Maybe She Needs Pink Truth

Below is a little piece entitled “Maybe She Needs Me.” Here’s big news: No one needs Mary Kay.

They don’t need a consultant’s fake (warm chattering) compliment.

They don’t need Mary Kay’s average (or below) products… they’ve got Walgreen’s.

They don’t need the “sisterhood” of Mary Kay, in which your fake friends will ignore you once you figure out the scam and leave. Join a club. Find a mom’s group. Volunteer at a shelter. Join a church. Those are all free, and you’ll have a much better chance of finding a real friend.

They don’t need the “job” that Mary Kay provides. They can make more at a minimum wage job.

They don’t need the “prizes” or the “recognition” in Mary Kay. They’re all just purchased when consultants buy inventory. She can go buy herself a nice little gift for much less.

What she really needs is Pink Truth – a chance to see the reality behind the smoke and mirrors of MLM. Almost no one turns a profit in MLM. If they do, it’s only because suckers like “her” waste money on inventory packages. There’s no honor in that for anyone.

Maybe what she really needs is Pink Truth. Where there is no requirement to spend money. No worthless meetings to attend. No recognition based upon how much you spend. No buying your way to the next level of deceit. There’s just truth. And support. And friendship that is unconditional. Maybe she needs Pink Truth.

Maybe she needs ME

Its been a long day and I was finishing a task,
As I hurried past her, a little voice said, “ASK”.
Oh no, not today, I told myself. I’m tired and it shows.
Besides, I might look foolish and she’s just likely to say, “no”.
While drifting off to sleep that night, I saw her face again.
I wondered what her life was like, her needs, her dreams, her pain.
What if she’d been wishing for a friendly word and a smile?
A chance to know someone who would go that extra mile?
Was this the opportunity she’d been praying for?
I say the cars she might not drive, the rings she might not wear.
Because I would not risk myself, to stop, to ask, to care.
So what if what I offered her was not her cup of tea.
That’s a choice for her to make, how selfish can I be?
When all my dreams are realized I don’t want to regret
The lives that I wouldn’t touch and change, the “no’s” I didn’t get.
Oh let me live a true Go-Give and let my mission be
Not to think, “Do I need Her?”, but maybe, just maybe she needs me.


  1. BestDecision

    They also don’t need to spend 3 whole days at a Fall Retreat when they could be holding appointments or, even more likely, enjoying their beautiful weekend with friends and family. The worst time ever was always our retreats. My Senior still calls herself a “Future National”, yet she’s not even an Elite. I feel like the retreats are where the most fake boasting and egos always occurred.

    1. Relieve

      My Senior could not afford her Apartment she lived with her daughter and her family, they have a build in babysitter, continue stating future National Sales Director when she has no off spring directors.

    2. morningstar

      I got my clothes ripped off (as in stolen) by whoever at the fall retreat. I left my overnight bag on a chair and a stellar person rifled through it and took shirts, at that time I was so trusting exceptionally so of other consultants. I felt so disappointed at the time. It was the start of the downhill churn. When I mentioned it to director dearest she told me you must have left the clothes at home. Let’s minimize the situation – negative Nellie must be stopped. I thought flames were going to shoot out of my eyes, swore I would never go again…….fast forward to a few years later went with hubby (yes our marriage survived), he asked Sean Keys pointed questions and he was evasive, then the whole retreat was turned into a pseudo religious ceremony. The saving grace is that Sean had to drive 3hrs in a blizzard to Denver to miss his plane and hang out at the airport for next one, I am sure he found solace in the bar (re: dui).

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