Everything in Mary Kay is Spelled Out

We know there are plenty of hidden agendas in Mary Kay and plenty of truths that aren’t told until long after you’re sucked into the pink vortex. But this happy Mary Kay consultant wants us to quit saying bad things about the company, because anything that happened to us in Mary Kay is our own fault…

I just feel so sad that there are so many sick people out there…they couldn’t control themselves or discipline themselves, so all they do is blame others and spread slander and libel…talk about Go-Give: how would they feel if they were disparged like that in public?

I have realized that the most important reasons why the people on your site didn’t succeed in MK wasn’t because they didn’t treat their businesses like businesses (or their lives–or they wouldn’t have charged so much on their credit cards with no plan to sell the inventory), but the reasons are that NOTHING good can happen for people who are so evil, mean-spirited, venomous, whiney, hateful, etc.

They complain that a few directors may have misled them…but yet the way they talk about other people is atrocious!!

Most of the “facts” that they talk about are NOT facts…everything in Mary Kay is spelled out if they took the time to read…

Most of the Consultants and Directors DO sell the product…I personally sell about $300/week just on my website…I sold $200 in one day last week…quite a return on my $50/year!!  Except for one of my sisters and one of my daughters, NONE of my 500+ customers is family or friends!!  I guess all of those people are stupid, too…

But your people don’t believe in learning how to sell to anyone but their families or friends; they don’t believe in investing in sales aids or marketing; if they maxed out their credit cards or did anything else they thought they shouldn’t do because someone “told” them to…they have more problems than MK or anything could fix!!

If they were foolish enough to order, order, order and not sell or develop a customer base, that’s on THEM!!

Anything that is ordered has a shipping charge attached to it (shipping costs are even wrapped into what is bought at a store)…but according to YOUR people, a shipping charge is WRONG when MK does it!!  That’s the kind of illogical, childish thinking that your people engage in.

In our unit and area, we have SALES contests…booking rallies, etc.  We SELL the product…people I don’t even know wouldn’t order and pay for $150+ on my website if they didn’t like the product…unless, of course, they are as clueless as the people on your site are…that’s what the people on YOUR site would say…

no one put a gun to their heads to do anything, buy anything, attend anything…are they that weak-kneed?

The FDA/US government sued many companies that made false claims about one thing or another…if everything Mary Kay has said has been such lies, why hasn’t the Company been sued?

Well…you talke about us being in the “Pink Fog”…you people are wallowing in self-pity and self-hatred that you then try to blame others for YOUR failings.  Most people in MK—like most people in the world, period–are good, hard-working, honest people.

I teach all of my people how to market and sell the product…those who really want to learn, that is.  I have some people like some of the people here…they actually think that all they had to do was order the starter kit and then sit down and eat bon-bons and money would fall from the sky.

If people think they got “financially ruined” by Mary Kay…that’s THEIR fault…they should have had more common sense and not spent money they didn’t have with no plan to make money or daily discipline to wiork consistently.  If they were too cheap to even invest in business cards and complained about putting their customers on PCP–knowing that there is competition out there no matter what the product–no wonder what ever customers they had didn’t stay.

Like I said before, it’s like spending a lot of money to set up a brick and mortar store, then rarely opening for business, or doing any advertising or marketing (they are NOT the same…); and then wondering why their store failed.

Well, I really feel sorry for people like you who have to build themselves up by pulling others down…I know that what goes around, comes around…and those of you who feel that you have to be so foul-mouthed, hateful, catty, etc….will have all of that come back to you one way or another…no matter how “cheerful” you say you are…

But you all are SO hateful…nothing anyone says to you will ever get through…

God bless you anyway…


  1. Jan RD

    “I have some people like some of the people here…they actually think that all they had to do was order the starter kit and then sit down and eat bon-bons and money would fall from the sky.”

    After visiting this site since 2015, I feel obligated to respond to this post. The most frequent contributors to this site:

    1. Did NOT expect an easy and immediate path to success and were prepared to work hard.

    2. Achieved various degrees of success in MK, including Cadillac status, but came to realize that the MLM business model (aka dual marketing) is not sustainable for the vast majority of consultants.

    3. Have moved on to enjoy successful careers with substantial benefits.

    “I know that what goes around, comes around…”

    The Bible refers to this as sowing and reaping, but you make it sound like a threat. This site has frequent posts and comments that demonstrate the effectiveness of Pink Truth’s mission to educate its readers on the dangers of MLMs.

    And yes, Schedule C, please.

  2. ran4fun

    Wow! I feel so “blessed” by her.

    “Except for one of my sisters and one of my daughters, NONE of my 500+ customers is family or friends!!” So she has 500+ customers and none of her friends buy from her! (Maybe she doesn’t have any friends left.) She has 500+ customers and only sells average of $300.00 a week. Also not impressive. And how did she get 500+ people who don’t know her to buy from her? What’s her secret?

    Also, $300/week in sales, using the 60/40 split = $120 profit/week x 52 weeks = $6,240/year – $936 (15% taxes) = $5,304 net profit for the whole year. I haven’t mentioned the cost of weekly meetings, career conference, seminar, etc. which will erode that 5K net profit almost by half.

    Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll keep my J.O.B., and God bless you, too.

  3. M

    Gotta love that go-give spirit. “God bless you anyway…” But yes, keep telling us how hateful we are.
    It’s almost like she’s comforting herself by calling us names. Personally if I was succeeding in the business I wouldn’t feel the need to try to bully people who disagree, but hey.

  4. raisinberry

    Once again…can we please remind the readers that many of the contributors here are/were considered SUCCESS STORIES in Mary Kay, having won multiple cars, trips, stage walks, Bee’s, Unit Clubs, Queen’s Courts, Star Consultants, SUITS and TAUGHT your classes at Seminar!

    Yes. You can sell MK products and add customers to your base. You will make pin money profits. It is the CAREER PATH that is treacherous…and where the manipulation really kicks in. You make money by recruiting other people, loading them up with inventory, setting them out to be competitors within your own market. After 50 some years..how stupid do you have to be to think this is a good idea?

  5. morningstar

    A rich nugget here. Talk about negative thinking, she has it!

    500 customers @ 300.00 a week. To spread out a sales average across all customers is interesting. They spend .60 cents on product. Then your discount of 20% (average incentives to purchase, samples, mailing list etc) , subtract .12 cents for a whopping .48 cents per customer per week. A year would be $24.96 per person over the 500 customers. This low number shows the product is not that popular across all 500 customers.

    And do you think any litigation with MK comes with a megaphone? A non disclosure agreement (NDA) can been seen hanging out of their lawyers’ back pockets. So much for being in the know – cupcake.

    If you reread this article, her observations of others are really the areas she is not too sure about. She blames us at this site as a put down, and puts down others as lazy, oh the irony. Blame game is on her map of life.

    1. MLM Radar

      She averages $24.96 per YEAR for those 500 customers…

      But on another line she brags about customers she doesn’t even know ordering $150 from her website.

      That means either a lot of those other customers are ordering very little, or they’re would-be and once-only inactive customers she’s keeping on her list just to say she has 500.

      The more she talks, the more she exposes herself. It probably took her an hour to write her hate-filled speech. But it only took us mere minutes to find the fatal flaws in her Mary Kay Math.

      Oh well

  6. raisinberry

    morningstar, thanks for this perspective.
    It is real easy to see what kind of liar the average MK Director is. It is real easy to figure out what kind of money is being generated in the Unit. Do the MATH!

    Is your Director on the Queens Court of Sales? SO, she ordered 20,000 dollars worth. IF she sold it ALL (and you know much of it is in her basement) she made 16,000.
    That means, after years and years of building customers, your Director who is most likely NOT on the court, didn’t even make 16,000 profit for the year on sales to consumers. Now some of you have Directors that have been Directors for 20 or 30 years! Repeat business? Really? Loyal customers? And she STILL isn’t on Queen’s Court?

    Now look at your Year End Sales Leaders…probably found in your Unit newsletter…Who is at the top? All new people with doubled wholesale? Wouldn’t the TOP sellers be VETERANS, with huge customer bases? How could a NEWBIE who has not sold SQUAT be in your top ten?? Hmm? SO, you have one maybe two veterans, and the rest are relatively new recruits with doubled wholesale, and you all pretend these are retail results.

    DO the math. Profit it out at 40% of the doubled wholesale and that is the MAX she made IF–BIG IF—she sold it all.

    All the hoopla and hype and love bombing is a DEVICE to keep your head foggy and your emotions high. DO THE MATH. It is not about being “negative”…it is about the the facts and the truth.

    1. enorth

      I always wondered how one person in MK could possibly handle hundreds and hundreds of customers — enough customers to bring in a decent, sustained income. It would not be manageable. She’d have to hire employees. Like a real business.

      I recently heard a SD training her team and she told them she stopped doing demos of Satin Hands at skin care classes. Why? “It takes too much time and, to be honest, the re-orders just aren’t there.”

        1. I honestly thought that exact same thing…

          Ok guys… bring Ashton out here! Where are the cameras… you guys almost had me!

          Oh wait… she’s not… no, she can’t be… wait, SHE’S SERIOUS?

          Oh… well, um… neat?

          But actually, kidding aside, the victim blaming disgusts me. I have worked in sexual assault for years, as well as with those on assistance and with addiction and mental health issues (as well as having my own chronic physical health and mental health issues.) Victim blaming runs rampant when talking about any of these populations, and it’s sickening.

          I would go on my usual tirade about the difference between judgment and responsibly, and how it might be poor judgement for someone who can’t afford business cards to get involved with MK, the responsibility always falls upon the perpetrator. (I don’t actually think that is poor judgement, but that was the only example that came to me off the cuff.) But, I know I’m preaching to the chior.

          I have found that victim blaming is largely fear based. As long as I’m nothing like you, this won’t happen to me. That delusional thinking might work for awhile, but it’s a good way to end up having to learn Everything the hard way, because you never learn from anyone else’s mistakes.

          Sigh, I’m new here, and glad to be. Was never MK, but others. Love the writing, from articles through the comments.

          I would like to say that Plunder the MLM is high on my list for the most disgusting. But that’s another post.

          Lastly, does anyone even eat bonbons? If so, where can I get them?

  7. BestDecision

    As a former Cadillac Director, $300/week in sales is nothing to brag about because that’s only $600 gross profit/month. I’ve never seen someone on here complain about MK charging us for shipping, so there’s another example of how uninformed you are. Then, you’re WAY in the dark to think the holy company of MK has never been sued. Wrong!

    Like someone else commented above, I probably have TAUGHT the class you’ve been in as a Consultant. I walked across those stages for years, earning diamond bar pins, and sitting through countless Director meetings that were more informative for not what they revealed to us, but for what the meeting itself revealed to us.

    No Director made it there being lazy. No way possible.

    So, please inform yourself of a bigger picture and keep your “holier than thou” attitude to yourself. Meanwhile, I’ll be grateful for my healthcare, dental, vision, disability, 401K, and PTO I get in a career not surrounded by fake, boasting, badly dressed women. That’s something your little Sapphire Star just can’t give you.

    1. Megz

      All I have to say reading all these comments is. Why are so many jealous, mean, and hateful. Seriously, if you think your trying to help people out by telling them not to try to be successful, kinda sounds like jealousy!
      People can succeed in Mary Kay if treated like a business and work!

  8. Kelsey

    If someone tells you that the water you’re about to drink is contaminated and will make you deathly ill, that person is not hateful, evil, bitter, or negative; they are telling you a life-giving truth. The purpose of this site is to warn others that MLM’s are not a viable business opportunity. Just for some perspective: there are 26, 736 Starbucks stores in the world. There are over 3.5 MILLION Mary Kay beauty consultants. How viable is a business where there are literally unlimited consultants? Eventually, you will run out of people to sell to!
    The point is that the vast majority of the outspoken women on this site DID work the business TO THE LETTER. We were the ones who worked the hardest because we wanted it all. We wanted the freedom and flexibility, the unlimited earning potential, the sisterhood, the culture of faith and positivity. We wanted to put God first in our lives and our families are everything to us. And the harder you work in this business, the deeper you go into the downward spiral of debt and deception. If you haven’t put an “on hold” order on your credit card a time or two because you were only $500 from finishing a car month, then you haven’t really “worked the business.” If you haven’t told a consultant that she has just until the end of the month to place her qualifying order to ensure your production requirement and monthly bonus (instead of a full 30 days), then you haven’t really “worked the business.” If you haven’t topped off production with $500-$1000 worth of inventory that you were positive you could sell (yea, right) to ensure you didn’t loose your director status, car, or commission check, you haven’t really “worked the business.” If you didn’t attend EVERY meeting and event, even when family members were sick, you missed your kid’s birthday, you had to hire a 12 year old babysitter at the last minute, or you just had a baby 3 days prior, you haven’t really “worked the business.” If you haven’t been told that the reason you’re not doing 30 faces a month, meeting production, or in your car yet is because you’re stuck in fear, Satan is putting negative thoughts in your head, or you’re simply not trusting God enough, you haven’t really “worked the business.”
    Nobody here has said that you can’t make minimum wage selling Mary Kay. You can. But do you even know what you’re actually making after ALL expenses? Because that’s not really talked about. And if you’re one of the few “lucky” ones at the top- you can make a lot. You can bring people to Jesus and front load them with inventory because you “believe in them” even though you can’t understand why nobody is selling much and the only way you can explain it away is fear, laziness, and the devil. You can sincerely believe that you are helping them and become their best friend and “do life with them” until one day you realize you could have had a normal career and led a women’s bible study.
    Oh, and the reason why the government hasn’t shut them down yet is because the Direct Selling Association is a major lobbying group in Washington.

    1. Cindylu

      I like the water analogy. There are some out there who believe that the truth is somehow judgmental. If someone is abusing a senior or a child we should report them. If someone is contaminating a lake with toxic waste, it isn’t judgmental or wrong to report them. Somehow whistle blowing or tattle tailing has become unacceptable. It really is sad that in some instances there is this blame the victim concept. I can never understand why the victim or the person who warns about abuse are somehow blamed. Any business that shuns the women they go through like water are questionable. My radar went up many times. There just was too much bs happening to not trust my gut instinct. My husband and children hated MK. My director was a chronic cold narcissistic liar. My NSD was a scary cold individual. The goal was recruiting and profit with NO regard for others. Taking a woman’s grocery money was just fine for my SD. Ignoring her husband and daughters was the norm. My NSD had burned through units while ruining the lives of women throughout the USA and Canada. Hundreds of recruits so she could get to be an NSD and cars. MK herself didn’t care if a woman was pregnant, had a newborn, had a sick relative or had cancer. MK consultants and Directors were to be slaves to ensure MK and a few of her heirs live a life of luxury.

    1. JanRD

      And why I don’t regret taking advantage of this so-called opportunity. If the hard working women who write and post on this site left the company, there’s no doubt in my mind I would not have lasted long.

      1. CaraMiaTish

        I have decided to take my time from MK and use it as a learning experience.

        First and foremost former best friends who spend more time complaining and pressuring you to attend Seminar instead of rushing to the bedside of a beloved relative are toxic and should be kicked to the curb.

        Sometime I’m going to actually sit down and write my I story for this site. Looking back at it now I can see how I got sucked into it, and learned about myself doing it.

      1. Changeyourthinking

        6 “Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order sto be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven.
        2 t“Thus, when you give to the needy, sound no trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may ube praised by others. Truly, I say to you, they have vreceived their reward. 3 But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, 4 so that your giving may be in secret. wAnd your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

      2. enorth

        If I lost my home in flooding, the last thing I want or need is a Mary Kay Starter Kit.

        Vultures. They’re on social media and You Tube. “Buy from me because those poor women in Houston need MK products to wash their faces and take care of their skin.”
        Translation: “Buy from me so I can move products off my shelf and buy more to help my production quotas so I can earn prizes from Mary Kay to show off on Facebook and Instagram.”

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