Thousands of Women Have Been Changed By Mary Kay!

An email from a Mary Kay lady who knows all the catch phrases….

I know I shouldn’t bother, because you probably get tons of emails like the one I am writing but what can I say…it’s my personality to defend something very important to me.  My main problem with your sight is that you are basing your entire experience in Mary Kay on the directors or Nationals you worked under.   I see very little about the actual company and more about how you were trained.  Although bad directors do reflect on the company you should be more open to the fact that you just had a bad experience.

I too was a consultant under a “bad” director that only pushed recruits and inventory and I quickly burned out and left (five years ago) but I was logical and I knew that one person making bad judgement calls didn’t make the entire company bad.  

If Mary Kay is as corrupt as you would say then how come more women make $100,000 a year in Mary Kay then any other company in the United State of America?  How come there are thousands of women waiting to share their testimonies of how Mary Kay changed their future and their families futures?    The reason you see so many women quitting is because they want a hobby and not a business.

You can’t make money in sales if you don’t treat it like a business and most women don’t have that discipline, it’s not because the company messed up.   They have made it so extremely easy with $100 kit, 90% buy back, 100% guarantee on products.  What other business can you start in America with $100?  Even with inventory you can’t start your own business for less than $5,000. I now am in a unit with an amazing Christian Director that is truly helping to change the lives of hundreds.  The experience is completely different and I am continuing to meet amazing directors that are nothing like the women you tear down and degrade on your site.

Inventory is such a controversial topic in Mary  Kay.   If I was to open my own beauty store would I have an empty store with catalogues on the shelf?  Of course not, so why do others find it so weird that inventory is encouraged for any woman wanting to run a business.   Some directors are way to aggressive with it, but the top directors know that yes Inventory makes a Mary Kay consultants job easier and will help sales but not absolutely necessary.  My director doesn’t even talk big inventory packages unless directly asked about it.

I think you have let bitterness for a few people and your own personal experience poison you and now you are trying to persuade people away from what could be an opportunity of a life time for  them.  Is Mary Kay easy?  No!  It’s a business…you work hard and you run A BUSINESS!  I pray that you will read my ramblings (smile) and open your heart to the idea of letting go of your anger.   Find something that makes you happy and isn’t based on bashing good people.

Thank you for listening.

God bless,


P.S. How long since you have read Mary Kay’s autobiography?  Read the section about tithing to her church and tell me that isn’t a truly amazing woman.


    1. MLM Radar

      How much? For $100 you don’t get enough to get the Mary Kay “discount.”

      You have to spend another $225 (plus shipping plus tax on $450) to get the 50% off “discount” on your purchases. And that’s only the beginning of the spending.

  1. Formykids

    Here we go again. Same uninformed drivel. First of all about the number of women making $100,000………gross revenue is not what they are making. Net taxable income is what they are making. Publish the Schedule C’s and MK can shut us all up here at Pink Truth, plain and simple. Why don’t they, because they know the net taxable income figures are abysmal. If MK is such a real and great “business” why don’t they teach the two corner stones of a retail business…….how to use a P&L(and in a real business it doesn’t stand for People and love) and how to properly manage inventory based on what actually sells. My wife buys the same $1500 worth of product every month not because she has closely examined her inventory, but because that is the monthly number to achieve Court of Sales. And don’t get me started with the false Christianity and Jesus stuff…….Pa–lease…..Mary Kay Ash was a total Narcissistic who was married 5-7 times, with little to no compassion for her people when they had challenges in their personal lives. Sounds like a great Christian………

    1. Colleen

      Her church abandoned her after her stroke left her unable to attend. That was after she ponied up a $1M matching gift so they could build their monster church.

      What is it they say about becoming like the people you spend your time with?

  2. CaraMiaTish

    If Mary Kay is such a stand up organization wouldn’t it behoove them to remove the bad apples?

    After all they are the face of their business and they are the examples folks think of when they think of Mary Kay. Can’t grow a business or have a solid respectable reputation if the faces of your business leave a bad taste in folks’ mouths.

    Nevermind the sheer number of folks who all seem to have the same experiences. How does Mary Kay, as a company that often evokes God in their pitches, justify keeping all these bad apples???

    Seems to give credence to the fact that they don’t care they just like the cash coming in.

    – Tish

  3. Lazy Gardens

    how come more women make $100,000 a year in Mary Kay then any other company in the United State of America?

    If you are correct, there would be more than TWO MILLION women in Mary Kay earning over 100K a year.

    Here’s some real data on that:

    Female earning > $100k: 3.25% of women 15 years and over (as of March 2013) earned more than $100k in total money income (excluding capital gains) in 2012, before payments for personal income taxes, social security, union dues, medicare deductions, etc.

    (For more on money income definition and data collection see “About Income – U.S Census Bureau”)

    Female > $100k: 4,196,000
    Total Female: 128,912,000
    Percentage: 3.25%

    P.S. How long since you have read Mary Kay’s autobiography? Read the section about tithing to her church and tell me that isn’t a truly amazing woman.

    Read the section about her using the church directory as a contact list for her non-church encyclopedia sales.

    Read the section about marrying the district manager for Stanley Home Products and living next to the golf course in a rich part of town … oh, wait, she left that out! Along with a few other husbands.

    1. MLM Radar

      Is it really tithing if the money comes from an unholy source?

      The Sanhedrin knew that much. That’s why they took the 30 pieces of silver Judas threw back at them and used it to buy a cemetery for foreigners, instead of putting it in the temple treasury.

  4. pinkvictim

    They have made it so extremely easy with $100 kit, 90% buy back, 100% guarantee on products.

    Is Mary Kay easy? No!

    Compare and contrast.

    MKult’s mind control is so strong, kaybots can’t even keep their gobbledygook consistent over just a few paragraphs. cf. cognitive dissonance.

  5. enorth

    “How come there are thousands of women waiting to share their testimonies of how Mary Kay changed their future and their families futures?”

    Why are they waiting?

    And tell them to bring their Schedule C’s.

  6. Jamming Berry

    My SD mentioned the 90% buyback in the warm chatter call months before I signed up and then never mentioned it again, esp when she was “coaching me” on my inventory needs. And then did she mention, after all this inventory arrived that I’d have to place another $250+ order 3 months later to remain “A1 Active?” Or when I was slowly sinking less than 6 months later that there was this 90% buyback? Did my friend who recruited me mention it?

    NONE of this was included in my “training!” Harvard business school — yeah right.

  7. Changeyourthinking

    My senior director is one of the “good ones.” She doesn’t “push” big inventory packages, she recites the Bible every chance she gets, by all appearances she’s an outstanding leader, wife, mother, Christian, yada yada. She wraps her arm around you and smiles and tells you how wonderful you are and that she believes in you. The mind control, spiritual, emotional, and social manipulation is subtle. That’s the point. It’s so subtle you don’t realize it’s happening. But those closest to you do. They notice you are talking and acting differently. They notice you will not listen to reason because it’s “negative.” They notice you are not keeping track of P&L and that you were just named queen of sales but they didn’t seee any of the profit. They notice that you order $1000 to “help” your beloved director reach her end of year goal because while she didn’t “push” inventory in the beginning, she sure as hell soaked you dry every chance she got through some goal, prize, being a team player, new and limited edition that you had to have if you wanted to be successful. See, it’s the ones who DO want a business and are taught to blindly follow their leader because after all, they’ve made it work so they know what they’re talking about. You’re always “SO CLOSE” to star, car, the luncheon, the party, leading by example. The speed of the leader is the speed of the gang. You do want to be a leader don’t you? And in the end when it doesn’t work, it’s simply because you quit too soon or you never did enough “activity” to begin with. Oh, and if you ever felt like you were being manipulated, it’s your fault for going along with it. (Except you pounded into my head that I should do everything you say if I want to be like you.)
    They know exactly what they’re doing and it’s sick.

  8. Cindylu

    Absolutely NO where to advertise. No one wants to book a class anymore. They barely wanted this party type mlm in the 1970’s and 1980’s. No one cares about your Christmas open house. For 40 years MK has taken advantage of hundreds of women. Now with the internet women do their homework and come to find out: products don’t fly off the shelves, you absolutely cannot do this part time, MK is not dual marketing and it isn’t just one bad Director. When I got sick my unit and my director did not care one iota. When I tried to speak with Corp about my director, the mostly men running the place did not care if my director was a bad apple. The bottom line for MK was that she was no saint. She was no great gift to womankind. MK was a shrewd business woman who set up a corporation that would benefit her, a few original NSD’s and her heirs. There is no go give, no dove tailing and no caring if you get sick, need to care for a family member or have a family responsibility. I did read MK’s books. What I noted was a company that had potential for some good at the very beginning. It mostly had potential for tremendous evil too. Way back when there was a glass ceiling. The original directors did not have completion from stores, other consultants and the internet. Nowadays with millions of MK sales women, eBay etc. The party skin care class style of door to door sales is not remotely exciting or interesting to women. Women work in every possible career. Many are well paid with great pensions and perks. As soon as they hear MK, they think pushy, untrustworthy and to be avoided. What woman would work an entire day, then invite her friends to a silly make up party to be exploited by a sales pitch? What tired woman would use her home as a store front for an mlm company just so she can get a few products? So not worth the coffee, snacks and angry friends and relatives conned into coming to a fake makeover party.

    1. JanRD

      Cindylu, I appreciate you and others verifying what I always believed to be true. Most of us who like to extend hospitality want to do so without strings attached, as well as receive invitations that allow us to leave our checkbooks and credit cards at home. The party plan has definitely seen better days, especially with the internet and people waking up to the reality of MLM sales (and Pink Truth)!

      Sorry to hear about the lack of compassion during your illness, which I hope has since been resolved. Most regular jobs would have provided paid sick time, short term disability, and maybe even co-workers who care enough to send flowers or bring a meal. Your unit and director did NOT demonstrate behavior that is consistent with a God first mentality.

  9. Changeyourthinking

    The 90% buy back in only what you purchased in the last 12 months. And directors are trained in telling their people “Give it a year. You won’t know if it’ll work out unless you give yourself time.” They loose money when you send your product back, it’s not like MK does it out of the kindness of their heart. Trust me, everything they do is FOR PROFIT. They are the BUSINESS making money off millions of women’s losses.

  10. morningstar

    Her copy of the MK biography must be dog eared (pages marked) and worn out by now. She needs to get out and do some IPA activities.

    I would like to point out if she needs a new copy of the book to replace her “worn out bible” – to check the goodwill /salvation army book shelves.

    Does she think she is original? She cites the book verbatim. Ugh!

  11. BestDecision

    Just where is the statistic that says more women make $100K in MK than any other company”? If you can’t reference it, don’t use it. Ever written a paper for high school or college without references?

    And another thing…Yes, I do think there are people trying desperately to get ahead by not breaking the rules, but that’s my very point. They’re not moving. If you’ve done the Court of Sharing or Triple Star, you better have experienced massive promotions that year. You better be in a Cadillac with all those people you’ve been in front of.

    And let’s talk about MK. Laura Beitler, Mk’s former Chief Legal Counsel/attorney, sat there on 20/20 and DENIED that there is an ordering problem. She DENIED that MK knows anything of it. Then, she said MK would absolutely jump in and intervene if they found there was a problem. WRONG! MK benefits from the revenue of all those people ordering to make production, to finish a car, to get an invitation to a Fall Retreat whatever. Who better to put in that seat than an ATTORNEY who knows the very language to use to defend an accusation!

    I’ve read ALL of MK Ash’s books, my dear, and the MK you’re a part of now is NOT what she ran 20 years ago. While I won’t say she was perfect, she would not be pleased with the leadership of her sales force or her company in Dallas. She would be outraged that NSDs are charging for workshops and materials. She would want MORE Cadillacs on the road and be supportive of those in them than to cut their profits by charging up to $900/month for car payments.

    When you’re locked up in a Fall Retreat in the coming weeks, I’ll be with my friends and family. Sleeping in. Enjoying the weather. And not wearing one bit of fake accomplishment.

    1. pinkvictim

      Just where is the statistic that says more women make $100K in MK than any other company”? If you can’t reference it, don’t use it.

      There’s never any verification of the stats kaybots spout; there’s never any Schedule C’s to verify the “executive” income (much less any profits at all); there’s never any verification of anything that emanates from the pink borg.

      Save yourself time and stress: Default to everything from the pink borg is false, unless verified.

  12. pinkvictim

    Women in USA aged 15-65: 104,577,000

    104,577,000 x .01 = 1,045,770 (assuming 100% full employment)

    1,045,770 x .70 = 732,039

    USA MKult IBC’s = 600,000

    MKult is a pyramid built on lies.

      1. enorth

        Don’t forget:
        Mary Kay has the largest fleet of cars on the road second only to the U.S. Government.
        Mary Kay has the largest fleet of cars on the road second only to UPS.
        Mary Kay has the largest fleet of cars on the road second only to _________.

        1. pinkvictim

          I know you’re just goofing, but for bots that follow, here are the numbers:

          MKult’s fleet (which has been shrinking) numbers just over 6000.

          AT&T has had the largest fleet in America for almost 10 years, currently numbering 114,500 vehicles, and growing .

          AT&T’s current fleet is equal to 80% of all 48 years of MKult cars on the road!

  13. Chantel

    If MK have real customers why do I never see beauty gurus use MK in instagram or YouTube? I also never see anyone using MK who is not a consultant unless they were given products for free for review purposes.

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