on their net taxable income, but as independent contractors they must also pay the employers portions of FICA and Social Security, so after taxes, that 15k is well under 10k for 50+ hrs per week. I suspect most directors expenses run just as high if they are attending all company events such as, seminar, career conference, leadership, etc.

        1. coralrose

          She was! I guess I need to check my reading comprehension. I thought they listed unit production amounts in Applause. I didn’t realize those were commissions listed. That’s terrible, ForMyKids! 🙁 I hope your wife gets out soon.

          1. BestDecision

            Now take whatever her commission was for February and multiply that x 12. That’s an estimate of her gross income. Subtract 25% for taxes. Then, keep in mind that she’d have expenses to subtract from that and, I can tell you as a former Director myself, it’s a lot. It’s not cheap to run a unit.

            So, Applause lists the Top 100 commissions for the month and then the Top 100 unit retail production. To find out how much wholesale your unit did, find her name in the retail scoreboard and divide that number by 2.

            The biggest thing to remember is that her success isn’t repeatable for herself personally, as there are former Trip Directors now not even in Cadillacs. It’s not duplicatable, either, so please don’t fall into the trap of believing EVERYBODY has the same odds of making what she might.

  2. Lily in NYC

    It’s interesting how the ones who come here to complain are always new IBCs who are still in the honeymoon phase. Lady, come back in a year when you are up to your ears in credit card deck and see if you feel the same way.

  3. pinkvictim

    “… if you didn’t do well you didn’t try hard enough or you (clearly) had a bad attitude.”

    The system is perfect. If it didn’t work, it must be your fault.

    That’s mind control 101 right there.

    1. raisinberry

      You know what else is mind control? The idea that we are here because we didn’t work the business. They just can not wrap their heads around the idea that we know the business, worked the business, excelled at the business, and ultimately discovered the FRAUD of the business and are here to warn others!

      Lurkers, please understand…most of us here were good at it. SO if you want a mlm hobby “business” where you lie about your success to sucker others in, and profit off the debt you encourage others to take on, by all means, have at it. You are a true predator!

      Got new for ya: Most successful people are not “faking it till they make it”.

      1. BestDecision

        Amen! I can analyze the heck out of a Unit Analysis report. I can predict who will order and how much. I can also see what’s REALLY happening in the company by analyzing Applause every month. And I can predict a lot of Directors are going to be over 65 with no Social Security accumulated or the NSD retirement they “bee-lieved” in.

        1. Cooling Off

          And the majority of newly ‘retired’ NSD’s are in other multi-level companies. Their MK retirement is taxed and they’re not making that much after all.

  4. pinkinthered

    Hmmmm, besides the horrid grammar and spelling in this, I’m intrigued by the claim she made $1800 in her first month. Isn’t this the first level of star? Perhaps she ordered $1800 to get the coveted star ladder pin?

    1. MLM Radar

      Our office receptionist “made” $1,600 in her first 90 days in Mary Kay… if you use words the way Mary Kay defines them.

      The problem was, her real sales were only a fraction of that amount.

      What she really did was “make production” of $1,600 towards her Director’s quotas. The Director collected the bonuses. She got stuck with the debt.

  5. ThisKoolAidTastesFunny

    I have time to hang out on sites like these and send them to my friends who are in danger of getting sucked into a destructive MLM like I did because I am no longer chasing women down at Target to try to book them. #blessed

  6. boughtandsold

    $1800 in 2 months? Impressive! Impressive you had the self control not to run screaming into the night in the opposite direction. That comes to $5.63/hour. I make triple that in a very low stress job with terrific bennies.

    1. MLM Radar

      $1,800 comes with the assumption she’ll sell it all… at full retail price… eventually…

      … if the expenses don’t eat her alive first.

      Those “free” samples aren’t really free.

    2. Kinzie

      Exactly! And that is BEFORE taxes or expenses. And even if she only did MK part time she would have only made $11.00-ish BEFORE taxes or expenses. It isn’t too hard to find a job paying that much. Please, people, think about what you are going to say before coming on Pink Truth and trying to dazzle us into thinking we are missing something. .

  7. BartheDoor

    Dear Letter Writer,

    I will be praying for you. Praying that you don’t lie to yourself and damage all of your relationships because you refuse to see that MK is also short for Marriage Killer. Praying that you do not mislead other women into thinking that they will make more money selling makeup than they make at their jobs with paid time off, insurance benefits, 401K, and a guaranteed hourly rate. Praying that you will one day recognize that you have been taken advantage of by MK. Praying that you are not spreading the false story that MK is taught at Harvard or that it is the number one makeup brand in America. (It’s not and it’s not.) Praying that you will see that the MK Way of God and Family first really means that you work 70 hours a week for uncertain income and delegate all your familial responsibilities to your husband and older children.

    Mostly though I will be praying that when your terminal case of smugness wears off, you will not find yourself in the position of being divorced with a basement full of makeup no one wants, and that when your friends see your number on their phones, they answer instead of letting your calls go to voicemail so they can decide if you’re trying calling to ask them to lunch to catch up or calling to ask them to lunch so you can try to make them sign up as a favor for you to get a cheap ring that will turn your finger green the day you wear it.

    Good luck in your future endeavors.


    Rational People Who See You Are Trying To Convince Yourself, Not Us

    PS I’m praying too that when you come back to PT, you will see that the women here are helpful and kind, and they can help you get your money back.

  8. L.D.

    Sigh. I am technically a “personal use consultant”. I signed up after being razzel-dazzled into the “dream”. I was a smart girl, who KNEW people. I am a mom of 6, so my GAWD my social network must be huge. I could make enough money for a down payment on a house in less than 6 months. I could leave my corporate bullsh*t job and work for myself. $100 that was it (nevermind that is my weekly grocery budget but yea ok), and I am helping my friend reach her dreams of being in the top 2% of Mary Kay.
    In less than 24 hours of signing up, I was told to “be active and start selling” I needed to place a $235 order. But that should be easy because, you know I have a VAST social network. Well, after sending out all the texts from NSD’s and the email that was exposing my soul to friends and family, I sold $100. Great, I made my inital investment back…maybe this isn’t a good idea. But I begged my very pissed off husband (after all, I assured him it was only $100) to give me 6 months and I would show him…
    Well, I showed him nothing other than I sacraficed time away from the family to still, after almost a year, not break even. People don’t want MK at retail. It’s not worth it. So, just to make some sense of it all, I gave discounts, and after months of begging most of my family to just order one mascara…I finally said “I;m sorry I can’t do this anymore”.
    So, there I was, inactive. But my friend, she only needed a few more consultants on her team to make it out of DIQ-and then, she paid for my reactivation.
    I felt bad. I mean, that’s a lot of money. So, I did my best to stay active for as long as I could. Hell, I thought, maybe I can make this work. I just need the right motivation. Or not. It just really was not in me.
    Fast forward: there she sat, my friend, the sales director, across my table. Her husband was mad at her, and he did not even know the begining of it. She had spent so much of her own money to become a director. She had paid for my reactivation and another girls. She was walking away. And I was proud of her. She knew…she knew she was only living a lie. I told her I thought she was doing the right thing, to just bow out gracefully. This isn’t worth your marriage. This isn’t worth your family’s well being. No, you should not cancel your annual family vacation to go to Seminar.
    Then… 2 weeks later…I saw it on Facebook. She was so excited to order her “free”diamond ring to be presented at Seminar. Her “free ring” was really costing her about $10,000 if not more. And that is just the financial part.
    I am not stressing about staying active. I am swapping out items in my “inventory” for things that I will actually use and then, well its just going to go to the way side.
    It was that-the conversation at my table and then the quick turn around. She is smarter than that and so am I…

    1. QueenOfTheTanned

      Your story makes me sick to my stomach, L.D. Your friend is an addict, and the drug is MK. Just one more hit, one more go-around on that mad pink merry-go-round. SAD.

  9. MKDropout

    Ok, where to start with this….first of all, I love the phrase, “Be your own boss, and work your own hours.” What?? My Director was the micro manager from hell. No, it is not your business to run.
    Second, I may only make a paltry salary of $47k per year…but, I am vested in State Government. Along with my measly salary, I accrue 14 hrs. A month vacation. As of today, I have 110 hours paid vacation leave, 52 hours paid sick leave, medical insurance, dental..you get the picture. PLUS, my friends will still talk to me if I change jobs. Thank God I didn’t quit my job to persue the MK dream full time.
    I may be biased, but when I read these types of letters, I think my job sounds a little more appealing. I can even spell an spends time with tha famalie!

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