Begging You to Go to Seminar

Yes, this is just one example of the pathetic emails that are sent by Mary Kay sales directors and national sales directors… trying to get consultants to go to Seminar. If you heed no other advice on Pink Truth, please hear me on this: Do not waste your time or money on seminar. Don’t leave your kids behind. Don’t drag your husband along. Don’t waste the money.

Dear Area Directors and Consultants,

I know that IF you have “already decided” that you are NOT going to Seminar, you are RESISTING MY BEGGING ..

BUT … I am giving this one last try. This article was tooooo good to not pass on. If you ARE going, read it for RE-CONFIRMATION.

If I hadn’t RISKED THE TIME, MONEY, EFFORT, AND ENERGY to GO TO SEMINAR AGAIN AND AGAIN … Tim and I certainly wouldn’t have just returned from FOUR COUNTRIES and almost FOUR WEEKS in Europe !!!


If you know who wrote this please email me!

SEMINAR – It’s Worth Going!
I don’t know who wrote this but it’s GREAT! I D-A-R-E you to read it!

You have been hearing the Seminar Buzzzzzz and sure … some of you probably think it is just one big party! Sure, Seminar is fun, but it’s so much more. It’s an exciting learning experience that motivates and teaches you in just four days what it could take months or even years to learn on your own. Seminar is an investment in your career as a Professional Business Owner. Yes, an investment in your vOcation, not a vAcation from your business!

In my corporate life I attended Seminars, Trade Shows, Conferences, etc many times throughout the year! The companies I worked for gladly paid to send me all over the county and sometimes internationally for these events as THEY BELIEVED IN INVESTING IN THEIR EMPLOYEES TO MAXIMIZE THEIR POTENTIAL.

POINT TO PONDER: Doesn’t YOUR business deserve the same?

In Mary Kay we have two main corporate events – Seminar in Dallas and Career Conference locally. We should be certain we take advantage them! I guarantee you will get MORE than your money’s worth from Seminar. I also know that there is a gremlin talking in your ear RIGHT NOW trying to talk you out of going …

Your Gremlin might say something like:

1. “I don’t have the money.” That’s exactly why you NEED to go. Put something aside from each sale. By holding 1-2 extra skin care classes between now and Seminar, you’ll help earn your way. The anticipation of going will increase your productivity BEFORE Seminar, and you will be even more productive when you get home AFTER Seminar. Trust me, if “I don’t have the money” is your objection, you cannot afford not to go! You need the tools from this Tool Box called Seminar! What will it cost?
* Registration = $175 & Includes 4 Meals (Sell 6 Microdermabrasion Sets)
* Airfare = $3-400 (2 Classes) – TIP: Go to and use Deal Detector. [Kucharski Unit carpooling, your share of gas & parking; Missouri probably about $60, WF probably about 25]
* Hotel = approx. $250 (FULL Roll-Up or calling reorder customers) [Kucharski Unit, ours is only $125 with 3 ladies per room]
* Area Meals = $135 for Directors/DIQs or $110 for Consultants (plus spouse costs) [Kucharski Unit, ours is only $42]
* Spending (i.e. Latte) Money = $50-$100 [I don’t think you need this much]

2. “I can’t leave my children.” Children need a break from mom too. I was a child once … I found this to be very true! They’ll appreciate you more than ever when you get back – and you’ll be refreshed and energized. Begin making arrangements now. What this trip might cost you in inconvenience; it will pay off in your future!

3. “My husband doesn’t want me to go.” Are you sure or is this an assumption? You know, sometimes, we push our insecurities off on our spouses. If you say, “I don’t think I should go to Seminar … it seems expensive… I hate to leave the children … I’ll be gone a long time … etc. What do you think?” Most likely he will say, “Yes, it does seem… expensive … like you will be gone a long time … I will have the children all by myself …”. Men are very logical creatures though, and if your husband is anything like mine, HE HAS SEEN THE COMMISSION CHECKS IN THE BACK OF AN APPLAUSE MAGAZINE. Plus, just think, what would you say if your husband’s job required him to be away from home for 3-4 days in order to better his productivity and paycheck? Would YOU tell him that he couldn’t/shouldn’t attend? Give him a chance. Talk with him. Heck, take him with you? He’ll love it!

4. “I don’t deserve to go, because I didn’t meet my goals this year.” “Oh PUHlease!” Do you realize that even the TOP DIRECTORS ARE NOT WHERE THEY WANT TO BE??? We ALL want something MORE. That is WHY we are SUCCESSFUL business owners! Seminar attendance is not just a reward for a great year (although if you had one, we’ll sure celebrate it.) Seminar is the catalyst for making next year great! For many people, Seminar is more significant when they do NOT achieve their goals. It becomes turning point. Go hungry, learn, grow and make this Seminar YOUR turning point!

5. “I am a new Consultant. I’ll wait and go next year.” Hmmm … this sounds familiar .. I think I used this one! Seriously, do you want to wait a whole year to make a lot of money and be very successful? Why postpone your success for a year? If you want an awesome rookie year, you have the best reason of all to go. Give yourself a head start!

6. “I went to Career Conference. Isn’t that enough?” Ever heard the phrase, “You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet?” While the regional conference is great, it’s a weekly Unit Meeting compared to Seminar. NO joke. NO comparison.

Hear this message from my heart. My first Seminar I qualified for priority seating .. I did not go. My second Seminar again I qualified for priority seating .. I did not go. I HAD ALL THESE “EXCUSES” OR “REASONS” TOO! Finally, my third year. AFTER I DEBUTED AS A DIRECTOR, EARNED MY FIRST CAR AND HAD ALL KINDS OF STUFF TO CELEBRATE I STILL WAS NOT GOING TO GO … then a Mary Kay girlfriend I NEVER MET called me at 6am all the way from the East Coast to tell me to GET OVER IT AND GET ON A PLANE!! HER ENERGY WAS SO STRONG SHE GAVE ME GOOSEBUMPS OVER THE PHONE!!

The Seminar Experience is so hard to put into words. You know how sometimes we are too close to see clearly? Well that is what was happening with me. I was so bogged down in all the “reasons” & “excuses” not to go! Things I KNEW were LOGICAL reasons not to go. My eyes were opened so wide at Seminar! It is an experience that WILL set you up with the education, the inspiration, the dedication and motivation for the rest of the year!!

Don’t be short-sighted. INVEST IN YOURSELF! As women we are ALWAYS THE LAST PERSON WE SPEND MONEY ON! Don’t you deserve it? I promise, this experience could change YOUR Mary Kay life and financial status! It did mine!



  1. MLM Radar

    Here’s what I read: Mary Kay doesn’t believe in its sales force enough to maximize their potential. Why should they? Most of them will be gone within a year or two.

    But they expect YOU to believe even though they don’t.

    Have I got it right?

  2. Pinkfreesince2015

    Yes corporate America has seminar and conventions, but the COMPANY pays for airfare, hotel, training and food. Not the employee. This isn’t a business. It is a pyramid. If it were a business, consultants could advertise where they wanted, sold where they wanted and not have their paycheck made on the backs of other families.

    Here is a tip for new consultants. DON’T GO! IT’S NOT WORTH IT!

    1. Kris*4

      Exactly. I have my own business, and I am working toward building it so that I can PAY for MY EMPLOYEES to go to conventions. I couldn’t even DREAM of asking them to pay OOP. Good grief!

  3. Cindylu

    I am looking forward to relaxing this weekend with family and friends. I am looking forward to summer outings and vacation. No booking facials which cancel, no warm stalking, no wasting gas and no more lies. Going to seminar will only put you further in debt. I had a really creepy feeling when I went to seminar. NSD’s were publicly criticizing those MK units they believed were cheating. The sash, crown etc. seemed sappy and like prom. Sharing the room with three other women certainly was challenging. Our SD wouldn’t even sit with us. The food was second rate and the training non existent. Another waste of time and money. The women from my unit were quite nice. Our SD treated us horribly. Dressing as though this was the Academy awards did not mean anyone was wealthy. The only ones profiting on the backs of hundreds of financially abused women were the NSD’s from the 1970’s and the heirs. With no where to advertise, a saturated market, women fed up with home parties, the endless costs, the constantly changing products etc. Seminar was a huge disappointment. MK can dress up these conferences as meaningful but they are fantasy. My recommendation to those researching this MK make believe opportunity is to realize it is an mlm/pyramid scheme. In this day and age this is no special method for advancement. This is a soul sucking, time wasting, embarrassing scam to have you buy over priced products with no where to sell them and no one believing in either the products or the spiel about products or recruiting. (Especially since for decades our grandmothers, moms, daughters, aunts, friends etc. have wasted time and money trying to sell over priced makeup schlepped around often in cars).

      1. BestDecision

        It’s rampant. People buy their diamond rings and trips. People use fake names to “recruit” new team members in order to get an invitation to a special luncheon. There have been Directors earning trips and the honor of giving a speech to the crowd because they exported product to undeveloped markets. There are Directors and NSDs with garages and storage units full of unopened boxes of product they’d bought to achieve a goal or number.

        And it’s all superficial. You talk with someone who claims she’s got big things happening in her unit, but then she’s not, according to the numbers posted in Applause, even making $50,000/year net profit. People strut around and act like they’re rolling in commissions checks, but then. You find out they’re not even driving a career car.

        Go watch the 20/20 episode about pink Cadillacs. You’ll see what’s happening.

  4. Shay

    This one is a doozie

    In a city known for jazz, Mary Kay’s annual U.S. Leadership Conference in New Orleans is music to the city’s ears as the event brings nearly 11,000 attendees, $12.9 million in direct visitor spending and an opportunity to give back to its host city. The top beauty brand and direct seller in more than 35 markets around the world kicks off its annual Leadership Conference on Jan. 11 at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.
    In a city known for jazz, Mary Kay’s annual U.S. Leadership Conference in New Orleans is music to the city’s ears as the event brings nearly 11,000 attendees, $12.9 million in direct visitor spending and an opportunity to give back to its host city. The top beauty brand and direct seller in more than 35 markets around the world kicks off its annual Leadership Conference on Jan. 11 at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.

  5. Shay

    This is scary!!!

    “”What it means to me to be the first African American to achieve the number one position within Mary Kay’s independent sales force is hope and possibilities,” said Banks. “Whenever someone you know or someone that looks like you achieves something that no one else has done, it just opens up a possibility. I tell people that I joined Mary Kay for the money but I fell in love with the recognition. Being around ambitious women who kept God first, family second and career third was intoxicating because I didn’t have that anywhere else.” “

  6. pinkpeace

    Going to Seminar is not an investment in your business. It is a brainwashing event designed to program you to start another cycle of ordering inventory and recruiting. The “big picture” you get is simply all the usual Mary Kay drivel amplified by bright lights, music and hype.

    In my Mary Kay career, I probably spent more than $20,000 in expenses relating to Seminar, Leadership and Career Conference. If I had really invested in myself and put those funds into an IRA, I would be golden now.

    1. pinkvictim

      “Going to Seminar is not an investment in your business. It is a brainwashing event designed to program you to start another cycle of ordering inventory and recruiting. The “big picture” you get is simply all the usual Mary Kay drivel amplified by bright lights, music and hype”

      My wife knows I don’t bee-lieve this lie anymore, so now she claims it as “girlfriend time”. Who can begrudge her some “girlfriend time”, right?

      The indoctrination causes serious cognitive dissonance and dissociation.

      1. pinkpeace

        It can be a sort of girlfriend time, except that it’s always on Mary Kay’s agenda. Heaven forbid if you want to hang out with your Mary Kay girlfriends at the hotel’s pool or go out to lunch on your own. No the only way you can have girlfriend time is to sit with them during classes, NSD dinners or the rah-rah at the Convention Center.

        If your wife were able to think clearly about this, she’d quickly see that if she were going to take 2-3 days to truly be with friends, it would involve plenty of down time and relaxation, be free of rules imposed by an outside organization, and cost a lot less than Seminar.

        Heck, in the corporate world, I attended many outside trainings – some of those with good friends from my corporation. And while it was pleasant to be with them, I definitely wouldn’t consider it “girlfriend time.”

        1. BestDecision

          Seminar sucked year after year! “Needing girlfriend time” also insinuates your family drives you nuts. Just another manipulative method to turn you against your family’s needs, input, or values.

  7. Joe Hoffman

    When I even hear the name MARY Kay I want to punch someone. It’s ruined our marriage, caused us to go bankrupt, a destroyed my life. Its a joke! Don’t waste your time or money

  8. Formykids

    So sorry Joe.
    My marriage is about to end as well. To be fair it was a bit rocky before MK, but MK has clearly put the nail in the coffin. My wife is excitedly on her way to Seminar again in a couple weeks and her belief is stronger than ever with no evidence to back up her belief. We are not bankrupt yet, because I cut off the family credit cards a few years back, but our impending divorce may eat up everything else we have, but I am happy to pay exorbitant legal fees, rather than see that money got to my wife’s up line. The sad part is that money should be for our kids.

  9. Cindylu

    Thank goodness my husband saw through the scam. My husband and children years later hate it if I even mention MK. Back then there was no internet or PT. My NSD and SD were cold hearted narcissists. Sadly the NSD joined in the early 1970’s. She went through hundreds of women and several units. However this predator did retire with a decent pension while my SD went no where. My SD is still working and hasn’t moved forward one iota. I am very lucky to have trusted my husband and not MK. MK probably has destroyed a lot of marriages financially and otherwise.

  10. MSgtK

    I went to seminar once while in. Im glad I did as I saw MK goals of being rich, wearing gold bees and recognition were not mine or of God. This was in the early 90’s. I went home and promply quit.

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