Ten Reasons Why Mary Kay Directors Don’t Want Personal Use Consultants in Their Units

Written by MaryKayExploitsWomen

Many sales directors in Mary Kay are very hesitant about recruiting personal use consultants. Their excuse is that they don’t want to invest all of their time in training personal use consultants if they aren’t going to get out there and “work their businesses.” They want to focus their efforts on those consultants who want to get serious about Mary Kay.

Here are ten major reasons why directors shy away from personal use consultants. Granted, this is not a complete list, and more needs to be added, but if you look closely, you’ll see the real reasons behind avoiding personal use consultants. (I’ll give you hint, it’s not about investing more time and training into serious consultants’ success.)

  1. Personal use consultants are not interested in pursuing the “Pink Dream” which means the MK scripts, lies, and deceptions won’t work here.
  2. Personal use consultants are far less likely to recruit new consultants.
  3. Personal use consultants are far less likely to attend meetings regularly, which means fewer chances at new recruits and fewer opportunities to push the order-order-order mentality.
  4. It is harder to manipulate personal use consultants, especially if they only care about using the product and not about making money.
  5. You can’t frontload personal use consultants as easily as consultants who are “serious” about their Mary Kay business. They only need so much product, even if they are selling to a couple of friends. No frontloading equals no commission check and no bonuses.
  6. Personal use consultants are very unlikely to attend Seminar. No Seminar equals no rah-rah equals no additional ordering or recruiting.
  7. Personal use consultants = no profit for Ms. Director or Ms. National Sales Director. A few $200 to $400 orders a year mean a couple hundred dollars of commission, at best. It’s simply not worth their time.
  8. Personal use consultants will not buy extra inventory when you need them to, so you’ll have to push more inventory on the rest of your unit, or recruit more “serious” consultants. The whole “be a team player and help us finish our goal” thing just doesn’t usually matter to the personal use consultant.
  9. Personal use consultants are not likely to host skin care “classes” which reduces your opportunities of recruitment. No recruits means no big orders means no commissions.
  10. NSDs tell their directors to avoid wasting time on recruiting personal use consultants because it cuts into their quotas. Time is better spent on those who will recruit and frontload.

What other reasons have you seen for shying away from the personal use consultant? Common sense says that those consultants could offer the sales director a small, but consistent base of production throughout the year. But the big orders and the new recruits are much more important. Are directors missing out on an opportunity to have women in their units who are actually happy with what they’re doing with Mary Kay?


  1. pinkiu

    PUCs will tell all their friends about how they can avoid becoming an IBC by just buying from her at a huge discount. They advertise on FB that they are placing an order in a week and ask who wants to get items for half off. This limits the pool in the community if everyone knows they can get MK for half off without having to join.

  2. ran4fun

    From what I’ve seen, most units are built on PUC, because honestly, who can find 30 women who actually want to make a career out of selling makeup. DIQ is such a push to do it fast, so most recruits are family and friends who are “helping” her reach a goal. It’s so self-destructive, because a unit built with PUC is built on quicksand.


    PUC not successful because not working the business!!! Need to more facsimile parties!!! Will never be as SUCCESS as GMB my favorite. Why Alislion La Marriott failure! GMB most emu latte Mya Krazy!

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