Mary Kay Husband Lies About His Wife’s Success

At Pink Truth, we are very familiar with the false earnings claims made in Mary Kay. This week the husband of a Mary Kay consultant attempted to post two comments on a thread about pink Cadillac sales directors:

I don’t know who you are or why you are doing this. All I know is that my wife and I have been running this business for almost a year. We have demanding day jobs and we work very hard at building our business. We have seen a steady increase in profits every month. Our clientel gets bigger and bigger every month. How dare you sit there and say its not a real business?


I don’t understand this site. My wife is a Mary Kay Consultant and I am in charge of marketing. Your numbers are correct, but the reason why the percentage of Cadillac owners is so small is because its extremely difficult to reach that level. Difficult yes, impossible hell no! Only those willing to put in the work will get there. The lazy, the weak, and the unmotivated don’t stand a chance. Mary Kay gives you the tools to get there. You must provide the drive.

We are almost there after only a year running our business. We made back our initial investment in less than two months. Its hard work.

Notice that he says getting to the Cadillac is hard work and they are “almost there after only a year of running our business.”

Of course, I checked into his claim, and it is completely false. His wife isn’t even a sales director, much less close to the Cadillac. She is a senior consultant, which means she has 1 or 2 active recruits.

Yet another example of the rampant lying about one’s success in Mary Kay. And when the husbands are making the claims, I often wonder whether they are completely in the dark about what’s happening with the wife’s business.


  1. BestDecision

    As a Sr Consultant, she might have a $100 check after recruiting a Star. I’ve never said on here being a Cadillac Director is impossible because I myself earned them.

    What I will say is that most Consultants will never make it there and, at the point she is at in her business, are still looking at everything with awe and not reality. She’s not privy to the Director meetings where she can figure out how many people ARE lying. When I was just a Sr Consultant, I though all Directors made a lot of money (because that’s what I was told) and that Directors were ethical and fighters for what’s right (because that’s what I was told). I didn’t figure it out until I was a Director. It took that much of a climb to see it. (Call me naive, but that’s my truth. So embarrassing!)

  2. TitoBandito

    BD – That is nothing to be embarrassed about. When people recognize that they have made a mistake and take action to correct it, that is bravery. Admitting we are wrong is very difficult to do, but EVERYONE makes errors in life. Living a lie is embarrassing, stopping the lie and moving forward takes courage.

  3. raisinberry

    Me too Best Decision. I believed it all…for nearly 10 years…and it took another five to slowly take in all the inconsistencies, all the false statements, and realize that I too was doing what they were doing, “faking it till I made it”.

    The startling thing is exactly what this dude did. Make all kinds of claims with exactly no facts. It was commonplace to not even do accurate paperwork, or only estimate year end inventory for taxes, and be happy about every deduction you could find, and be so stupid that when you bragged about saving tax burden for your husband because of all your legal deductions, you had NO IDEA what you were saying.

    This is a “play” business…not a real one. The commissions come in and go right back out in cosmetics purchases to keep the numbers up, win the whatevers, and qualify for the yada-yada. MADNESS.

  4. Colleen

    Women aren’t the only ones who get sucked into the hoopla and lies. We are it all the time with other MLMs.

    I wonder if he’s going to the unit meetings with her? They appear to be doing this as a team.

  5. MLM Radar

    This husband is due for a very rude awakening at income tax time.

    For now, she’s telling him what he wants to hear and he’s just echoing it without checking. He can believe her, right? He picked a smart wife, right?

    Fast forward six months and he’ll probably be wondering if he can trust his wife with anything. Sigh. Mary Kay plants a land mine in yet another marriage.

  6. I once was lost

    I know a very “successful” MK director who has been hawking this junk for over 30 years. She ADMITTED she bought a Equanox and claimed she preferred the cash option instead. What the?? If you try and tell them the ONLY reason why it is the best selling, is because you are buying it all! They throw a hissy fit. I don’t see the beauty gurus on YouTube showing MK items as their monthly favorites. It’s always MAC and Sephora. I love Ulta they never carry the amount of inventory that these consultants do. They always have what I need when I am out.

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