The Mary Kay New Year, New Recruit Frontloading Wipeout

Written by Raisinberry

The days after the Mary Kay seminar year end wholesale buying frenzy are a celebration for some and a painful chest constrictor for most others. The typical Director sleeps in on July 1 because of sheer exhaustion from the stress and phone calls and waiting and frenzy of June 30th. Focused on meeting her own goals, she never even considers the cost of June frontloading, to her new recruit.

The NSDs will spin how “magnanimous” corporate was for helping get those last orders in. Those June recruits who were pushed to get their orders together before year end, won’t really find out that they have no standing for the next Seminar Year. They will have built something into “star”… but no lasting recognition for last year’s contribution into the Unit… and no recognition for the new year.

July 1st the game starts all over again and the newest June recruits have simply lost their first orders into oblivion, because the only thing that mattered in June was where the Director’s standings were. Wholesale is indeed, everything.

As the July 1 page turns, and “standings” are published, Miss June recruit will have Zero in her column for retail production. If she was a star, imagine her surprise to be most likely listed in the Top Fifteen of her Unit for her doubled wholesale, for her local awards night meeting, never having sold a thing.

This immediately produces an uncomfortable feeling but is the beginning of fraud training in Mary Kay. She is to smile and receive her Seminar Year to date Rosette Ribbon, and is expected to just accept her placement at 10 or 8 or 6 in the lineup, with absolutely no idea why. And as July progresses, she will find out that she has ZERO in toward the new year’s numbers, because all her order for June did was benefit the Director and upline. She, of course, will never be told this.

What would have benefited her, would have been holding the last days of June order, for July, so she can accrue a full years production. But Mary Kay really doesn’t teach benefiting the new recruit, when Seminar standings are at stake. (The Veteran Unit should have been responsible for standings… if “retail sales” were really being measured!)

If she goes to Seminar, as an excited June recruit, she can wear her Rosette Ribbon proudly. She will be noted by those who share her luncheon table at “Number 9” in Sales, with not one iota of truth to it. It is a marvel of human intelligence that everyone who knows differently will play this game anyway, and it is part of the breakdown of assessing “truth” in Mary Kay.

Pretense is taught right from the beginning, as recognition and rewards are given for work not achieved, but rather wholesale orders placed.

There is an adage in Mary Kay that goes, “Inspect what you, Expect.” All Directors are taught this and it is designed to get a Director to follow up on what really matters. We are taught to “check results” to insure that the activity we want gets rewarded.

Isn’t it funny that there isn’t one iota of “inspection” of actual RETAIL SELLING in all of Mary Kay? Not from corporate. Not from NSD’s. Not from Directors.

Instead, what can be “inspected” is the accrual of wholesale ordering, and how it is rewarded is by “fantasy doubling.”

Too bad Miss June recruit will only have that short lived moment at her local awards night, with not a clue why she is standing there in the top ten or twenty. “Smile and Nod, Miss June.”

You are getting your first lesson in “pretense” that will lead you to many more command performances in your Mary Kay Career.


  1. BestDecision

    And the countless diamond rings worn by Directors who bought production and unit’s safety or Consultants who bought their self-esteem. Seeing them flaunt what is a lie is nauseating. Only the naive really believe them, yet the rest, and majority, just keep looking past it so they don’t appear negative.

    Laura Beitler, this is directed at you, my dear. Quit lying that there’s not a problem. Every business has up and then down years. How legit do you think it is that Court of Sales winners do so year after year?

  2. Iescaped

    I was a June recruit. I was completely baffled by our Area awards night. I was getting recognition for “sales” and I hadn’t even unpacked the boxes. This should have been a HUGE red flag, but when your SD is also your NSD, she is well skilled in being able to disengage your brain.

    Thank God I didn’t fall for how I “absolutely must attend Seminar”. And thankfully it only took less than 6 months for my brain to reengage. Although the financial and emotional damage was already done.

  3. enorth

    I watched a beg-a-thon on YouTube. “I’m so close to my goal of Court of Sales! My customers have asked me how they can help me with my goal.” She then held up pictures of rings. “Which one should I pick?”

    Another one: “Tell them your director challenged you to get _____ new faces. If that doesn’t work, tell them your director said you HAVE TO get _____ new faces.
    Remember to do this at every party: Book. Sell. Re-…errrr…Share.”

  4. enorth

    Just last week, a SD posted a video where she gleefully explained all the bonuses available. She had entire flip-chart sheets filled with all the ways to get cash bonuses: adding team members, getting STAR orders out of them, inventory-order bonuses, getting team members to Red Jacket status, getting them to Director level, etc.

    She has removed the video. Maybe someone told her it wasn’t such a good idea to make all that info available to the public (or to her current, or prospective, team members.)

    1. BestDecision

      Notice there’s no bonuses for actual retail sales. If you’re a “direct sales” company where “nothing happens until someone sells something”, why all the rewards for recruiting? Promoting someone to Red Jacket is recruitment-based. So is a new Offspring Director. I don’t recall getting a bonus for having Court of Sales winners in my unit, so why not?

      Because it’s all about churning and burning. I made very little net income with my personal sales compared to the gross income as a Director with Offspring. Leadership rewards dealt with unit size or growth. It was so obvious!

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