No Doesn’t Really Mean NO in Mary Kay

Here is an email response from a recruiter who has just been told that the friend has changed her mind about joining Mary Kay and won’t make any big decisions without praying and getting input from her husband. She says she’ll let the recruiter know if she ever changes her mind about Mary Kay:

No hard feelings whatesoever! This is an opportunity that could change your life, but I do understand that it is something that you should speak to your husband about and God about before you start. Why don’t you think about this once you have prayed…if money is the issue, your debut will cover it and if it does not, I will personally purchase your kit! I am so confident that I won’t need to though.

Also, if it is the timing….why not give it a shot!? You have nothing to lose! If it is because you may be nervous about beginning your own business…I am here for you to train, encourage, and help you in any way you may need. I believe you are awesome and would be so incredible as a consultant, but how will we ever know unless you give it a shot! There are many people who are hesitant about beginning this business, but that is a great thing because that means that you are smart and want to make good decisions for your life. It would be odd if you were to just sign up before even hearing about the business!

I am not offended or hurt at all if you don’t join simply because I would never want you to do anything you don’t want to do! My dream is my dream, and I will make it happen. I would love to talk soon and clear up any questions you may have about Mary Kay or concerns you and Chris may have. Would you still like to meet with me and my sales director on Thursday night for soem makeup time? Take care!


  1. Jamming Berry

    “Your debut will cover it?” OMgosh! Yikes! Sure my debut was a cash haul, but for reasons stated on this site: It was all my friends bring nice and supporting me and little did I realize it at the time — making the pity purchase.

    Everything that I sold at the debut my SD told me to ore-order, even though I still had plenty of those items to sell. So I re-stocked what I didn’t need anymore of, essentially wasting my profits and not knowing it, since I was new. Did my friend, my recruiter let on to this? No way! She needed her check!

  2. cindylu

    I also invited friends and neighbors who weren’t interested but did me a favor. I made a few pity sales. I winced when my SD congratulated me for my initial order. Why was I being thanked simply for ordering product? My neighbor wasn’t too happy to be dragged over last minute just so I had 3 at a skin care class. Heck of a way to peeve off friends and acquaintances. None of them returned for my two Christmas Open Houses while I continually struggled to do those ridiculous classes. Rarely did anyone actually buy products. Don’t break up the set. That mantra that put us on a guilt trip when in reality absolutely NO ONE actually wants these second rate over priced products.

    1. Jamming Berry

      Ohh— half my debut customers never bought again either even though my SD asked them all — if they would be my customers and I believed her UGH! What a train wreck. The makeup was so hard to get rid of and those awful sets. Stuff no one wants.

  3. Lazy Gardens

    These women have been trained that the way into your pants wallet is to never take no for an answer, keep assuming you’ll give in and ignore all social clues and boundaries.

    Do they realize they are acting like those sleazy guys in bars who won’t take no for an answer … unless you knee them in the nads, rake their groping hands with your car keys and throw a flaming drink in their face? Because some guy on the Internet told them that the way to get laid is to “Assume the yes” and keep on seducing until she gives in.

    1. D. Phillips

      Bravo Lazy Gardens. Painting the picture of MKbots as sleazy, stalking, groping men is right on point. How can these women live with themselves knowing they are abusing their fellow friends, relatives and neighbors?
      It actually makes me sick to my stomach realizing that I was conned into this life of sleaze for a few years.

  4. Kiki

    I had that when I was trying to recruit (never had much luck, no surprise). My potential recruit set up a time for the weekend because she worked two jobs during the week. My ISD insisted we talk that very day and kept at me to talk to my potential recruit but she was at her job that actually pays. I finally told my ISD straight up that “I’m not going to call my potential recruit right now because she’s at work!”. She finally backed off. It occurred to me the reason why she was crazy eager, because it was the coming end of the seminar year and every recruit with potential inventory order counts. My potential recruit, thankfully, never signed on and I left a short while later.

    1. BestDecision

      “But her job is WHY she needs this business!” I can bet your Director said or thought that thought. Preying on every facet of our lives and twisting things to suit her needs.

      For example, itsshunned upon to take naps. NSD Dacia Wiegandt just boasted about never napping, yet it’s a HEALTHY thing to do so. I’m so glad I’m not getting lectured with that crap anymore!

      1. pinkvictim

        Here’s a gem from Dacia Wiegandt that shows the extent of the mind control:

        “Never stop even if you don’t see it happening! You have to believe it before you see it.”

        Never stop! The only way to fail is to quit! Just BEE-LIEVE!

        Thought terminating gobbledygook.

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