Pink Truth Members: You Suck!

A now former member of Pink Truth offered these kind words for all of us in the comments to one of our articles, and I wanted the whole world to see how wonderfully kind and supportive Mary Kay women are. There are just a few bad apples, and we’re losers who suck! The whole company just makes me feel warm and fuzzy. How about you?

I present Missy’s kind words…

I have been a consultant for 8 years and I’ve seen good and bad. The thing that upsets me most is that you are all pointing the finger at the company. This is a great company with a few Independent Contractors that lack integrity. I have seen this company revoke directorship and cars from consultants for the very issues stated in this blog.

My head is not in the clouds because some of your points are true but here is what I look at. I have recruited several people into this business and I worked diligently with them based on the goals that they have shared with me. I for one have had to check myself and even a few sister consultants when on strong goals for being over zealous and attempting to make my personal goals the goals of every individual in on my team. It’s my goal not theirs so I work from that perspective and do the extra work required to meet the goal rather than raping my consultants. I truly would rather have a qualified consultant who I could mold into a building a strong part time business than to have a star that only shines once (the initial order). I do not and have never recruited personal use consultants Yes it is wonderful to get a star consultant but I have learned to work with what I get and to match my time with the effort demonstrated to me by each individual consultant on my team.

I too have placed an order to help with a goal and had an excess of product but I also went out there and sold it. I took three years off and had do write some off due to spoilage. It’s a tax deduction (if you get those done by a quality, knowledgeable, and professional accountant).

You all need to take personal responsibility for the roles you play in your own deception. You know what you can and can not afford to do and even though you are a part of a team commit only to what you can do or are willing to work towards – The HELL with the rest. This is not a get rich quick thing although some do. 3 year is the current record for NSD and she’s a senior now. You can’t do that with fictitious people or units and even if there are a few in her area Koodos to those who go out and replace them with real people although I am not condoning this.

This business works if you work it. But you can not sit back and do nothing and then complain about having excess inventory. I know I used to do it. It’s a lack of consistency. You have a great week and place an order then do nothing for weeks and realize you have hundreds of dollars in product sitting around. The one thing I can say that I appreciate about my inconsistency was that when $$$ got tight I learned how to fast forward into some IPA’s and make it happen. I sat in money management classes in my first 2 weeks of this company although I did not follow it until here recently.

In January of this year I really decided to get serious. I then lost my job on February 22nd. I was living paycheck to paycheck temping but had given my all to this project and corporate decided that I was no longer needed. It has been a blessing though. I have not missed a bill payment and now I have $$$ in the bank when I did not before and most of all my integrity is still in tact.

I’ve been in DIQ before so I know the deal. I have never had a personal use consultant and never used family or friends as bodies to reach a goal because again this in not BJ’s the whole sale company and you only end up working twice as hard to replace fictitious people. Of the 15 people that I have brought into this business over the last 8 years (as I toyed with the idea of doing MK) 3 are full-time directors doing well for themselves and several others are still QUALITY consultants. I took 3 years off and never missed a commission check. I stayed active as much as I could and I even fell off a time or two. Can’t be that bad of a company seams like it’s always there when the seasons of my life seem to change. Have you stopped to consider how much of this money goes to corporate for education and training, charity, corporate overhead??? No you didn’t. At least as you are building to these cars you are taking someone along with you. Yeah if you are a quality consultant your team members or at least 1/3 of them are 1 step closer to their car as well.

I am new to this site and I have read your blog I have also read many others and even the MK facts about the business opportunity, the not so free car’s etc. Nothing in life is free!!!!!! And if you work a sales position as your 9 to 5 there are goals and quotas if you continue to miss them you are demoted and may even loose your job. The company gains most of the profits and recognition while you work 60 hours a week for a crumb of a commission check $60k annually and benefits if it’s a “good company”. This is the nature of business period. It’s all about the profits from church to Wall Street. In all corporations there is a song and dance about the bonuses and benefits but you work like a slave are treated like one but seem to be happy one pay check away from eviction. Yes from qualification $130,000 in wholesale is produced to maintain the first car. How many of you complaining about this or even those earning them can actually afford to go into the dealership and purchase one and then get a new one every two years. More than likely none of you can. Else you would not have signed your agreement in the first place nor would you be back teaching a group of aggravating 8th graders. I have kids myself …. You can’t be that happy.

To those of you who failed after supposedly being directors, I hear your heart but again personal responsibility is a MOTHER!!!!! You either lacked integrity from the beginning or allowed someone to influence the quality of you integrity. You then followed it up by building a team of people lacking integrity. Then when your conscience could no longer take you stepped down and threw daggers at the company you once swore by. Unlike the other’s I would venture to say “YOU SUCK as a LEADER” You lied, built a lie and expected it to stand. Not someone I would want to meet or follow. Now I am not saying that what you did doesn’t happen because it does THIS IS NOT PROMOTED OR SUPPORTED BY THE COMPANY!!!!! For those that work to replace those fictitious consultants and keep their position I take my hat off their “by any means necessary” attitude because at least they did the work and fixed the lie. I still do not agree with this and would never do it. You just walk away with the dreams of many in your hands. SUCKS TO BE YOU!!!!!!!! And any one like you.

This is the sickest “AMEN” corner I have ever encountered. You all are mad and the company, a corporation for the actions of a few bad leaders. You don’t realize by participating and going along with “the program” and do not stopping to say “I will not be a part of this madness” and make your own way not being scared to walk alone or search for someone not in your area who you can partner with and build integrity then you too are contributing to the madness. You group of HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!! I guess none of you stopped and made a formal complaint about the lack of integrity you have noticed and named names so that something could be done, No you just got what you wanted and now you use this plat form to point fingers. SAD!!!!!!!!!

I have made complaints and just recently encouraged a sister consultant to make a formal complaint about her director who recently stated she was “out of order” for trying to finish DIQ with Cadillac production because she as her director was struggling to keep her Cadillac. This is not GO GIVE at all. I am a Red Jacket with not 1, or 2 but 3 sales directors in my line. One is a senior director and I do not feel bad about any of it. My time is now!!!!!!!

If this was any 9 to 5 you would not have wasted your time on establishing or supporting a site like this. If you are mad take it up first with yourself. PERSONAL RESPONCIBILITY!!!!!!! (There she goes again) Then with those who offended you and participated in making this experience a bitter one for you. Please in honor of Mary Kay the woman do not destroy the dream that has brought so much more and is still bringing true sisterhood, peace, financial security and much more to women of all ages, from various backgrounds and ethnicities. If you read the agreement and legal advice available and then you do or allow someone to influence you to do something other than that TAKE THE RESPONCIBILITY FOR IT. Don’t blame the company for your weak back bone and innate lack of integrity.

There is so much more that I could say but it is not worth it. My paycheck and integrity speaks for itself and my baby has not wanted for anything I am traveling this summer and I have more $$$ in the bank than I’ve had in 5 years thanks to my $500, $900 and $1000 weeks. My money management classes (that I took 8 years ago in my first two weeks of the company – actually the information was in my directors welcome package) are going to work for me and for the things I do not know or understand I ask for help both of corporate and my up-line. With the price of gas I schedule my appointments in a manner that is cost effective or give gifts for clients that meet in my home. There goes your BS about the $300.00 week. All businesses have expenses and overhead. I just enjoy the fact that it al revolves around my home and my values. I still only fill my tank up 1 a week and I gross my corporate income and more just 3 months serious. As far as events people most of us come into this company when we have a pre-exsisting job and do not go full time before our MK salary allows for that. I too am an exception to that. Being a professional job hopper THANK GOD FOR MARY KAY, the woman and the company

I would just hope that any potential consultants reading this as they make a decision would realize this is an INDEPENDENT venture. YOU and YOU only can write the script for your business. Peer pressure is on hand at every aspect of life. Do not allow these women who obviously lack more than integrity write you Mary Kay paycheck or stop you from even needing an account.


    1. JanRD

      Good point! Don’t get me started on the spelling errors. (One does not “loose” a job.) The overuse of exclamation points, quotation marks, and exclamation points is really aggravating.

  1. Formykids

    The fog is strong with this one…..
    More unsubstantiated drivel. I have a question, if it’s only a few bad apples, please name all the so called good apples, Gloria MB, Pam S., Kathy H., Carolyn W., etc., etc.? I think not. Please name all the good apples, and we here at PT will do our due diligence to see if they are indeed operating with integrity, teaching a proper P&L, having their people purchase only what they can sell, tracking actual retail sales, recruiting only actual people and not activating people themselves, etc., etc.

  2. raisinberry

    “You don’t realize by participating and going along with “the program” and do not stopping to say “I will not be a part of this madness” and make your own way not being scared to walk alone or search for someone not in your area who you can partner with and build integrity then you too are contributing to the madness. You group of HYPOCRITES!”

    I will not be a part of this madness. I will not seek out another MK Director who would ever continue the madness. Performing ethically in MK means low production and loss of Unit. Period. Since I no longer walk in Mary Kay, I walk HERE…but not alone. I walk with others who figured out at what cost, success in MK really is. The hypocrite is you.

  3. BestDecision

    No, because I have integrity is the reason I resigned. And it’s really hard to take you seriously when your grammar is an embarrassment to every teacher you’ve ever had. Congrats on recruiting only 15 people in 8 years. You’re really bringing in the money, aren’t you? And “living the dream”!

    1. pinkvictim

      Exactly! Almost verbatim the tired, memorized cliches are parroted by spelling and grammar challenged MKult victims.

      “I took 3 years off and never missed a commission check. “

      To be eligible for commission checks, you must be active with a $225 order every quarter, $900 a year, $2700 in three years. You purchased $2700 worth of product in those three years, but since you were “off” you didn’t sell any.

      Your first $8,100 in sales would have you just break even on that $2700. That’s ONLY if every single product is sold at full 100% retail AND you have zero expenses (33% self-employment tax is included in these calculations). But wait, almost all of the product you purchased would be either expired or “updated” by MKorpse thus practically unsalable. Let’s be generous, and say you could still sell a third of that, so you only need to sell $5400 to replace the $1800 lost. Now you have to buy current product to make that $5400 in sales to break even. In order to make that up, you would have to order $2700 of new product, and to cover the taxes on the sales of that $2700, you’re actually going to need to order $4050 and sell $8100 at full 100% retail AND have zero expenses (33% self-employment tax is included in these calculations). Using your own most generous figure of $1200 weeks (which you admit you don’t hit every week), you will need to spend, at bare minimum, almost 7 weeks slinging MKrap just to recoup the $2700. You have NOTHING to show for almost 2 months of work. How did you pay your rent/mortgage? Buy your food? Keep the electricity, gas and water turned on?

      There’s more! You admit that you give away free product and you buy gasoline for your appointments. Those are expenses you deduct from your gross profits. The actual amount of retail sales you need to make to break even on the $2700 you spent while you were “off” just went up. That means you had to buy more product and spend more time just to break even. Again, during those months you had to work to just BREAK EVEN, how did you pay your rent/mortgage? Buy your food? Keep the electricity, gas and water turned on?

      I think you’re fabricating some of your story. If not, pony up your Schedule C, and we’ll all get to see you prove us wrong.

  4. morningstar

    Speaking of BJ’s. Yesterday I saw a former DIQ in her new job, the one that pays every hour. She gives out samples at Costco. BTW she looked great in her hair net and mismatched (to her skin tone and white coat) MK lipstick – not. She had a shocked look on her face and no smile, and was sampling fiber pills. She was the darlin’ of the unit purchases. At least she is making some steady money now. I could not approach her, as not to embarrass her with my disguised praise or comments. I will- another day- say hello!

  5. enorth

    I just watched a video where the SD told her unit that the MK Starter Kit is on sale for $75…but only in her unit. If you want to sign up, you buy the Starter Kit for $100, and she will send you $25.

        1. BestDecision

          Sure! A Director or even a recruiter incentivize anything they want. It’s stupid for them to do so on just a Starter Kit because you don’t make any commissions on them. So, if someone gets cold feet, they’ve lost $25. More examples of how idiotic their financial savvy is!

  6. onelessSD

    more blah, blah, blah… attach your schedule C (that’s the silly little IRS form you have to fill out each year) and we’ll see how wonderful you’re doing. I know my bank account is so happy once I got OUT of MK.

    Until we see proof of your claims, they mean nothing to us. Keep on smokin’ what you’re smokin’.

  7. ran4fun

    She sure put a lot of energy into that. Personally I was exhausted just reading it! And my ears are hurting from all the shouting she did.

    When will they learn that this is not an effective communication strategy? All we ask for is verifiable proof of their claims.

    Speaking of her claims – she said she has 3 offspring directors under her, but she herself is only a red jacket. Is that even possible? Or did I misunderstand her?

      1. MLM Radar

        So a Red Jacket does get a commission on her downline SD’s personal orders. I wondered about that.

        At least one of the MLMs my DH was involved in required you to be at the same level or higher than your recruit to collect any commission. If your recruit became a Director and you were still a Consultant/Distributor, you got cut out of all future commissions.

    1. raisinberry

      And I will add, Tracy is an expert witness and finds FRAUD for a living! I wonder if her recruiter rues the day she thought that sugar sharp redhead would make a great consultant!

      1. TRACY

        My recruiter was MK4LIFE!!! She had a plan to be an NSD within 5 years after becoming a sales director in 2000. Well…. in 2016 she finally lost her unit and gave up. Zero offspring directors in that 16 years. I can only imagine how painful it all must have been.

  8. M

    So, according to her it’s okay if you sign up unsuspecting or fake people under you, as long as you later replace them with real ones? Just so I’m clear. You know, since my integrity is so at-risk.

  9. SoNotPink

    For those Pink Truth detractors, I always wonder what brings them here in the first place. If things in MK land are so great and happy, how did you stumble upon Pink Truth? And yeah.. without a Schedule C prepared by a quality, knowledgeable, and professional accountant… none of it happened, dearie.

    1. BestDecision

      But let us be mindful that there’s a lot of omissions in tax forms, per many chats I’ve had with other Directors through the years. When a Leadership luncheon turns into how to get out of an audit and how to quickly get your numbers ready, it’s a bad, bad sign.

  10. I once was lost

    I was in MK back in 2002. These “Christian” women are vile, evil, liars that will do anything to get you to order more products then you need. No you don’t need full inventory, especially when they keep changing and not for the better. The quality is horrendous, you get less product for more money. “Training” is a complete joke. Everyone knows by now that when a consultant is so sweet to you it is completely fake. Sisterhood my @&$? The second you quite your sisters stop all communication. That is not a bad thing. They get their hackles up because they know everything that is said on this site is the truth. Notice it never gets taken down, you can’t fight the truth. “Ladies”

    1. MLM Radar

      They’re not Christian at all. They’re just fakers, like Simon Magus (Simon the Sorceror) of Acts 8:9-24, or the self-deceived “doers of might works in His name” of Matthew 7:21-23.

      There are plenty of warnings in the Bible about false shepherds, and you’ll find a lot of those false shepherds luring people into MLMs with bible verses and empty promises.

  11. pinkvictim

    Just reading again, and this gem stuck out:

    You all need to take personal responsibility for the roles you play in your own deception.

    Victim blaming. No blame placed on the real offenses committed by the deceiver, just, “It’s your fault you were deceived.”

    How about this: “You all need to take personal responsibility for the role you play in your own rape.”

    Given that many victims of cults, including victims of MLM commercial cults of greed, often speak of being spiritually, or psychologically, raped, I think my analogy is quite apt.

    And yeah, MKult is THAT bad.

  12. Mercure

    ….wow. What a pile of raging, frothing schmutz. All I got out of that was ‘you’re all negative it’s your fault REEEEEE–‘.

    and good lawd, why can none of these Kaybot pod-people Stepfordbots ever spell and format their nonsense? They always type in giant, tedious walls of text.

  13. kimisan03

    I find it interesting that almost all of the negative posts actually start out fairly intelligently–calm, controlled, and with few spelling or punctuation errors. And yet by the end, they’re screaming and misspelling all over the place. Have you noticed the claims get more exaggerated the angrier they get?

  14. Deflated Pink Bubble

    After the first 2 paragraphs all I read was blah, blah, blah. Same crap regurgitated from the last drive by consultant. Why is it that all of these fog headed kaybots say the same thing? Somebody please come up with some new material. This same ol’ same ol’ is getting redundant.

    This chick is lying through her teeth about everything she claims to have done with Mary Crap. She isn’t making any money. We know it and she knows it.

    Why was she here to start with? Aren’t they “warned” about us? Oh yeah, that’s how I found us all those years ago! LOL

    I need new material from these idiots.

  15. Mickey Brad

    Proud of the time in and only a dead red with supposed three directors….I dont buy that! Yes, serious editing and spell check training is needed. After a few paragraphs I quit reading. All you negative Nancy’s out there-don’t bother posting unless you attach a honest before God schedule C. You will not be believed by any of us, so don’t waste your time, ok?

  16. Mickey Brad

    Proud of the time in and only a dead red with supposed three directors….I dont buy that! Yes, serious editing and spell check training is needed. After a few paragraphs I quit reading. All you negative Nancy’s out there-don’t bother posting unless you attach a honest before God schedule C. You will not be believed by any of us, so don’t waste your time, ok?

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