Have You Read “That” Website?

Yes, “that” website, is in fact Pink Truth. This email was written by a Mary Kay sales director who doesn’t want women to read Pink Truth because it might cause them to doubt Mary Kay. The thing is…. we’re just telling the truth. And yes, it causes doubt because it is in conflict with the misrepresentations women receive from corporate, sales directors, and recruiters.

If you read “that” website I’m writing this email for you. It’s from me, xxxxx xxxxx. I wrote this a few weeks ago but I’m sending it because I want you to know you’re not alone.

If you have NO clue why I’m writing this – just delete this email and enjoy your MK products at cost!!I don’t think it’s fair that all of the negative gets said and MK corporate or nothing gets said to promote the positive and draw attention to the good.

If you doubt yourself – that website adds to your doubts. If you doubt your business – that website adds to your doubt.

If you doubt yourself and it’s added to – you’ll hear more doubters. Just like when you go car shopping and you start to like a car, have you ever noticed you see the car you like everywhere all of a sudden?

Why am I saying all of this. BECAUSE the doubt gets all of the press and society is so negative and I find myself that it’s easier to ‘believe’ the doubt and gravitate to it.

Have I read that website, absolutely! Why? Cause I can relate to some of the stories out there and because I don’t want to be accused of doing things that bring up hate and sadness and bad feelings that consultants posting on there have had. I’ve even read things about products that I didn’t hear anywhere else and I’m not sure who to believe.

MK to me is a unique opportunity and it’s a business. It’s a business where if you treat it like a hobby, it will cost you money. If you treat it like a business it will give you an opportunity to make money. The opportunity costs $100 bucks to take advantage of. For my $100 investment I’ve LEARNED a ton and gotten back TONS! I have days that absolutely it’s worth it and I have days that it’s not.

Can I be a stay at home mom and make money – nope. Can I afford to have a nanny here 2 days a week so I can work in the house and interact with my kids so I’m the mom I want to be – yup! I’m a hard worker and I love what I do. Would I do it if I wasn’t making money – absolutely not – I work because I have to just like you. I’d rather work this than anything else, that’s my choice. Can you guys working full time do MK and make money. Yuppers – if you’re dedicated to it and work it consistently.

Hear my heart – if you have doubt – if you read that site and it makes you question things and you’re not sure about your choice and your commitment, please talk to me. I’ll be honest with you! You can look at my taxes, my inventory, my expenses and I’ll be honest. The website has made me doubt myself too!!!!!!!!

The ONLY way to make money working your MK business is to do Skin Care Classes and move product in volume. To be a director, a consultant, a red jacket, and a free car driver you have to be doing 3+3+3, coming to meeting, investing in your business with inventory (not tons, just the right stuff), and staying plugged into the community so you always have new people to be talking to. There’s NO other way that anyone can show me that I’ll believe other than that. (I’ve tried everything else and it hasn’t worked). I can sleep at night because I know that I’ll always hold appointments and meet new people and sell product and take personal responsibly for my business. No one other than me can control that – so I’ve taken responsibility for my paycheck and seen the results. The friendships, learning, growing, tears, and pain are all part of it and if I didn’t deal with it in MK, I’d have to deal with it somewhere else on someone else’s terms.

Read the negative so you know how you shouldn’t work the business, participate in the positive so you can see it really can work if you do! That’s why I have SHOW ME at the top of our website – do SHOWS/CLASSES and show yourself too!

If you have NO clue why I’m writing this – just delete it and enjoy your MK products at cost!! Luv ya!!


  1. TitoBandito

    If I tried my hardest I don’t think I could construct a more confusing and poorly worded email. Free advice to the author of the original email, your vague references and allusions create way more questions than you answer. If I were in MK sales and I got this message I would be left totally perplexed and seeking out “that website” in order to learn more.

    This message misses the mark wildly.

  2. enorth

    “The ONLY way to make money working your MK business is to do Skin Care Classes and move product in volume.”

    It’s interesting that she left out team building. Gee, why would she do that?

  3. raisinberry

    Well, the truth is, every “veteran” knows that we are just exposing what truly occurs and how the business evolves after the warm market dries up.

    Everyone has heard all these scripts. Everyone soon figures out they have been “handled”. Everyone who wants the suit soon figures out it is an endless recruiting game. None of this is new. But NONE of this was exposed when we signed up. The pretty picture was so enhanced and so hidden as to what was actually required, when we read other peoples stories we begin to see we were all conned.

    That is what they call “negative”. That is the basis for doubt. When you find out the big secret, that most of the sales force is in worse debt because of Mary Kay’s upline sales/ordering pressure, all the grand financial stories start to reak.

  4. onelessSD

    I started to read “that site” a year before I left directorship. I had no idea it was even out there in the web… but a fellow SD told me about it when my newest recruit up and vanished – she said “she probably read Pink Truth”. It was the beginning of the end for me- at first I was appalled, then that turned into relating to the stories and vowing I wouldn’t be like the bad ones. It changed into me pulling away from all things regarding directorship, then finally it morphed into me being completely disgusted with all things MK and letting it all go. “That site” truly saved my life and sanity. While I was deep in MK, I would always feel inferior to other directors because I was never measuring up to their perceived success. But being out of MK has been so freeing for me and my family- it all started with reading “that site” and realizing the scam I was in and making the decision to get out – truly life saving! Thank you PT!

  5. Cindylu

    It reminds me of what is happening with actresses and other women. Mlm including PT have a tendency to exploit women and deceive them. For years women who knew that MK was bogus had no power and no real way of warning others. Those who did try with lawsuits were quickly shut down by this creepy, pink corporation. Think about the origins of this pink nightmare. The wigs, the awful glamour make overs, the scripts, the terminology and the endless costly meetings preying on women’s needs for recognition. The repetition, the constant changes in products, the exaggeration of financial gain, the distortions of time and costs involved. Those reading this PT should be made aware that the women writing on this site were hurt financially, psychologically, emotionally and with loss of time they’ll never get back. We wanted to believe these narcissistic women and their distortions. We did sense that not all was right. Much of what is said and taught is unChristian. Never did we think that directors and so many women for over 50 years would take advantage of millions of women based on an mlm embellished fantasy.

  6. Laura

    I have to say thank you for this site. My story shorlty: I’m a mom of two (kids aged 1 and 3), and expecting our third child. I have been in Mary Kay for 2,5 years now. I have been studying and taking care of our children at the same time I have been doing MK. At first I liked it, but very shortly I started doing it for someone else than me or my family. This fall I have been working full time in my internship, evenings I dedicated for Mk and other school work. I’m very pregnant and throw up a lot. My SD pushed me to do a very big order even though I tried to tell her I don’t need that much inventory, but I gave in and did it anyway. Put all of my mk savings in it. She said our unit would break if we didn’t get enough orders.

    One evening she whined about having to do a big order herself, she didn’t have the money. I asked her what was the amount she made that month and it was way less than mine! I was shocked because this is her fulltime job and I was only doing MK in the evening after five when I returned from my internship job. Barely saw my family. When I finally hit the sheets I was exhausted. And for the whole 2,5 years I have been in this, I have been the one that’s keeping the unit alive. I mean, if it wasn’t for me, the unit would have fallen apart a long time ago.

    Then one day at the train I didn’t recognize my home city, I didn’t know where I was and I had to go to the hospital. The doctor’s diagnose was deep exhaustion.

    My SD told me to quit my school and concentrate on MK. I told her I am getting a break from MK now. At the moment I’m also on a sick leave from school but I’m going back there as soon as I get better. No one there is pushing me. I don’t know if I’m going back to MK anymore. I have been having very hateful feelings towards that brand that even though I like their products, I want to throw them out of the window and never look back.

    Now I found this site and I know I’m not crazy. Thank. You.

    1. MLM Radar

      Don’t throw the MK inventory away yet. Give yourself a fabulous baby shower gift and call MK Corporate, product return department. You should have a nice refund check in hand, in time to buy things you really need for your new baby.

      Working a MK “business” and taking care of a newborn are two things that do NOT go together well. Not at all.

    2. Lazy Gardens

      My SD pushed me to do a very big order even though I tried to tell her I don’t need that much inventory, but I gave in and did it anyway. Put all of my mk savings in it

      Go here:

      Follow the instructions, and you can get back 90% of all your section 1 purchases you have made in the last 12 months, AND 100% of the sales tax you prepaid.

      And if your director calls, here’s what to say to her: “Leaving Mary Kay is in my best interest. Please respect my decision.” Then STOP TALKING. Do not offer up any reasons fir quitting because that opens up your decision to negotiations. Make your declaration and leave.

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