Pink Truth Is So Negative!

Here are a handful of comments from Pink Truth critics. It’s fun to be reminded how negative we are. It’s a good thing we’re really so positive… positive that Mary Kay Sucks!!!

From Giovanna:

the negative comments make me sick! everything is so negative when you want to see it like that…. it’s better to get over and move forward . If Mk is past, leave it in the past… my advise! don’t live regretting things! it’s life and nothing is perfect! for those who claim that the MK is free ad. of course, but you are the one who is driving it.. so i guess that’s is a good thing in life, being able to drive a car! don’t be so negative…

From Renee:

Why does the Pink Truth go on and on with such negativity? If you don’t like Mary Kay that is your choice but your raging ragging is over the top!! Why not take all that negative energy and try to start your own business doing something else? Little, medium, big businesses succeed OR FAIL everyday in the US. That is called Capitalism and Freedom. Get over your failure as Mary Kay reps! Move on!! This is a sick sight! Sorry I stumbled on it but interesting to see how many like to blame someone else for their failures.

From Linda:

None of your negative comments get to me. You are ALL catty females that thought MK was a get rich quick scheme. from the looks of it. I just joined MK in November, but at 60 years of age, with a Nursing career behind me (which ultimately messed up my back) and babysitting my God son four days a week for 24/7, how is it that I am doing sales of a MINIMUM of $100/wk. WITHOUT really putting out a lot of effort?

In the course of my lifetime, I have known a LOT of women. The negative thinkers NEVER succeed at ANYTHING as long as they MUST pick apart anything that they didn’t succeed at themselves.

I’ve learned that these negative thinkers can only find validation in themselves if they put others down, be it groups or individuals. Only those who failed at their endeavors because of their own lack of effort and positive drive in life will cluster together, because MISERY LOVES COMPANY.

So, ladies, having stumbled upon this site, and gaining nothing but sour grapes, I will take my leave of your bitter negativity, because when one is not being lifted up, one is wise to extricate oneself from the trappings of being surrounded by unhappy people.

Au revoir, Mes Amie’s! Auf Wiedersehen!

From Yair:

ok, i have like a billion things i would like to say and i dont even know where to start, but what you do is wrong, i dont know if you worked or not(which must have been the case) but your trategy was the wrong one. you should keep this kind of things to your self, this make you look like a b%$#. mary kay really changed my life, im not in mary kay but my mom is, she is an excecutive sales director, and i live from mary kay, and believe me that the life style that she gives me i dont think she can afford it in another job. shou should think before oppening your mouth. i live from mary kay and i live good.



  1. JanRD

    “You are ALL catty females that thought MK was a get rich quick scheme.”

    This is one of several comments that demonstrate how the critics of PT have no clue about the people who write the articles for this site. I hope someone who has been in MK will set them straight, but I’m guessing this is a lost cause. What I see from the posts of those who have emerged from the pink fog is a group of hard working people who achieved some level of success in MK, but whose eyes were opened to the lack of integrity in this MLM. They have since gone on to successful careers in other professions that don’t require them to size up every woman they meet as a potential customer, hostess, or recruit.

    The multiple spelling and grammar errors really diminish the credibility of these comments. I am close to having red ink corrections on my computer screen.

    1. Happyandfree

      So true. So many of us on here were successful. So many of the women on here walked across that seminar stage. But then they realized none of it was genuine or honest. I hope one day their eyes will be opened to the reality of it all.

    2. BestDecision

      No, I gave it over a decade and never got rich. These women truly are dumb as rocks to think all of us on here ordered our kits and expected magic. No, some of us actually worked nights, weekends, rearranged or delayed vacations around company events or deadlines, and sacrificed a lot despite this being a dead end street.

  2. raisinberry

    As a new consultant or Director I would have said exactly the same things. Let’s face it, you just don’t know what you don’t know.

    As a early player, you are just regurgitating the programming that has been told to you. It is when you work your MK business, rise up the career path, win a car, do what you are told and never be negative, that you start realizing at what cost you have done these things.

    Ever tell a lie in Mary Kay? No? Uh, ok, did you tell your neighbor that you were asked to bring the face model for Monday night meeting? Make her think it was more important than it really was?

    Did you tell your new customer that you were challenged by your Director to do practice interviews because you are moving into management? Did you tell her you just need her opinion?

    Ever call a client and beg her to listen so you could get credit for some non existent contest? Ever call customers and try so many bait offers you couldn’t remember which ones you told them? Ever call fishbowl ladies and tell them they won a free makeover?

    Have you not realized yet that each of these examples are sales manipulation and fraud? Whatever bait you use, it is BAIT and it is FALSE, and sooner or later all this training makes it real easy to slip down the slope and sign up iffy team members to reach a deadline or add production that falls short. IT IS ENCOURAGED. Only you don’t know that from your happy little entrance point in Mary Kay.

    We aren’t negative. We are warning you.

    1. JanRD

      Colleen, congratulations on your success! Who doesn’t love a good sandwich?! And also to others who have gone on to enjoy a variety of careers that may or may not include owning a business. You have a customer base that does not require you to book and recruit. If and when you decide to sell your business, you have that option. You can’t do that with MK.

  3. pinkvictim

    There are so many it’s hard to choose, but I’ll just pick one:

    I just joined MK in November, but at 60 years of age…

    you will never qualify for NSD.

    It makes me wonder: Will this woman spend the final years of her life chasing the illusion? Will she come to the realization on her death bed that she was scammed? The thought brings tears to my eyes.

    MKult destroys lives.

  4. ran4fun

    “babysitting my God son four days a week for 24/7”

    doesn’t she know what 24/7 means?

    24 hours a day…7 days a week… but she does it 4 days a week, not 7…

    Stretching out her I-story!

  5. Heather

    What’s odd is that it would be soooo easy for these gals to prove that Pink Truth is spewing lies and is run by jealous hags. Show the evidence! Prove you’re right – that Mary Kay is enriching women. Show your tax returns, pay statements, AND your expenses (surely you kept the receipts…all businesswomen know to keep the receipts). Business is a numbers game and numbers don’t lie. Submit your evidence or shut up.

  6. Formykids

    The won’t because they can’t. That is the very heart of the massive con game. If they were right about all of their claims and had verifiable proof(which they absolutely would have if they were telling the truth) then they would be shouting it from the rooftops and posting it on billboards. It would be their single greatest recruiting tool. Lies lies lies. That is all they have.

  7. Changeyourthinking

    When they can’t prove that they’re making any money, they will say that MK enriches lives in other ways (friends, faith, confidence, etc). This is another way they keep you fogged. I mistakenly believed that MK was the best thing that ever happened to me even while I was not making anything and digging a financial hole. If you say you aren’t making money, you will be told: 1. to do more faces 2. That you must not care about money otherwise you’d be making more 3. You’re selfish and greedy. It wasn’t until I found a group of friends outside of MK (that I wasn’t trying to recruit), that i realized I can find all the “enrichment” of MK outside of it without the guilt, manipulation, and financial ruin. So my advice for all those caught in the fog is to join a bible study, do some volunteer work, have a girls night out, and STOP throwing money into the sinking pink ship!

    1. JanRD

      “So my advice for all those caught in the fog is to join a bible study, do some volunteer work, have a girls night out, and STOP throwing money into the sinking pink ship!”

      Never been in MK (except as a former customer), but can testify that all these suggestions are great alternatives that are not financially and emotionally draining.

    2. BestDecision

      I have never felt like I had true friendships until I got out of MK. The conversations can now be REAL, not “great” and “unbelivable” anymore. I don’t walk away thinking I need to do more, more, more because someone else spent the whole time talking about how she revamped this or that with her unit. I don’t associate with the lowest scum of the earth who talk about praying, quote scripture, and then lie to customers and unit members alike about their “executive income”. Those same “Godly” people dropped me like a hot potato once I resigned, and not one of them have reached out to me since.

      Well said advice you gave!

  8. Abby

    What, does MK send people to some kind of camp where they have all of their spelling and punctuation skills taken away??? Almost every pro-MK post I’ve seen is riddled with spelling errors and/or has terrible grammar.

  9. cindylu

    Although these ladies may think PT has individuals that are mean spirited, that simply isn’t true. PT is a warning to those who believe what they are told by their SD’s and NSD’s. From the very beginning when MK herself interviewed Jackie Brown the very first director, she gave stories on how to mislead women into buying. Since the market in Texas was wide open (no internet and a lot of stay at home women), it was easier back then to have a skin care class that held. There weren’t dozens of skin care or make up brands. Women didn’t mind having a few friends over during the day. MK taught how to convince those women into become consultants. Back then women’s careers and salaries were limited. Jackie was able to build her unit quickly and along the way MK herself realized that Jackie might surpass her and so the mlm format was quickly changed to make the process harder. Even now extra rules and tiers are added in to mostly set the Directors up for failure. The worst thing that happened was in more titles being added and relying on credit cards to front load products. I joined and within weeks the products I had ordered became obsolete. No one bought the limited edition Christmas products (especially not the perfumes or men’s products). Decades later the company hasn’t changed their marketing one iota. I have never ever seen MK products being advertised in any main stream magazine, tv commercial or any celebrity mention MK. The Shirley Maclaine “Hell on Heels” portrayed a less than favorable depiction of MK. I worked very hard trying to sell product. Almost everyone I tried to book a class with hated the idea. For many years the mlm industry: Tupperware, Avon, Scentsy, Weekender, Amway, Pampered Chef etc had used women. Women don’t want to be conned into going to a make up party where the pushy MK woman has them put on their own skin care and make up (because the MK lady isn’t allowed to touch their face and knows nothing about real glamour). Women are busy and hard working. Nowadays they don’t have time to bug their friends to come over to a fake makeover party. As a MK representative I spent far too much time away from my family. Women expect heavily discounted products. In the end the cost of donating products, the mail outs, advertising, samples, business cards, seminar etc were just not wort it. My health failed. No one cared. A company ridiculously advertised as for women is run mostly by men. PT is here because even after causing financial harm and ruining families, the deception continues. As women we want to warn others that it isn’t about getting even. It is about putting out a buyer beware that faith and family will be trampled on. A regular job will be less problematic and more financially beneficial. You cannot succeed in this working part time. Going to a strangers house is actually not really safe and door to door sales mostly doesn’t work anymore. We are simply exhausted by the repetition of half truths, untruths or meaningless slogans. Thousands of women are NOT making an unlimited salary. Most never have and never will earn executive income so stop believing the MK fable.

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