Everything is Scripted in Mary Kay

Written by Happy and Free

The love, the encouragement, the enthusiasm, the “heart-to-heart” conversations with your Mary Kay sales director, it has all been scripted.

I didn’t realize this until after I left and found Pink Truth. I was in Mary Kay for 4 years, and truly believed these women cared about me.  I’ve known my former director most of my life, babysat her youngest, and hung out with her middle child. I’ve known my former offspring director since high school.

When I told them I was quitting, they pulled out all the stops. But, I thought they were being genuine, they weren’t going to change my mind, but I believed they were genuine in their words… And then came Pink Truth and I found out… Everything is scripted. Every conversation about me leaving was full of “lines.”

  • “What would your life look like a year from now without Mary Kay?”
  • “How would your life improve if you stayed?”
  • “What if we changed your plan of action, this business can fit into your life with ease.”
  • “We’ll still be friends even if you choose to leave. Nothing will change.”
  • “Don’t return your product, you don’t want to close that door.”
  • “What if something were to happen to your husband, what will you do?” (It’s called life insurance, and definitely not Mary Kay)
  • “Your husband isn’t supportive. Mary Kay said you can do this business with a man, or without one, but not against one.” (My naive heart thought this meant you should quit if your husband isn’t supportive, I now realize Mary Kay meant it the other way. Not cool, dude! My husband trumps your pyramid scheme every time!
  • “Let me buy your product off of you, it would be a huge help to me, and I’ll pay you 100%”  Yeah, don’t do this. Sell it back to corporate who will take their sweet ole time with it, but at least you get a check, and a lot less interest on your card.

I write all this hoping that a woman who is thinking of quitting Mary Kay but hasn’t because of the “friendships” will have the courage to leave. It will be hard when you leave at first, like surgery taking a part of a unnecessary organ… You didn’t need it, but it was a part of you for so long. But it will get better, you’ll find genuine friends (I’m thankful I never burned bridges, I see now they wanted me to, so I just never talked about those friends while around Mary Kay people.)

Join a church, go to a workout class, join a mom’s group… It will get better. But just get out, don’t wait another day.


  1. Tanya

    They did that to me too. All scripted and once they found out I sent everything back anyway and they had to pay back commissions, they unfriended me on Facebook and said a ton of stuff behind my back to others on my former team. So glad I left!

    1. Changeyourthinking

      Yep! As soon as I sent my product back, my former SSD unfriended me on FB. My guess is they can’t stand to see someone being happy and successful without them.

  2. Cindylu

    My SD treated most of us so coldly even her one and only Director refused to have meetings with her (unless absolutely necessary). That director once told me that my SD had sabotaged her attempts at Red Jacket and Director. It was all about finding women who would buy product and recruit a few. Then when they left my SD would steal their recruits and customers. Nice. When I became quite ill neither my SD or any of my unit members called or visited me. Over twenty years later she is still an SD and the other Director is still just a Director. Even though my SD was one of the very first to be able to recruit in Canada, she failed big time. Imagine having the opportunity to help recruit within an entire country along with her NSD and my SD still failed miserably.

  3. MLM Radar

    •“Let me buy your product off of you, it would be a huge help to me, and I’ll pay you 100%”

    Not long ago we had a gal here whose Director told her exactly this. She believed the line, and delivered her boxes to the Director instead of the UPS truck.

    The Director never paid her a dime.

    It gets worse. Three months later, once Seminar was over (the Director got her “unit production” recognition), and when the one-year return deadline had expired for most of the products, the Director dumped the boxes back on the trusting consultant. She had to scramble to return what she could to get a portion of her money back from MKC.

    Ladies, NEVER FALL FOR THIS! When you’re getting ready to dispose of your inventory, never hand it off to your Director to sell. Your Director already has piles and piles of her own inventory she can’t sell. She won’t sell yours.

    Now there may be someone in your MK unit who specializes in “going out of business” sales. We had such a gal in our (non-MK) office. Every month or so she’d show up with a boxful of “50% off” merchandise and the women in our office would pick through it. This gal would take a cut of the proceeds, and return the unwanted items to the consultant to be sent back to MK. In the end the consultant didn’t make any more money off the GOOB sales than she would have by just returning it. But the Director managed to dodge some of the commission chargebacks. Also, we always knew that we could get whatever we wanted at “50% off” so none of us would buy anything from active consultants.

    But don’t delivery your inventory to your Director. Not only is she unlikely to sell it, you’re also giving her the opportunity to switch your inventory with hers, meaning that whatever you get back can’t be returned to MK. I’m not saying all Directors would switch inventories, because there are many well-meaning Directors who try to do MK the “right” way. We have a bunch of honest ex-Directors here. But there are still plenty of “do whatever it takes” active Directors who wouldn’t hesitate to rationalize an inventory switcheroo if given the chance.

  4. Jason Houston

    ‘Happy and Free’ wrote,

    “Let me buy your product off of you, it would be a huge help to me, and I’ll pay you 100%” Yeah, don’t do this. Sell it back to corporate who will take their sweet ole time with it, but at least you get a check, and a lot less interest on your card.”

    I hate to sound naïve, but could you explain how this obvious rip-off works?

    1. TRACY

      The sales director never actually pays you. Most often, she’ll just drag things out until the point when you can’t return your products to MK anymore. The worse possibility is that she takes your products, but never pays you.

  5. Jason Houston

    I just read the 2006 letter, “Mary Kay’s Official Stance on Pink Truth”, by someone calling himself Darrell Overcash.

    C’mon, Darrell. Is this your legal name? Or the latest subtle fraud you concocted to keep your victims snowed under a blizzard of false security?

    I’m sure you covertly read these pages when no one’s looking, so I would appreciate an honest answer.

    If you have one.

    1. TRACY

      He’s retired from the company, and that’s really his name. I’m sure he doesn’t read here. He’s too busy counting all the money he made from this disgusting company.

  6. CaraMiaTish

    I remember one of my team members, whom I didn’t know very well she was a really great friend of one of my recruits, passed away in a tragic accident. I got sympathy cards and an outpouring of love.

    My beloved grandmother passed away and not one word. No Facebook messages, no posts on my statuses as I put my grief about her out there and certainly no cards or even hugs at meetings. I was destroyed by her death.

    This is where I knew I couldn’t stay in a place where their support was conditional. Even my Director, who was my childhood best friend, wasn’t there as I mourned unless it was to talk about my Mary Kay business even after I asked her to stop I wasn’t ready to look at it yet.

    – Tish

  7. Nichole

    When I got out of mk, back in 2010, it was during the time when you could still return EVERYTHING that you had bought since joining. Since I still considered my adopted director a friend (haven’t heard a peep from her in the seven years since I left though), I offered to do a swap with her. It really was WIN-WIN (sort of) for both of us. Since mk only limited what you could return by what you had spent to buy product, I swapped my (then) current Timewise skincare products for her Limited Edition makeup palettes, dollar for dollar. She got product that she could sell (without having to buy more) and I was still able to max out my return.
    She’s on LinkedIn. She’s still in. So is my former (actual) director. Combined, they have approximately 50 years in mk. So very sad.

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