Mary Kay Myth: Seminar Will Change Your Life!

Written by SuzyQ

Seminar will change your life? Um, not so much.  Mary Kay Seminar will change your economic picture for a while.  (I wonder if MK has paid attention to the costs to do seminar… gas, airline tickets, hotels, meals, banquets, etc.  It would appear not.) But ask yourself how much REALLY changed in your Mary Kay business after you came back from seminar.

It’s interesting.  We are told that the training at seminar will change your business. You will go from mediocre to stellar after your classes.  And then Mary Kay tells us there is nothing new…  it’s the same thing… no magic:  Book, Sell, Book, Recruit.  So simple.

But not easy, if it was easy, everybody would be doing it.  You have to raise your deserve level.  You have to understand deep in your heart, that you are NOT “bugging” people when you call, you are offering them the #1 selling product in the US, and you are offering them the opportunity to change their lives!  You have to listen to my heart and know that MK is the BEST OPPORTUNITY around, and you might just be the answer to someone’s prayer.

Newbies will be told how to get to Red Jackets.  Reds to Team Leaders, and Team Leaders to Future Directors.  Your name badges will be checked prior to entry into the rooms, so no sneaking in on the higher level training…

New directors will be taught to build their units to 50.  Those with 50-75 will be taught to find DIQ’s.  And those with 100+ will be taught retention, and how to build off-spring.  All will be taught about recruiting.  Very little about how to sell.  Selling is not the point.  Ordering is the point.

The directors will have their own special meeting.  They will be told what the fall launch is (you already know, thanks to PT) and will be told how to use all the boffo unit training materials that will be coming out in the fall to help with retention and recruiting.  They will be given a sneak peek at the make-overs on InTouch where you can upload a person’s pic and play with colors that way— on your ACTUAL customer.  That’s assuming you have a digital camera, but nevertheless, so very cool.  And the ads that are going to run on TV and in print will be shown to much clapping and hooting, and a few tears.

Everyone will be shown a video clip of Mary Kay, herself, speaking at a long ago seminar.  Remember though, nothing has changed, so it’s okay.  And you will again marvel at the width of her shoulder pads and the height of her hair, and secretly wonder if anyone else is marveling at this, too.  Some people will cry here, too.

You will be herded like cattle this way and that, and everyone will be really polite, and really heavily fragranced, and really hot and sweaty.  You will also witness the Christian/Faith first thing at meals.  Much praying at seminar.  Lots of Scripture will be cited and Jesus will be called upon more than usual.  Are you Jewish? Muslim?  Agnostic?  Wiccan?  Anything other than “Christian?”  Geez, so sorry, but this may be the opportunity for you to take a look at that, too.  Gotta love those “Christian” values.

Things you will hear ad nauseum:

1) Mary Kay is recession-proof
2) You are at the right place at the right time
3) You are poised for success
4) Once again, Mary Kay is #1 in sales
5) The sales of the mineral line exceeded all projections, by at least 400%
6) The Mary Kay US is growing by leaps and bounds;  recruiting has broken records
7) Mary Kay International is growing by leaps and bounds;  recruiting has broken records
8) These are tough economic times, and aren’t you grateful because you don’t have to worry about job security
9) The sky is the limit, so shoot for the moon and you will land among the stars
10) If you believe, you can achieve

And my personal favorite:

11) Mary Kay is cutting edge and trend-setting

See?  You didn’t even have to go!


  1. Jamming Berry

    MK Is cutting edge and trendy? Did anyone see the Limited Edition holiday items? A $12 beauty sponge? A perfume shaped like a bow for $36? Eye lash curlers for $12? Does anyone use those anymore? My mom had one in her drawer back in the 80s and I don’t think she even used it then. And of course the men’s $5 bag. Who buys any of this?

    1. BestDecision

      The same shimmery colors in the palettes that are now out of style. Matte formulas are what is selling. And no to all the other junky items. I rarely ever sold fragrance except to someone who wanted a discontinued one from the 80s.

  2. QueenOfTheTanned

    yeah…it was not impressive. AT ALL. The palettes you build yourself from buying six eye colors and a compact–you know, the same colors they have ALL YEAR? Pffft. And those colors AREN’T on trend. Nude Palette? hahahaha. Not here. Though–I do use my eye lash curler (heat it up a little with your blow dryer and carefully give those lashes a little boost!). 😉 But I certainly didn’t pay $12 for it!

    1. Jamming Berry

      Holy good gracious! That Men’s stuff was so hard to sell!!! No husbands want it — and that beach towel they had that one season as the men’s gift for Father’s Day! Hahahahahaaha—- I was lucky in that I sold some of it at random sales, but it was all the things my SD stuck me with from the start. I never restocked any more men’s things. A gal once ordered some cologne and before it arrived she changed her mind on which type, so I had to order a different one. Was stuck with that for a long time and finally donated it to an auction.

  3. Pinkiu

    I think there is a special class for SDs about how to craftily fill your new recruit’s first order with items that will be soon discontinued, colors that don’t fit her most probable customer base, men’s products and perfumed items. If this isn’t taught at seminar, you know there is a “hush, hush, wink, wink” session about this somewhere.

    1. BestDecision

      They actually never taught us how to order inventory for our units. We had to learn it through trial & error ourselves, which can take awhile and with lots of mistakes.

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