Inventory Lies in Mary Kay

Mary Kay lives and dies by initial inventory orders. That is where corporate makes their money, because the initial order is almost always the MOST a consultant will order in their tenure with MK. Sales directors make their money with initial inventory orders. This is what sustains a unit.

So there is a huge incentive to get new consultants to place big orders. Below is a typical piece used by recruiters to convince you that you must have inventory. (Of course, no one held a gun to your head. You made the choice to place the order. But remember that choice was made based on false information like this.)
Benefits of stocking inventory in your home:

Higher Sales – Women want their products as soon as they try them. Your sales will be 50% higher if you carry inventory to give immediately to your customers.
Less Returns – Women do not usually change their mind once  they have the product in their hands. If they have to wait for product they can change their mind about their order due to money stress, or husband.
Confidence – You are more likely to actively work your business if you have product on your shelf. You will feel like a professional and have more confidence in your sales ability.
Motivation – Your inventory will motivate you to do your business when you lack self-motivation. Product sitting on your shelf will get you out there selling! It’s instant cash!
Profit – You will see a profit quicker from carrying inventory. If you have to place orders, it takes longer to see profit. Also you can see a higher commission level from your sales, since you will need to order less often,
Higher Reorders and Less Customer Drop-off – If you are able to immediately service your customers once they run out, they will learn to depend on you. If you have to place an order to the company, they may look for another consultant who carries inventory.
Less Frustration – The consultants who do not carry products tend to get frustrated with their business and sometimes to the point of quitting. Not carrying inventory is one of the most common reasons for consultant dropout.

My favorite is the lie about more profit. What? You profit more because you don’t have to wait for an order? And a higher commission because you need to order less often? That’s just silly. Having inventory eats away at your profit each day due to interest charges on your credit card. It eats away at your profit every time a customer orders something you don’t have, and you have to place another order  that will likely include other unneeded stuff just to make the minimum order. I could go on for days…


  1. Pinkiu

    One of these makes no sense to me.

    “Profit – You will see a profit quicker by having inventory. If you have to place orders, it takes longer to see profit. Also you can see a higher commission level from your sales, since you will have to order less often.”

    Now, perhaps it’s just me, but whether I had the product on hand or not, I required payment up front, thus making a profit. In fact, I was told (before the real inventory talk) that one way I could start was taking orders and using that money to purchase product.

    Could someone explain the second part of this statement about profit? How would I see higher commissions from my sales by ordering less? For the average IBC, she only makes a commission on her recruite’s wholesale orders. Only SDs make a commission on their own sales. The only thing that makes sense is that I would have less shipping charges, not more commissions. But more profit is had by ONLY having the product that people want to buy rather than shelves full of product that doesn’t sell.


      GLORIA always say “i need $1200 hole sale” most important if you want to have SUCCESS business ike GMB. Alway bye $1200 a month miminimimum if you want to have BEST most SUCCESS inventory. Nobody wants to wait if you DON’T have custom er will go two other IBC. MUST WORK BUSINESS! I, me always have $1200 miniminimimum like GMB SUCCESS say, and my Marie Cay business is SUCCESS.

    2. Lazy Gardens

      “Also you can see a higher commission level from your sales, since you will have to order less often.” ”

      Because of the flat-rate shipping, you pay less shipping if you order once a month instead of once a week. That’s in theory … in practice you will NEVER have all the product you need so you end up having to order anyway, or have large amounts of “just in case” inventory you may never sell.

      The person seeing a higher commission level from YOUR sales is not you, it’s your upline … you have a lot of cash tied up in product that should be out there working it’s business paying your bills off.

  2. BestDecision

    The prize for the Diamond Star this quarter is a string of patio lights. Target has them for $13. So, you’re supposed to sell $6,000 retail to get a $13 prize? And no benefits or paid time off? That’s $500 retail weeks every week of the quarter for a $13 prize.

    And just in case any other former Directors want to chime in, MK people are already bragging about the charcoal mask being “the biggest product launch in company history”. Wonder how many are sitting on shelves right now?

    1. Dorothy

      Who in the world would be excited about that? Are there any other choices because what happens if you live in an apartment and don’t even have a patio?

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