Attention… All Those Who Are Lurking

Written by SuzyQ

This is for all of those  who read but don’t post. Have you seen enough? Have the writings on Pink Truth mirrored your experience in Mary Kay? Is it time to make a change? To the lurkers…

What will it take? What do we need to say to help you discover the truth about Mary Kay and your “chance” of success? There have been so many posts discussing everything from avoiding the expense of Seminar to the not so free cars, to NSDs doing and saying whatever it takes to keep the directors in their area from jumping ship, to product changes… the list goes on and on. So, let’s talk about production, shall we?

Certain months tend to be “bad” months for production. July is one of them, as directors have tapped out their units in order to meet “year end goals” in June. No one has any money or credit left, and they certainly don’t need any more products after all they have stockpiled.  Mary Kay likes to run contests during those slow months… things like double credit or special bonuses based on team production. Do you find this a bit questionable?

Have you figured out that when sales or recruiting is down, a new “contest” is launched? Just for fun… check out the newsletter this month from your director, or better yet, check out your NSDs newsletter or web page and see if the numbers are down. It might be fun, too, to think about the Queen of Sales at your meetings and sort of keep track of her sales versus her orders for the month.

Bear in mind that your Cadillac director needs $16,000 each month to maintain production, your Premier Club director needs $9,000, and the Grand Achievers need  $5,000 to avoid a co-pay. Directors do get car credit when they recruit a new qualified personal, it counts as an additional $600 towards the car. It might be fun to ask your director to meet her new personal team members! Have you received the infamous “Dialing for Dollars” calls or emails from your director?

The same song, second verse will be sung again various times throughout the year, especially in May and June… and the pressure is on to finish the courts, the car re-qualifications and the unit clubs. The NSDs will hit the road for the final push to seminar, so count on a few “events” to keep the old pot stirred. Use your listening skills and hear the omissions, exaggerations, inflations, religious abuse and materialism. It’s fun. Besides you have heard it all before. Or maybe not, “I stories” tend to get better and better with innumerable recitations.

June will be huge. There are all sorts of exciting products for you to order. Wow. Never mind that they are overpriced and all. It is just SO exciting. And your unit will be soooooooooo close to achieving some impossible goal, and it’s not about you, it’s about achieving the dream together… remember TEAM means “Together Each Achieves More,” and UNIT means “U ‘n I Together.”

So, you decide. You can read and react, or read and think. If there wasn’t just a little curiosity, you wouldn’t be lurking. We are not monsters, we are not victims. We were once as pink as you might still be, and we finally paid attention to the warning signs we used to blow by. We are paying it forward. It’s your turn to pay attention now.


  1. MLM Radar

    It might be fun to ask your director to meet her new personal team members!

    Just to find out if they really exist, of course. Directors are known for recruiting ghosts when flesh-and-blood recruits are scarce, and funding their inventory purchases.

    Don’t believe me? Here’s a hint: Ghosts don’t buy Seminar tickets. Chances are, you’ll never have to share a bed with Last-minute Lucy or Eleventh-hour Ellen whose purchases put your unit Over The Top! for… whatever goal… and for your Director’s 25-second stage walk.

    You’d better be prepared to stand up and cheer, tho, for the full 25 seconds. It may be the only thing that takes her mind off of that credit card bill.

  2. Jason Houston

    Great words of advice, SuzyQ. And I love your acronyms, too. Any form of religious abuse can only be cleansing for those who can’t think for themselves. Great editorial!

  3. QueenOfTheTanned

    Today, at my J-O-B, I was awarded a very generous gift card to a local 4-star steak & seafood restaurant for passing a certification exam….that I did not have to pay for. I didn’t even have to buy or order ANYTHING to get this recognition. I just did my job and I did it well. I now have some letters after my name too. No silly contest to make sure my boss gets to keep driving a car, no $1 bracelet for ordering $600 wholesale this month. Real big-girl recognition. It’s nice.
    Lurkers, you deserve better than perpetuating this pink fog. It’s not 1960-something anymore, the world is wide open for women. I’m the first one on the team that achieved this milestone–a team of men and women. Mary Kay and other MLMs are NOT the best opportunity in America for women. AT ALL. I promise.

  4. Cindylu

    At least with a real job, you get a real salary and real benefits. I too have gotten recognition in many forms. I also got a great pension and have travelled to many places where I stayed in beautiful hotels. MK is NOT about selling products. MK is about conning other women into frontloading. Then those products don’t fly off the shelves. In fact there’s no where to market those products. Have you ever seen any real magazine articles about MK or the products? Have you seen those products or MK on television? In 60 years, MK is the best kept secret that never was. Now back to enjoying a lovely summer day, debt free and the fading memory of the embarrassment of being taken in by an abusive and predatory cultish mlm/pyramid scheme.

  5. Hannah

    I’m actually not involved with MK at all. My little sister was a salesperson with them and she lost hundreds of dollars to this company. It doesn’t seem like a lot compared to some of these posts but it’s money that she and her family could have put toward better use. Reading these stories I’m glad she got out when she did.

    1. QueenOfTheTanned

      Perhaps she didn’t lose as much, but on the much brighter side, she GOT OUT. I think we all feel that way–we could have spent our time and treasure on much better things, no matter how much or how little, relatively, we spent.

      1. Hannah

        I agree. I am a worrier at times, so part of why I started looking into this business was to see whether she’d be fine or I was right to be concerned. We are from a family of immigrants who moved here in 2003. Mary Kay does a lot of aggressive sales to this population in particular.

        Luckily my sister decided that since she couldn’t sell her kit, she would stop buying more of them. It’s an expensive lesson but we all have those in our lives at one time or another.

  6. Kiki

    I’m a lurker who is so appreciative for this site.
    I happened upon it a month or two ago and so many of the stories struck a familiar cord. I’ve only been in MK for near 8 months and spent over 3K for initial inventory (this was under the encouragement of my SD to take my biz off the ground). I’ve also spent a couple of hundred since then.
    Sadly, for the hours put in to get sales, hold facials, get recruits, I’ve had little results.
    I was initially hesitant to do MK after having been involved with another mlm previously. But sadly, at a difficult financial period, I fell for the whole spiel. I’ve tried to start and restart to find myself going no where. Little in sales vs hours put in.
    I’m so glad that in finding this site that I’m not a failure but one of the many who were disillusioned with what they were told MK could do for them and their family. I’m now working on returning the inventory and escaping the pink fog.

    1. MLM Radar

      You probably joined this MLM because you blamed yourself for failing at the last one. All MLMs do this. They tell you that anyone can succeed, that you only fail if you don’t follow the rules, that you didn’t try hard enough. Now you know bettter, and hopefully you won’t join a third.

      It starts with positive affirmations making you feel that you can succeed (If it’s to be it’s up to me) and blaming the high attrition you see around you on their lack of commitment (lazy loosers).

      At no time are any of the fundamental fatal flaws of the “business model” allowed to be discussed. That would be “negative” and no negative energy is allowed. The company does not allow itself to be questioned.

      You did what others typically do. You blame your failure on yourself, and so you try another MLM, only to get the same pitiful results. This is normal. What would be wrong looking forward would be for you to continue to blame yourself and try a third MLM, or a fourth, hoping to find the “right” MLM and succeed. It won’t happen.

      The fault isn’t you. It never was. THe fault is a “business model” in which the only “successes” are those willing to lie and cheat others in order to get to the top.

      Oh, most Directors didn’t think it was lying and cheating at first. They were taught to look the other way when recruiting and pushing a large inventory package on someone who couldn’t afford it, to believe that their new recruit could sell it if she really tried. They were taught that everyone recruits a few ghosts (it’s always “a few” even when its really “a lot”). But when you get past the double-speak, it’s lying and cheating. And when they finally realize it, thankfully most of them quit too.

  7. CKW

    My wife had a friend of a friend that seems to have fallen for Mary Kay hook, line and sinker. Everything on her social media profile is an exactly what is described at Pink Truth. All sorts of nebulous concepts like “empowering women,” “strong female,” “be your own boss,” “never work again,” etc. She is also taking the fake it, till you make it route full force. Behind it all, her postings seem like a desperate attempt to pump up Mary Kay. While posting messages about how great she is doing with Mary Kay, she also runs GoFundMe campaigns to pay for car repairs, vet bills, getting current on rent, and other expenses.

    We wondered how someone could fall for all the tripe. Turns out she had already been part of two cults while she managed to “escape.” From what we see, she is the type that falls for the false praise and shiny objects Mary Kay uses to stratify their recruits.

    Out of pity, my wife attended a makeover party (excuse me if I have the term incorrect) so this person could hit some type of goal. At the event, there were two others that attended out of pity as well. My wife received a pretty bad makeover and it was painfully clear the person did not receive any formal cosmetology training. The three of them bought a few items out of guilt.

    Before they could leave, they got the hard sell on joining Mary Kay. Once again, she followed the playbook to the letter. Everything detailed here is exactly how she tried to recruit my wife. At one point this person showed my wife the “amazing” jewelry she got as rewards. My poor wife winced when she saw and handled the rings and necklaces. Having work through college at a fine jewelry store, she could spot junk from across the room. She estimated the items would sell for $5 – $10 at a Target and was essentially worthless from a resell standpoint. As soon as she escaped, my poor wife drive about a mile away and wiped off the makeup. According to her, the Mary Kay cosmetics are okay, not great but not terrible. The items were, however, overpriced. For what she paid, a much better quality product could have been bought at a Sephora.

    Over the next several months, my wife received a nonstop slew of messages asking her to attend more parties and buy whatever new items Mary Kay was pushing. She politely declined citing work commitments and her duties as a mommy. Many attempts have also been made to recruit her into the Mary Kay world. My wife eventually had to unfriend and block her to end the nonstop spamming.

    In my eyes, my wife embodies a true strong woman. She worked herself up from humble roots, earned two degrees from good schools through full ride scholarships, worked her way up in a very demanding industry and landed the job of her dreams. This has enabled her to work part time while being a super mom to our two amazing kids. She doesn’t need false praise to stroke her ego or build her confidence. My wife thinks it is disgusting how some people would stoop to subjugating others, especially other woman, for a few cheap trinkets.

  8. TT

    Thank you for this site! I actually tried MK twice, the second time because I had my own in house salon and thought it would be easy, nope. My husband has an aunt and 2 cousins high up in MK that have been working it for decades so he thinks it must be great. I always felt that I wasn’t good enough or popular enough to succeed. Thank you for showing me that I wasn’t really meant to.

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