The Truth Is: We Could Have Done More

Written by Raisinberry

It’s time to get off the soap box. Face reality. Hike up our “big girl panties”.

Let’s just face it. We all didn’t do 3 classes a week. We didn’t even work more than an hour or two calling customers, on the phone, per day. When 7 pm rolled around, we cringed. As long as you had leads or call backs from previous parties, you had something to do…otherwise it was a fishing expedition trying to reach people who either didn’t recognize your number from caller ID, or didn’t want to! Our customers liked us… it wasn’t that. They just didn’t want to turn us down again for another invitation to be our model at meeting…or come see our National in town. They didn’t seem to fall for manipulation like we did!

The ruse,” I have to have a guest and I would be so honored if you would accompany me” just didn’t work on the sharp ones! Usually an hour would cover it… all done! Nobody left to call. It was only when we were in DIQ or finishing car that we stayed on the phone humiliating ourselves, calling back over and over from a limited supply of names and numbers, making excuses for why we are calling yet again.

When we didn’t get anywhere, we got dressed and went out into the world! We may have warm chatted the waitresses, but how many times do you think they have heard the same spiel? And naturally they are going to exchange information… they want a nice tip. We patted ourselves on the back thinking we had picked up a new customer… but when she didn’t answer the phone, it was on to the next restaurant.

Every now and then we get lucky and connect, and they would say “yes” to book or come to the meeting. We were so grateful we stopped calling for the night! Yes we knew we needed to ask 10 to get one. It took 3 days to get ONE! We were going to give this woman our undivided attention. We wanted her to feel special! At 4pm on Monday she cancelled. Should have asked 10. Yep, we could have done more.

The opponents to Pink Truth want you to believe you could have done more. We are always being told we didn’t work hard enough! And apparently we really didn’t. We could have gone out warm stalking every day for 12 hours.. 9am to 9pm. We could have spent $40 a day on coffee, soda, or bagels, just visiting establishments looking for women to “Be My Model”. We could have purchased booth space at fairs with a drawing for a free whatever basket, just to get leads. And when you spotted the other Mary Kay table, try to remind yourself you are not in competition cause that’s not the “Mary Kay Way”.

You could have done more! Your problem was when a customer said, “no” you tended to believe them and didn’t really want to be annoyingly persistent. Even though you have heard Debi Moore’s “I – story” where she is so sweaty palmed grateful that her recruiter kept after her for something like 7 weeks. Debi gave her the brush off for 6 of those. See what persistence does? Why don’t you just take the displeasure and annoyance of your customers as trivial, so you can lead them to salvation in Mary Kay? You could have done more!

So where is the line in the sand that says “winner” and where is the “also ran”. I watched one director’s interview, where she tells her story of being an unwed mother at 14 and by 19 has 3 children. Without her High School diploma, she takes the GED and gets a job at a law firm. She works and learns and gives Mary Kay a try and in less than 4 years, she was a Director heading for the Million this Seminar Year. See? You just didn’t work hard enough. We hang our heads in shame. It’s true. We didn’t work hard enough. We could have done more.

The funny thing about this business is that it isn’t a business at all. There frankly is no way that a 3 year old Unit can hit a million dollars in retail sales, and I think everybody here and there knows it. What it hits is $500,000 (or less) in wholesale orders, driven chiefly by recruiting volume. The winners figured out early that it is a recruiting scam, while the “also rans” assumed it actually was a cosmetics sales business.

Those who are skeptical or customer service conscious, go slow. Those who are savvy go fast. If you go fast enough you do not see the pile up of financial wreckage you are leaving in your wake. You can parrot the lines, energy and scripts with ease. Those who take more time, collect more data, also collect more tales of abuse. They want to believe, but they see a different reality. Not having enough doubts to quit and bowled over by the dazzling speed of the Winners, thinking it’s legit and true they lament, “I could have done more. ” That hooks them for another Seminar Year.

As long as no one knows how they did it, no one questions the difference between the “savvy’s” and the “also rans”…. except the “also rans”. With eyes glued to the exalted winners the proof of the Mary Kay dream looms large!

DO MORE! She did it-you can do it! DO MORE!

But what is she really doing? She is coaching a woman to take on $1,800 or more in inventory that will “fly” off her shelf for the first 4 weeks as she sells her soft market. Well, at least a part of it will. Encouraged by those sales she will reinvest. She “stars” again and by now her Director has shoved her up the career path by recruiting her best customer.

Now the praise and manipulation starts to keep her there, as she works it, works it, works it, over and over trying to be a “speed of the leader” consultant until she is in so much DEBT she HAS to make it to Director. The current “on fire” directors of the world have no problem duplicating this scenario with 5 or 10 of their consultants because by now they are making $8,000 to $15,000 a month churning out the personnel, and convincing themselves that they are “living the dream”.

No one looks back at the consultant who perhaps, being more ethical, is bothered by the lack of success she sees in herself or in her people. She thought it had to do with selling the product. She cares for the consultant who stops coming. She worries about the team member who put $2,000 on a card to go “on target”. Then flops. Something is fishy about this…

She sees members of the Unit come and go. So many saddled with inventory they won’t sell back because they, too, know about “not doing enough”, and maybe someday they will want to do “more”. The whole “doing more” mantra sure seems to accomplish a lot for Mary Kay. It keeps the hamsters running and the quitters from returning merchandise. But knowing how many are not successful, how many go inactive, how many have lost money, and been harmed… who would want to do more of it?

TRULY. Who in their ethical mind would want to do MORE OF it?

So yes, Mary Kay Lurkers. We finally admit it. We at Pink Truth have come to our senses, and we freely admit, we did not “work hard enough”. We are guilty as charged! We stopped doing more of that “enriching women’s lives”… since the only ones who are getting “enriched” are the ones with a seared conscience.


  1. Jason Houston

    Brilliant! I am warmed to see someone (especially a lady) have the… well… let’s say the ovaries to speak up loud and clear and tell the real truth, the complete truth and nothing but. Congratulations to you. These words should be engraved as the Holy Grail on every MLM scam in the country.

  2. morningstar

    Fantastic! It is too much to expect to get sales with the forlorn tactics, and so much fakery. You leave a wake of expenses in the name of moving forward, it is crazy to spend so much extra money to “try” to get sales when the deck is stacked against you. I think of other sales organizations, using methodic ways to make an initial sale and then keep the customer and it works. Everything is on a thread – meaning a steady customer sales base is not reality in MK. Moving up on the fly is not viable for most in the long term. Add to the fact MK products have not been properly promoted (on behalf of the sales force).
    All I can say is good luck you will need it, in the meantime keep track of how many boxes of product you have – the ATM, of which you have to loose money to withdraw even 20 bucks.

  3. L.D.

    When I got involved with Mary Kay it was 50/50. 50% guilt and 50% “oh hey i may make money”. I just got the email that my personal MK website needs to be renewed next month. Needless to say, I will not be renewing it. That also means that my husband has still been kind of mad at me for almost a year. Because almost a year ago, I spent $375 plus tax out of our savings, promised that I would “make that back and more”. Well, when it was all said and done, I didn’t make back nearly that much. In fact I don’t think I ever got out of the red.
    Could I have done more? Yea sure. But you know, the whole gimic of “you don’t have to be the sales type” was a load of horse manure. Because how are you going to SELL if you aren’t the SALES type? “oh the product sells itself!” no, it doesn’t. Why would anyone spend $18 on mascara that is far cheaper at the store. And the whole “MK is cheaper than department stores- not Target or Walmart” well, no one I know shops for make up at department stores. They go to Target or Walmart.
    Look, I have a full time career that pays me every two weeks and the same amount. I also get this nice thing called benifits. I have a husband and 5 kids. No, I am not going to peddle makeup at my kids soccer games. I am going to cheer my kid on. PTO meetings, nope no make up selling there, we have to figure out where the next field trip will be.
    I learned a lot from my year in MK, and that is-I am good at what I do and have been doing for the past decade. I work hard, and I like my life. I don’t need to retire my husband, because I would rather spend time with him, not be out trying to book a party.
    I don’t need to spend more time with my kids, they are in school full time and I kind of enjoy just having me time.
    I am returning my inventory tomorrow, after nearly a year sitting in my closet.
    And I am FREE

    1. CoffeeQueen

      Love your comments. However, I buy $18 mascara at Sephora (I find their products far superior) , but if we had Target here in Canada, I would buy there too.
      My husband was mad at me for about 3 years : )
      I hated the fakery. I remember the exact moment when I got out, my upline director took 3 potential recruits out to coffee without my knowledge and signed them up under her because I had a real JOB and couldn’t meet them during the day. It was then I realized how cutthroat MK was (I was in DIQ at the time and was almost completed, I guess she realized that if I became Director, she would lose 32 people in her downline)

      1. L.D.

        Oh…the director did talk to one of the girls I recruited (who is also out now) and somehow convinced her to apply for the MK credit card. This was after my director was “oh so supportive of my decision to run my buisness debt free and encourage other women to do the same” (by debt free meaning no credit cards used) yet there she was telling my friend to apply. When she got denied my director said “why don’t you apply for another card? Maybe with just a $500 limit”. The saddest part of this whole things is when I told my friend who I signed up under all this she said “yeah, she does that. Its annoying but you know-sometimes thats all it takes” WHAT?

  4. raisinberry

    Congrats L.D.
    I especially like your astute observation that the hook to get you in, “You don’t have to be the sales type” is PRECISELY the type of lying that makes the real motive of MK INC so confused. If they do not want the “sales type”…how can they be a retail selling entity? And then it dawns! OH! They do not WANT a “selling type”…they want a BUYING TYPE. EVERYbody can buy!!

    And suddenly you figure it out. Mary Kay Inc makes their money on an endless recruiting chain, and uses its upper Sales Force to both hide this fact and Manipulate loyalty and participation by a very sophisticated objection covering and scripting blueprint.
    You’d think that by now, after 50+years, they would finally give a damn about the women who have dropped MILLIONS of dollars keeping them in business, while cutting their own throats.

    1. MLM Radar

      They don’t want the sales-type because real sales people know the difference between a real business and a scam.

      Furthermore, real sales people are not afraid to speak out, in a “party” or at a weekly meeting, and tell everyone just exactly that. This isn’t a business. This isn’t sales. This is a scam.

      So, of course, real sales types are not welcome at any MK recruiting event.

    2. Jason Houston

      People who lack moral fiber have no conscience and, therefore, are not physically able to give a damn about anyone except themselves. These evil folks are also known as sociopaths.

  5. MLM Radar

    I saw a news article two days ago: A certain Macy’s recently gave away $18 MAC lipsticks. Women lined up for hours to get one, and there was even a Black Friday-ish fight when some late-comers tried to cut in line.

    Contrast that to any Mary Kay $18 lipstick give-away. Women can’t be bothered to show up, or even respond to a message offering free Mary Kay products. You’ll certainly never see them line up and start a fight to get some. <<>>

  6. Kaitlyn

    This is my story… It is all so true. I think I was never a successful director by Mary Kay terms because there are things I wasn’t willing to do. I still think about all the girls with closets full of inventory… The credit cards they thought they needed to run a business, the girls who who were rejected for a card and then my senior would suggest 3 or 4 more she could try. I was always uncomfortable with this. I never liked inventory talks, I avoided them at all costs… Which led to a fallen unit, and I’m good with that. I’d rather fail because I was honest and true, than succeed under a lie.
    Also, if you have to go into credit card debt to start a business in order to get out of credit card debt… It’s probably a scam…. Just some food for thought

    1. Lazy Gardens

      Also, if you have to go into credit card debt to start a business in order to get out of credit card debt… It’s probably a scam…

      Good point. There are ways to get out of debt that don’t i9nvolve going deeper into debt.

      1. Jason Houston

        First rule, never hire a “debt adjuster” such as seen on TV! Instead, find a trusted friend with a good credit history and money management skills. If none can be found, ask any library or banking institution for a referral to a public service agency that assists folks in debt. And if all else fails, find a softbound book called, “How To Get Out Of Debt in 90 Minutes Without Borrowing”, by Joe Karbo. It’s 50+ years old, but the remedies and solutions are still valid today. I wish you the very best of luck.

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