Mary Kay Sales Directors Make Less Than Minimum Wage

Another Mary Kay sales director has been kind enough to share with us her numbers from her Mary Kay “career.” She left a $60,000 a year job with full benefits to do Mary Kay. And in 4.5 years of Mary Kay, here’s what she had to show for it…. and she was a CADILLAC DRIVER!!!

Less than $14,00 of income per year. And that’s being very conservative on the expenses included here. There are likely more expenses…

So much for the argument of not working hard enough and being a lazy loser. The Cadillac directors have really “made it” in Mary Kay, right?



Note: Income from the car is not included here, but neither are the expenses related to operating that auto for business purposes, which likely cancel each other out.


  1. Formykids

    Those numbers are very very close to my soon to be ex wife’s numbers before, during, and after she drove the pink caddy for two years, but it doesn’t even account for the $900 per month copay she made the last 6 months she drove that car. Btw she has had a $150 co pay on her Equinox the last two months and is on track to continue the co pay and likely at an increased amount. She has been an IBC for 10 yrs and SD for 7-8 of those years and has worked her tail off. The belief with this one is strong:)

    1. TRACY

      And of course, when you’re making the co-pay, it means your wholesale production is low, which means the commission check is low. Vicious cycle.

      1. formykids

        Just to add to the fun….my wife’s SSD, who has been driving a Pink Caddy for the past 4 years, just pulled up to our house yesterday, driving a brand new white MK Chevy Cruse….two car levels down. Which of course means, not only did she lose her Caddy, but she likely had co pays, on that caddy, of $900 per month, for the last 6 months or so. Will any of them ever wake up?

  2. Colleen

    Seminar, Career Conf, Fall retreat, Leadership Conf and director’s suit are adding nothing to her business. Sure we all need some training but no one spends that high a percentage on training in the real retail world.

    Add in $1500 for meetings, and you are, in fact, paying to sell lipstick.

    1. enorth

      “you are, in fact, paying to sell lipstick.”

      I just looked at the FB page of a certain NSD. The latest promotion is, of course, to ORDER ________ amount of inventory for _______ number of months and you’ll earn a sleepover at her house.

      The only career I’m interested in will PAY ME a regular salary and provide a slate of benefits.

      I’m not interested in spending my money, time and energy to “earn” a sleepover on someone’s den floor, or a cheap bracelet with a cheesy saying on it. Those things won’t pay my bills or provide for my future.

      Mary Kay is simply an exhausting, expensive hobby.

  3. Cindylu

    I’ve been out of MK for many years now. What began as a possible company that was different, turned into a sad abusive group of women lying to each other. So many brainwashed women, chasing the fantasy of making tons of money as an NSD. After decades of financially abusing hundreds of women, it’s about time older directors took off their rose colored glasses.

    1. BestDecision

      When someone says they’ve made million(s) in MK, divide that by the decades they’ve been in, which could be $50,000/year or less. And that’s GROSS profit! My Senior’s website shows she is in the same place for 15 years now, same number of Offspring, yet she claims she’s almost an NSD. She’s not even an Elite!

      Let’s look at other careers making $50,000 a year and could also be considered “millionaires” after decades of working: personal trainers, librarians, flight attendants, etc. But, do they call themselves “millionaires”? My unit produced well over a million retail, but was I called a Million Dollar Director? Of course not!

      And MK parades NSDs who are “Mary Kay Millionaires” around at Seminar, but no one does the math to realize what their average income was over all their years? Sure, there are currently 10 women on target to do Inner Circle, but that’s not even being a true “millionaire”.

      When you make a million A YEAR, you’re a millionaire. Period.

      1. MKHater

        A millionaire is someone whose net worth is a million dollars. It has nothing to do with income. If you make a million dollars a year and spend it you are not a millionaire.

        1. ran4fun

          What she said ^^^

          All those darned expenses, cloaked in the verbiage of “tax deductions”. My loved one told me “nobody in MK pays taxes because of all the good tax deductions”. What she doesn’t understand is, only 2 kinds of people don’t pay taxes – those who cheat, and those who don’t make money. If you make money, you owe taxes.

          So if MK people don’t pay taxes, they are either cheating or their NET income is ZERO!

        2. BestDecision

          You’re right, but they do use the term “millionaire” in MK to mean making a cumulative total of a million in their entire career. $50,000/year for 20 years will do that.

  4. Cooling Off

    And they just did the Double Credit in May for NSD’s to get into the Top 10 of their Seminar. There’s not enough Inner Circle Nationals…they need to get more there. And it’s all based on fake numbers.

  5. MLM Radar

    Anyone else notice that the picture says her “challenge” is to sell $24 to 24 people, but the lowest priced item is $25 and everything else is $30+++?

    There’s some not-so-subtle pressure going on here.

  6. Marquita

    I just started and I’m feeling really hesitant and feeling like I have been lied to since I started. Would anyone be willing to connect and give me some additional insight before I go broke lol

    1. Lazy Gardens

      Keep reading. My advice would be to QUIT NOW, send the stuff back and the next time someone tries to recruit you to “join their team” … say no.

      What is MLM –
      Basically … Any product from a company that signs up people to resell their product and encourages those people to sign up more people under them to earn commissions off them.

      They can call it “network marketing”, they can call it “friend to friend selling”, they can call their victims Independent Business Consultants, Fashionistas, Presenters or whatever, and they can disguise the recruiting as “team building … but it’s all the same business model.

      Tell-tale signs you are in an MLM:

      The company website talks about the “business opportunity”, and tries to tell you are running “your own business” – but the contract tells you all the ways you can’t act like a real business.

      They talk about “empowering” you, not paying you.

      Their “compensation plan” varies depending on how many people you have convinced to join, not how well your team is selling product.

      They encourage you to recruit customers, not sell them product.

      You have to buy a certain amount of inventory in a certain amount of time to qualify for the bonuses, the discounts, or need a certain number of recruits to get bonuses.

      They don’t limit the number of resellers, and your area gets overloaded with people all selling the same thing until no one can make any money (except the company)

    2. BestDecision

      I drove Cadillacs, and I have NO regrets getting out. You will be lied to all the time. It’s a major feat to get and keep bookings. There are far better brands on the market, so women know they have better choices and don’t have the same excitement to try MK as in decades past.

      Get out now before you start to feel the stress of your Director nagging you on June 30th for more orders.

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