Top 10 Symptoms That a Director Doesn’t Have a Strong Personal Business

From  Linda Toupin’s “director boot camp.” I’d venture a guess that almost every single director in Mary Kay fits into 7 or more of these items. And not because they’re lazy or don’t want it… but because Mary Kay is a pyramid scheme in which almost everyone will fail.

  1. Lack of confidence.
  2. Lack of integrity. Don’t kid yourself – your consultants know if you held a class last week.
  3. Lack of new recruits in your unit or lack of sharp recruits in your unit.
  4. Lack of excitement at your meeting.
  5. Low meeting attendance.
  6. Family members show frustration with your business.
  7. You are frustrated with your business and begin to doubt if you are director material.
  8. You find yourself only talking to the directors who are not working so that you have something in common. You both wonder should I really be doing this. Lots of doubt.
  9. Lack of belief that Mary Kay is the premier opportunity for women.
  10. You are broke!Yikes! I can assure you that this is not what Mary Kay intended for directorship to look like. You get to this list by no longer continuing to do what put you in the suit.

Remember you will remain the same until the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of change.

The great news! Your business is not terminal… it can be healed.


  1. raisinberry

    What “put you in the suit” was a nearly deranged activity level of pitching every human being and their brother, in inappropriate stalking, overturning every rock, like a hog rooting mushrooms, using bait and switch tactics (be my model-no wait be my recruit!), hiding full information in an endless recruiting chain frenzy to ultimately frontload said recruits to hit production markers.

    Ya can’t do that the rest of your career unless you are filled with self loathing!

  2. PurpleH

    One major reason for not having a strong personal business is when they find an actual customer who is willing to hold a class and potentially bring more customers, they sign her up. That’s why the meetings are empty. Women who wanted product find themselves as consultants with no intention of attending a meeting or recruiting even more unwitting IBCs. Or they do bring a guest who again, might actually buy something, and the “facial” is really a recruiting event and turns off the customer. Meetings are dead because Directors have killed them.
    Side topic on Linda Toupin, on FB she’s bragging up her personal unit as having less than $5000 in chargebacks per year. But what about all her downlines? $5000 per year (if that is touted as a low number) multiplied by 25 units in her Area starts to look like a lot.

  3. BestDecision

    When I gold medaled, it never equated to long-term growth. If personal recruiting is the only way to a strong unit, why aren’t Court winners, many repeat, going on trips? I know several that did the Court of Sharing year after year and have never made it to Cadillac.


      Just list the n best of A GMB and suceeding your business will be yours! Gloria always say when door close window open!! Mauritania Kay always sat down and God one! Family two! Mavis Kay Three!!

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