Mary Kay Dreams That Will Not Come True

I can’t help but feel sorry for this Mary Kay consultant. She is somewhere below Red Jacket level, but appears to really believe she’s going to be a national sales director in 5 years. She’s decided that she will have commission checks of $7,500 a month starting six months from now.

Almost no one has been able to do this, no matter how hard they try or how closely they follow all the advice given to them. The handful of women who have done it (out of the millions who have filtered through Mary Kay over the decades) have typically had some sort of advantage or serious luck that allowed it to materialize. But 99.99% of women will never make something like this happen. I was in Mary Kay nearly 20 years ago. At that time I had a sales director and a senior sales director who were both on the 5 year plan to become NSD. Neither of them made it. One of them dropped out a couple of years ago, and the other is still spinning her wheels as a senior director (never making it to Cadillac or Super Special Almost NSD Director). And they worked hard!

All of our former directors on Pink Truth… I know your heart aches for a woman like this who really believes this is going to happen to her.  

Leap of faith…when you think of that phrase, what scares you about your life? What’s your BIG DREAM? What is it that you’ve never had? What are you willing to do to get it?

Well, I’ve received and cashed, and spent a $6000 check with MY name on it. I know what it feels like to open an envelope and see my name with money that is MINE. I know what it’s like to open an envelope and see $9000 with my name on it.

I can do it again. I know I can. But I have never had a Mary Kay commission check with more than $100 on it. I want a consistent commission check of $7,500 a month for a yearly commission income of $90,000 at the least beginning six months from today. That will be February, so let’s say that my Valentine’s Day gift in February, from me to me, will be reaching my goal of that commission level. What will be your gift to yourself next Valentine’s Day?

So let’s play it backwards from then to today. It will take approximately $60000 in unit wholesale at 13% to have a check that size. Divided by 45 consultants that equals approximately $1335 dollars in wholesale a month per consultant.

That’s a very small number. It comes out to about $1068 take home per month, which is only $246 a week. Now that’s not bad if it’s in addition to what one takes home from one’s day job.

Let’s break that down some more. It equals 20 hours of sales at $133.50 per hour. 20 Hours a month! 5 hours a week extra work per month. $53.40 per hour take home for each of the Hope Builders who works her plan!?!

Hope Builders, don’t let anyone limit your dreams! Do you want more? Ask your Director to mentor you to the top! Don’t wait for any one’s opinion but God’s.

Picture me bopping myself on the head. God I thank you that you grant me the grace to find and add to my personal sales team with Mary Kay Cosmetics the creative, harmonious, loving, spirit-filled type D, excited women who will be so empowered by this opportunity that they take it and run with it. Amen.


  1. NJK

    $6000… $9000… “I have never had a Mary Kay commission check with more than $100 on it.”

    So, the $6k and $9k checks weren’t Mary Kay? But she says she can “do it again” — maybe she was in a different mlm when she got the $6k and $9k? Those are pretty decent checks, why isn’t she still in that mlm? If it’s because she wised up, what makes her think MK is different?

    Even if MK wasn’t an mlm, I don’t see how anyone could expect to jump from $100/month to $7500/month in just 6 months.

  2. MLM Radar

    The hours required are also complete nonsense. 20 hours? She’s only counting the “class” time. She’s not counting any of the time required for stalking, booking, prepping, ordering, attending meetings, driving, calling, pestering people for referrals, dealing with cancellations….

  3. MLM Radar

    The hours required are also complete nonsense. 20 hours? She’s only counting the “class” time. She’s not counting any of the time required for stalking, booking, prepping, ordering, attending meetings, driving, calling, pestering people for referrals, dealing with cancellations….

    1. enorth

      Gotta love the “training” videos these people put out for the world to view.

      I watched one where the SSD was giving advice on getting leads. She said having tables at fairs and events is not great because it’s a “chicken way” of getting leads. She gave an example of how she did a local event. She spent $25 for the table, spent nearly four hours there, and only got four names dropped into her drawing-box.

      1. QueenOfTheTanned

        Because non-Chicken ways are badgering people for their friends’ contact information, and then badgering those people for contact information. Non-chicken ways are a sure-fire way to get you on a blocked phone number list.

    1. BestDecision

      Oh, gosh, I haven’t thought of D people in forever! My Sr used to label people that and call them that to their face. “She’s a High D…”

  4. QueenOfTheTanned

    What magical event is going to happen between now and valentine’s day to warrant this 6900k jump? Will Ulta, Sephora, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Dillards, Belk, Macy’s all go out of business and there will be nothing left but Mary Kay?

    You know, I want a pony for Christmas. I REALLY want a pony. Five months from now I’m gonna make this happen. I’m going to nag my husband and friends everyday for that pony. I’m going to put up pictures of ponies I want. I’m going name it and claim it (Starfire, on December 25th). I’m going to show up to go up–I’m going to show up to my job everyday and google pictures of ponies. I’m gonna BEELIEVE this pony is mine. But I’m not going to buy a farm, take riding lessons or really learn about ponies really–just an idea that this pony is going to make me happy and fulfilled as a human being and people will want to have what I have (an adorable pony).
    Makes as much sense as a Mary Kay business or any MLM. I’m not going to build a real small business, I’m going to look like I’m a business person. I’m going to use special words, I’m going to talk about profit and potential. But I’m not going to offer my own innovation or a unique brand. I’m not going to do research into the market for my product. I’m not going to invest in business equipment or get a true business education. I’m going to go out there on a God-blessed mandate and beee-lief.
    Riiiiight. Me and Starfire are going to go out for Starbucks and then we’re going to braid each other’s hair. Peace! 😉

  5. BestDecision

    She clearly doesn’t know the commission structure because it would only take a $33,000 month to pull a $7,500 check. That’s extend trip production, too, so let’s all be aware the likelihood of that is slim since so few do it every year.

  6. BestDecision

    “If you gave it your all for 5 years, would you be at the top of your company?” A quote from a new NSD’s site. Sickens me how many people fall for this near promise that someone could be “at the top” in a mere 5 years.

    Funny…I gave over a DECADE and never made it to NSD. That’s because I didn’t hold enough unit meetings, although I never skipped a week in that time. None of did enough. That’s the guilt these people are being fed in classes at Seminar right now. I used to come home feeling so beaten down by our teachers. Beyond the physical exhaustion of Seminar and the 100 degree Dallas heat, I never came home feeling at the top of my game even when I picked up bar pins or keys to cars.

    Which reminds me…

    A picture taken at the Ruby Seminar shows what I’d estimate to be only about 1/4 of the Cadillac Directors onstage like we used to. Anyone saying MK is thriving is ignorant or lying.

    1. QueenOfTheTanned

      I was never a Director like you, BestDecision, but it sickens me too that hard-working women like you were meant to feel like whatever you do is NEVER GOOD ENOUGH. It’s like being in a dysfunctional relationship. You give and you give, and give some more. You think it’s you–you clearly are not good enough. You clearly are not working hard enough. This sounds like my first marriage. Glad you got your divorce from MK. 🙂

  7. MLM Radar

    So she’s going to be driving a team that consistently produces $1,335 wholesale per month times 45 consultants. That’s over $32k “full retail” per year per consultant. Right.

    In other words, she’s “named it and claimed it” that she’s going to have upwards of 45 consultants cross the Seminar stage as “Queen of Sales” the following year. Yeppur!

    Someone poke me when Jowdy posts THOSE pictures. I’m betting the only pictures of her unit on that stage will be of her. Alone.

  8. Meg14

    Just out of curiosity, what is a Type D person?

    I’m still getting emails from a co-worker from a job I left in March (!) about young living oils. I’m just ignoring them. And *surprise*, they really push you to get the $160 starter kit first. Good grief, how do these keep popping up?

    1. MLM Radar

      In general, there’s nothing wrong with profiling in a traditional (real) sales position, In fact, it’s necessary if you’re going to quickly evaluate your potential customer’s needs and tailor your presentation to meet those needs. The sales rep who fails to quickly size up his or her customer’s needs isn’t going to last very long in the sales business.

      Whether the sales rep uses DISC or something similar, the problem isn’t the profiling itself. The problem is in how that profiling is used. Or abused.

      A legitimate sales rep uses profiling to present a product or service in the most effective way.

      But a Mary Kay Director is taught to use profiling to find your weaknesses and take advantage of them.

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