Pink Truth Is a “Public Display of Your Fundamental Personality Flaws”

Really, sometimes the hate mail I receive is so heartwarming. I realize that many Kaybots don’t understand that there is almost no good in Mary Kay. I said it. How much good can really come out of a scam in which 99% of women lose money? Not much!

Here is a lovely email from a member of the Pink Cult:

I recently registered at your site. I am searching for the other side of the stories. I am seeing a lot negative feedback about Mary Kay. I think it hurts the credibility of your site to only project the negative side of any one company. In this instance it is Mary Kay.

I would feel that the site would be more credible with a two sided version of these stories. The blog’s come off as a complaint session. It may be therapuetic to those scorned by poor decision making.

I think Better Business Bureau does a reputable job exposing unethical business practices because at least they examine both sides of the story.

Hypothetically, what about the gal that joins Mary Kay, embezzles from her own company to pay for something non Mary Kay related and blames her poor money management on the cult like influence of the company? Is this a Mary Kay flaw?

I think that as I am reading these “truths”, that which your web site is misleading me to believe are “truths”, I am more influenced to join and stay with Mary Kay. I am sure this is not the first of emails expressing concern over the nature of your site. I would just like to encourage you to raise your standards a bit and verify stories and present both sides. I am so disappointed that women would make such a public display of their fundamental personality flaws that helped them to the brink of Mary Kay disaster.

Where do I start with this one? There is no such thing as “embezzling” from your Mary Kay business. There are two sides to the Mary Kay story: The one from Mary Kay and the Kaybots, and the Pink Truth. I’m not interested in promoting the half-truths and lies spoken by Mary Kay and the Kaybots.

If reading about the massive flaws of a company and a structure makes you want to join that company even more, I think that says a lot about YOUR personality flaws!


  1. BestDecision

    These facts HAVE been verified: On the 20/20 episode, Laura Beitler played dumb that MK “rarely” experiences someone buying too much product to reach a goal. Laura wasn’t introduced as an attorney but as part of the “recognition” department.

    MK makes a ton of money off inventory that doesn’t make it into the real consumers’ hands. Right now, they’re boasting the new charcoal masks have “sold”, when it really is more of just the sales force buying in bulk to stock their shelves and hype it up to customers in hopes it’ll sell.

    MK hid the fact they were reformulating TimeWise and didn’t tell anyone in the sales force in advance so they could sell through their current formula and prepare for the new one. On June 30, just like today, Directors put in the last order for their goal of the trip, a ring, a bar pin, or whatever with TimeWise. Within days, the new formula was launched, and we were all stuck with the old stuff.

    I won’t deny that there are people, as in every field, that are lazy or don’t apply themselves, but to accuse us of having personality flaws and not verifying the facts of our OWN experiences is ludicrous. Why do you think there are so many on here? Where there’s a lot of smoke, there’s a fire!

      1. BestDecision

        Lots of other brands have charcoal masks. Wonder how many were “sold” last night to wrap up some goals? UPS has a big week ahead of them. Hope they pack their dollies!

      2. enorth

        And many of MK’s “expert” skin-care consultants can’t pronounce non-comedogenic.

        “Non-commo-genic” is rampant.

        There’s a SSD near me who says “non-commode-o-genic.” And her off-springs say the same thing.

        1. BestDecision

          Nor can they pronounce salicylic acid or even know what it does. I read every piece of literature MK ever gave us, and I still didn’t fully understand SA. It’s ridiculous to think of buying makeup from poorly trained and HORRID exampled people. Seminar was always hallways full of gawking at bad makeup!

  2. Shay

    The purpose of this site isn’t to talk good about Mary Kay.. oh nevrrmind…

    Keep up the good work. This site website has personally helped people me help people I know get out of MK and that I say: THANK YOU!!

  3. Formykids

    This is the poisonous distraction of false equivalency. There are always two sides to a story but they aren’t automatically 50/50. Many stories have a clear right side and wrong side, Bernie Madhoff, Savings and Loan Scandal, genocide, Jeffrey Dahmer, etc., etc. When a house burns down we are not interested in the fire’s side of the story. This false equivalency notion is the work of non critical limited thinkers. We do a disservice when we present all issues as inherently 50/50, as we aren’t telling it in the most truthful way. The saying goes there’s one side and the other side and the truth is always SOMEWHERE in the middle. It doesn’t say the truth is smack dab in the middle. Please please use the brain God gave you to think critically and discern.

  4. pinkvictim

    ” I would just like to encourage you to raise your standards a bit and verify stories and present both sides.”

    You mean like how MKrap and its vultur… directors verify stories and present both sides? Did they gave you PT’s URL and tell you to check out both sides?

    “I am so disappointed that women would make such a public display of their fundamental personality flaws that helped them to the brink of Mary Kay disaster.”

    Translated from the Pink-speak: It’s your fault.

    Disaster? You obviously ignore the many, many women here who were “successful” in MKrap – SD’s, SSD’s, ESSD’s, cars, pins, diamond rings, tiaras… how about you?

    “It may be therapuetic to those scorned by poor decision making.”

    Translated from the Pink-speak: It’s your fault.

    The only poor decision they made was to join MKrap.

  5. WasRings90

    The funniest line is that the BBB is reliable and gets both sides of the story… Really my experience with the BBB was AWFUL. I filed a complaint about a local bridal store. The stores rebuttal was that I entered the store drunk and I had no right to ask for a dress back that wasn’t paid for in full. #1 I left my job early to go to store to find out where my bridesmaid dress was. They apparently shipped it out to Ohio to fix som alterationsd repairing & I needed in 2 days so my alterations lady could get the alterations started (I needed a lot them they ordered in the wrong size gown) When I called the BBB back to ask what verification they had that I was drunk, I was told by the local manager of the BBB it doesn’t matter, the company donates a lot and so their rating won’t really change. Their little line about me being in store drunk was redacted tho when the manager of the TV station called and said they received numerous calls about the bridal industry and wrong sized gowns and were thinking about doing a story.

  6. MLM Radar

    Embezzle – definition: to steal something which someone else owns and has entrusted to you.

    Isn’t the whole idea of being a Mary Kay consultant that you own your own business? So how is it that anyone can say you’re embezzling, if you’re the business owner?

    When a Mary Kay Director says you’re embezzling from your business, what she’s really saying is that the Mary Kay “business” owns the inventory, not you. Bull. The only reason your Mary Kay “business” has anything at all is because YOU put the money in up front, out of your own savings, your household budget, or your credit card.

    There’s an accounting term for you taking money out of your Mary Kay “business” and it’s not embezzlement. It’s called an owner’s withdrawal.

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