The Myth of Stability In Mary Kay

A favorite pass time of many Mary Kay sales directors is bashing “Corporate America.” They refer to jobs as “J.O.B. – Journey of the Broke” and generally criticize the lack of flexibility surrounding traditional jobs.What they forget to mention is the steady paycheck, the benefits, the paid vacation, and all sorts of nice things.

One of the big fallacies they promote is that Mary Kay offers stability, while Corporate America does not. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, things in Corporate America can change quickly, and jobs can be lost. But Mary Kay is really the height of instability.employers offer to their employees.

Ask any sales director or former sales director. “Dialing for dollars” is a monthly ritual. Your earnings are based upon whether your unit has had a good recruiting month. You depend upon orders by consultants (usually for unneeded products) in order to earn your living.

When you can’t stand another moment on the hamster wheel and you step back to evaluate your life and your future in Mary Kay, your earnings quickly begin to dwindle. How stable is that?

Here’s an email sent out by a director who criticizes Corporate America, while singing the praises of Mary Kay:

I was on my treadmill this morning when my friend called to inform me that she could not go to my sisters 40th Birthday in California she had been planning to attend (they are best friends). She is in the mortgage and title business and with one of not only the Fortune 500 Company’s but the top 250. She is in charge of the Central Florida Region and she was informed that she will have to lay off even more people. She was making “great” money, as you could imagine, in the industry and now her income has dropped quite a bit… not to mention her job is on the line with “re-organization”.

I told her I thought she was calling to tell me she was ready to be a Director with Mary Kay. She said that she may be calling me.

I think you are getting the picture (I hope since I am not great at writing my thoughts). I hung up with her and  immediately gave thanks to Mary Kay who put so much on the line herself so that people like us have such a great opportunity to not only make a living but a life.

That’s right “an opportunity” is what I said, not a job because an opportunity is what you make of it and we have a choice. My friend and her co-workers gave their ALL and it still does not matter as to whether they will have a job or not. Are you giving your business your ALL?? Have I worked hard in my business?

Absolutely, it is a privilege to work. I have seen my friend outwork me under the table in her industry and she may have to change careers with much less pay and she does not have her own business like I have. MY income is based on my attitude and consistent work habits. Only I can fire myself by not working.

There are so many women right now that don’t even know if they will have a job in two weeks not only in that industry but in others that are also affected because of it  and we can make a difference. Are you out of your  house meeting people that God may want to put in your path? Are you willing to get out of your box and problems to talk to a woman, pamper her and maybe change her life?

I know my life was changed because I chose to work my business when I did NOT want to and I was a tough boss on myself so I would not have to have a boss. This is a great opportunity and you know that YOU have the power to get what you want out of it by what you do every day, big or little. Believe it deep down in your core and you can take people with you to the top by your example.

I share this with you not because I do not think that you do not appreciate what we have but so you can share this example with other prospects and show them how there are other options and most importantly HOPE!!

You are women on a mission, making a difference and I believe in you. I believe that you can have all you want for yourselves from this business financially and with intangibles. I DO BELIEVE THAT IN MY CORE!!!!!

Success is not for the chosen few but the few that choose!!!

I am glad I chose Success with no other options, no back doors.


  1. BestDecision

    What you won’t hear any Director admit is how unstable January, July, February, August, and December are. 5 out of 12 months. Good thing my corporate career doesn’t dip in any month!

  2. Formykids

    The good news is you can never lose your job in MK, although you could lose status, i.e. Lose directorship and move back down to IBC…….as long as you continue to order the minimum amount you get to stay in and that is your choice. The bad news is that if you never fire yourself and stay on the hamster wheel you will continue to have your money siphoned to the top and have no benefits to boot. Plus you do not own your own business, you are a contracted minion of MK. Just do the math. Look around Facebook, your immediate area, your seminar and count how many are calling themselves future nationals as compared to how many there actually are, and notice that MK is shrinking, down from 5 seminars to 4. Stay in and you will lose your shirts, and possibly your family. God does not want this for you.

    1. enorth

      “you can never lose your job in MK, although you could lose status”

      I was never in MK or other MLM, but I listen to their training videos while I’m doing gardening, etc. Today, I heard a sad MK video. SD held a call with three team members about getting into DIQ. One of the team members is a labor/delivery nurse, and she spoke up about not being successful with her MK Scavenger Hunt game. “People just aren’t responding to my texts.”

      Wait. a. minute.

      Lady, you’re a labor and delivery nurse, one of the most important careers ever. Stressful? I’m sure. But, you are obviously a pretty smart woman and went through a lot of time, education and training for that job. I’m sure you’re paid well and you get good benefits.

      Why in the world would you put yourself into a so-called “career” where you corral potential customers/recruits through games and scavenger hunts? Just because your SD pleads with everyone and says she wants her Cadillac by Christmas?

      Stop the insanity!

      1. BestDecision

        Because those of us who were in MK were sold lies about better hours, better do-workers, more appreciation, etc. Nurses make more money than base Cadillac Directors. Most nurses work just 3 days a week, yet Directors work sometimes 7 days/week. Personally, I never felt off even when I was on vacation because you’re always wondering what’s going on with production, who followed through on their promises, what negativity you e got to come home to.

  3. Cindylu

    Most Jobs or Careers MK makes fun of provide actual weekly pay checks and other perks. At the end of those careers are memories of children, intact marriages, vacations, retirement funds, savings etc. While I was in MK I was often away from my husband and children. I was constantly having what trivial amounts I made siphoned back into MK. The cost of seminar, the training, advertising, packaging to make the products more appealing, cost of fuel and cost for samples etc. One way or another the MK industry will get back every penny of the hard earned money of their sales force. Constantly changing the products so that the consultants and directors have no choice but buy more unsellable products. It seems that every single aspect of this company is designed so that the salesperson pays the vast majority of the costs. I’ve worked for businesses where my uniform, training, travel expenses business related (including meals etc.) and other perks were included. In the end I retired with a decent pension, savings and my family intact. The only Journey of The Broke is in believing the hype of making executive salary as a director. Even becoming an NSD in MK is mostly a lost cause since this mlm scheme has been around exploiting women for decades. It’s amazing anyone is falling for this scheme after many mother’s, daughters etc have been exploited for all these years.

  4. Kris*4

    It’s fun to be in a networking meeting and have another member (who is in MLM) talk about the evil corporate america…which I’m (and fellow members) are part of, giving our employees a real job with paychecks we sign.

    And this MK consultant’s ‘own business’? One that she dreamed up, agonized over a name for, built a website, filed with the state and other govt agencies, pays insurance and workers comp on, markets, sells products and services that she designed/named/priced, and is a business that can be sold or inherited? I didn’t think so.

  5. MLM Radar

    I was on my treadmill this morning when my friend called…

    This is probably the only genuine statement in that whole I-story.

    How ironic that she should start her MK testimony by saying she was on a treadmill. She just didn’t realize the full truth of those words.

  6. enorth

    In Mary Kay, you won’t enjoy a steady paycheck, paid holidays, paid vacation, benefits or pension.

    However, if you work hard enough, you might earn the coveted Mary Kay “Shoot for the Moon” bracelet.

    1. MLM Radar

      When you own a real business you take risks, but you can pay yourself a salary that includes vacation time and real benefits.

      Better yet, you can take a real vacation without worrying about some other company taking your business away from you, because you didn’t meet their overblown purchasing quota.

      If some other company can force you out, without buying you out, you DON’T own a business. You’re just a poorly paid outside sales rep.

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