Mary Kay Lies: Unlimited Earning Potential

Wanted: Enterprising woman to achieve unlimited earning potential while enriching the lives of others. Work duties include meeting new friends, interacting with prospective clients, as well supporting the community of women. Candidate will have the opportunity to make own hours, and will be compensated for their achievements with prizes and vacations.

Does this job sound appealing? Then you might have just what it takes to be one of 750,000 women already living the life as a consultant. As an Independent Beauty consultant you’ll have the freedom to make your own work hours and set time a side for your family. And with distribution to more than 36 countries, you’ll be able to work virtually anywhere in the world! No experience required and you can work part-time or full-time from your own home. You will have great benefits of owning your own business.

What they don’t tell you:


  1. pinkpeace

    Oh brother! There are so many things wrong with this, but two stand out to me.

    First, I love how warm chatting suddenly becomes “interacting with prospective clients.” I wish I’d known that terminology when I was recruiting.

    Second, as far as being compensated with prizes and vacations? There are no vacations provided to consultants – only to the very top directors.

    And the prizes . . . well, skip the Consultant Agreement and inventory and just head on over to the Dollar Store to pick out what you want. You’ll save a lot of time and money.

  2. Jamming Berry

    Head on over to the dollar store!! hahaha— So funny, yet sadly true. I got a card in the mail from my National Sales Director saying she couldn’t wait to see me in Texas, so I can see the full vision of what Mary Kay has to offer.

    When I first joined my SD called to “invite” me to Texas And luckily I was catching on fast at that point. I asked her if she was going to pay for my ticket and hotel, since she was “inviting” me. She was shocked! LOL!

  3. enorth

    I watched a video where the SD said she had just purchased 800 wooden roses to hand out “to honor working women.” 800. wooden. roses.
    The scheme: she stops women and hands them a wooden rose “just to honor them for working.” Her partner then steps up and hands the victim a drawing slip to fill out. “Do we actually hold the drawing? Yes, of course”, she said, “In fact, everyone one wins a MK gift card.”

  4. Shay

    Technically there is an Unlimited Earning Potential.
    IF you can find innocent people to buy a ton of inventory and customers willing to pay for the over priced products.

  5. MLM Radar

    Wanted: Enterprising woman to achieve unlimited earning potential while enriching the lives of her Senior Director and NSD, while impoverishing hundreds of women in her downline.

    Still want to sign up?

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