Everyone Can Hold 2 Mary Kay Classes a Week!

I’m not sure how a Kaybot can presume to know the details of everyone’s life and conclude that anyone and everyone can hold 2 Mary Kay classes a week… but that’s not stopping them! Below is another one of those “if you can’t do it you’re a loser” type of rantings from a Mary Kay nsd.

In the Mary Kay world, “2 classes” is easy and anyone can do it. Those of us who have been in Mary Kay (or have had friends and relatives in MK) know that the hard part of that theory is actually finding women to book the classes, then hoping that they actually have them. That’s a lot harder than it may sound to an outsider.

Clearly, the home party business model is outdated and no longer viable on a wide scale. Oh sure, you’ll occasionally find a woman or two who is dying to get her friends together for some girl time and decides a Mary Kay party would be fun. But let’s face it. That doesn’t happen for most everyone in Mary Kay.

If you can get over the hurdle of actually having a class hold and having more than one or two women there, then you get to the sales part. Kaybots will suggest that you’ll sell $150 to $200 per class even if you don’t know what you’re doing. And anyone who denies those numbers are true was just a bad sales person.

In my experience, the assumption that women will buy $50 per person is not based in reality. Of course it happens sometimes.  And occasionally you’ll have one class with really high sales because a couple of women go crazy. But on a regular basis, you’ll see one or two people buy a fair amount (in that $50+ range) and one or two people make a pity purchase (a lipstick or lip gloss). Those numbers aren’t so hot.

Ahhh… but then we get to the real reason we’re being pushed to hold two classes a week: recruiting.  Yes, the whole Mary Kay con comes back around to recruiting.

And don’t forget… if you don’t succeed at Mary Kay, it’s only because you’re a loser and you didn’t do enough. No matter what you did, you will always be blamed for not doing “enough.”

Except we at Pink Truth know the real truth: That those who really succeed in Mary Kay work it 24/7 and have a good bit of luck (right time, right place) thrown in. Your results are not in line with your efforts, because MLMs don’t allow for that. The business model is set up in such a way that only a tiny percentage can actually succeed and turn a profit.

Enjoy this bit of inspiration from a Mary Kay national sales director:

It is my observation that every consultant can find the time to hold an average of 2 classes per week. Yes, even the consultant who has 1 1/2 jobs and family responsibilities. Rarely do you meet a person who does not spend 6-10 hours per week in front of the television, playing Bunko, or some other activity which has nothing to do with her job or her family. What could it mean to her to invest that time into preparing for, traveling to, and holding 2 classes per week?

Find 2 times per week that you would be willing to hold classes. Then, highlight those times in your datebook for an entire year. Then, get on the phone for and Hour of Power to schedule 2 appointments in each of those times. Don’t be afraid to double book – it doesn’t mean you’ll be holding 2 classes (that almost never happens). It does mean that when one of them postpones, you’ll still have a class to hold. Double booking is all about smart use of your time – it’s about dealing with the disappointment of postponements. (In the event that both hold, just do both classes at your home or at one of the hostess’ homes offering her an extra gift for pulling up 4 more chairs.)

Decrease postponements and increase sales by doing all the steps of hostess coaching (check you Career Essentials and Hostess Coaching on this website for coaching tips).

Now, what can the 2 classes do? Let’s say your first classes meet the national average for new untrained, unskilled consultants of $150 – $200 in sales. Two classes per week at $175 would give you $350 in sales. Your 40% paycheck (once you get your inventory built to profit taking leave) is $140. That’s $140 profit for 2 classes. Couldn’t you find 4-6 hours a week for $140?

Just think what will happen as your skills increase and you build just a small reorder business. It has been my observation that consultants who are consistently holding 2 classes per week will have their sales to $500 per week in just a few short weeks. These are averages, not guarantees.

$500 weeks = $2,000 months. Your 40% paycheck for a $2,000 month is $800 a month. 60% to replace what you sold in $1200 wholesale. $1200 wholesale every month is Emerald Star status every quarter. Being an Emerald Star each quarter puts you with in a few dollars of National Court of Sales.

What could an extra $800 a month mean to your family? Vacation, swimming pool, braces!

That’s not all. Let’s look at what 2 classes a week can do for recruiting. It has been my observation that there is at least one good recruit prospect at every class (a person who needs money, is already working 2 jobs, needs to get out of the house, is looking for a way to get back home). Company statistics teach us that ever new consultant can expect to recruit one out of every 5 prospects. So, if there is one prospect at every class and you make the effort to do some follow-up (give her a recruiting packet, book a class with her, invite her to weekly events, set up an interview with her), you should get a new recruit from every 4-5 classes. That’s 2 recruits per month. That’s a free car for anyone in 6 months. And, if each of them orders a minimum of $600 wholesale before the Seminar year ends, that mean you walk on stage at Seminar as a member of the Court of Recruiting.

You deserve the financial supplement 2 classes a week can mean, as well as the company prizes. Are you willing to discipline yourself to hold 2 classes per week?


So what does it really take to move up? Have you been thinking that maybe you need to keep your job or get a regular hours job? Do you need to make more money with your MK business? Read on…

My heart yearns for you to truly understand this concept… You will get out of MK what you put into it!!! Bottom-line there is no short cut and there is no magic. It’s a real job that you can get paid nicely… If you do your job. If you worked at Wal-Mart, you would have to do something to get minimum wage. If you work your MK with half the hours but all the dedication, you could get a company car-the suit-nice commission checks!

If you hold appointments –you will sell product. If you follow-up with clients –you will sell products. If you ask for appointments- – you will book appointments. If you share the facts about the MK Opportunity — you will recruit. If you attend Career Conference, Weekly Trainings, Seminar and other events– you will get motivated, educated, inspired and trained.

I challenge you to prove me wrong!!! Work your MK business for 3 months like a part-time job. Determine the hours you will be “working”. Determine how much pay you would like. Then plan your work hours to support your paycheck. For example, if you want to work 9-2 while the kids are in school and one night for your weekly training and you want to make $200 a week…. then
you will need to sell $450 a week. Without reorders and recruiting, you will need to see about 5-9 women if you average only $50 in sales per person… that’s 5-9 individual makeovers or 2-5 if you have 2 at each appt or maybe just 1-2 parties. Increase your sales and then see less people or make more money!

Then plan… When will you make follow-up phone calls? If you need to make new contacts when will you network? Will you advertise your business-through the PCP or other means (company approved, of course)? When will you do your paperwork… taxes, enter clients in My Customers, place orders, bag reorders, put together face bags, etc…. or can you hire someone to do those things?

What gets me the most is when I hear that a Consultant is quitting because she’s not “making enough money” in MK for her family’s goals….. BUT she didn’t hold appts, she wouldn’t make the time to get to trainings, she wouldn’t spend a few dollars on a babysitter, she wouldn’t bother her friends and family to buy the products, etc…… YET she will go to a job and pay a babysitter and go to their trainings to learn that job, all the while her friends and family are buying makeup and skin care from someone. In Mary Kay you work to increase YOUR business and YOUR paycheck. You can work really hard at a job and get paid the same… heck, you could even get promoted to be paid less or fired because you make too much! In MK, you work hard and you will be compensated!!!!!!

Ok, so a few of you may be saying…. I tried and it didn’t work for me. Then I would have to evaluate your SKILL level. Did you really try or did you just go to a few training, talk to a few people and maybe hold a few appts? Did you call friends and say that you want them to book a party FOR you? Or did you call and tell them how much fun, how easy and how much she could get free? Did you hand out cards without a conversation to follow or did you meet people, talk and then offer her your business card and ask for her information? Did you just give them an order form to write down what they want or did you offer sets at the end of your appts then talk with them individually to pick their sets and payment options? Did you give her the option of two dates, Tuesday at 10 or Thursday 2… or did you just say,”whenever is good for you?”

Did she say that she is too busy and you believed her or did you give her some ideas of how she could work MK around her life? Did she say that she already uses brand x and you said thanks anyway or did you say that brand x is a great product and you would love her opinion of MK? Did you ask someone if she would like to maybe sell MK or did you say that you would love to share more about MK with her because you think she’d be great?

There are sooo many skills, even after 17 years, I am still learning scripts and skills to better my results.

So talk to your Director… she wants your success probably more than you want it for you. She will guide you and train you. And if you don’t have a Director that will then go to MKLearn on intouch or order some cd’s to self-teach or go to Career Conf or to another Director’s meeting. You are the Boss of YOU….get what you need so you can be a success!

So much belief in YOU and this incredible business that works when we work it!!!!!


  1. AutumnMoonfire

    Mary Kay, Silpada, Madison Handbags, I always wondered why I would be recruiting my customers. Why would I add competition to my market, why earn 4-13% when I could sell directly and get the mythical 50%???

    I asked my silpada rep that, “We know most of the same people, my contacts that are not also yours are not interested in this stuff, you saw how that party did (Or didn’t do)

    She kind of waved it away and ran away from me, because I was telling her a truth she didn’t want to hear. I hear she’s moved on to Mary Kay and her marriage is history. What a shame, he was a nice guy!

  2. Formykids

    Your Director wants your “success” more than you do……of course….so she can squeeze more money from you into her pocket…..what a joke.
    My soon to be ex wife has busted her butt and done every single thing on this checklist. She has not missed a meeting or event in years, and wouldn’t dare to, and has more debt than earnings. Her schecule C has shown net taxable income below the poverty line every year for 50 to 70 hrs per week. The pink bubble is a very dangerous and deceptive place. Stay out of it.

  3. JanRD

    “YET she will go to a job and pay a babysitter and go to their trainings to learn that job, all the while her friends and family are buying makeup and skin care from someone.”

    Yes a job that not only pays for the training, but compensates the employee for the time involved. And friends and family are probably buying makeup and skin care from a variety of retail businesses.

    “Ok, so a few of you may be saying…. I tried and it didn’t work for me. Then I would have to evaluate your SKILL level.”

    That pretty much sums up the condescending tone of this NSD.

  4. Lily in NYC

    Fascinating! This is full of vague promises and she knows she is spouting BS. She keeps repeating “it has been my observation” and then following it with something impossible (example: it has been my observation that consultants who are consistently holding 2 classes per week will have their sales to $500 per week in just a few short weeks. These are averages, not guarantees.). That is a crock and it’s obvious even she doesn’t believe it because she adds the disclaimer that it’s not a guarantee.

  5. Lazy Gardens

    A “she wouldn’t make the time to get to trainings, she wouldn’t spend a few dollars on a babysitter, she wouldn’t bother her friends and family to buy the products, etc……


    B she will go to a job and pay a babysitter and go to their trainings to learn that job, all the while her friends and family are buying makeup and skin care from someone.”

    In scenario “A”, she is paying for the “training”, which happens weekly without imparting useful skills, takes all of one evening, does not repay for transportation, and alienates her from her friends and family.

    In scenario “B”, she is getting paid normal wages to attend the training, which usually happens during normal work hours, she is reimbursed travel if it’s off site, frequently comes with a catered meal, and it seldom happens more than once every few months. And, she keeps on good terms with her family and friends.

    So you tell me which is more desirable.

    1. JanRD

      Yes, I forgot to mention the paid travel and catered meals (which sometimes include adult beverages in the evening, depending on the company). Plus paid lodging if an overnight stay is involved and credit toward certain credentials (that some have sacrificed in pursuit of the pink dream).

  6. JanRD

    “Rarely do you meet a person who does not spend 6-10 hours per week in front of the television, playing Bunko, or some other activity which has nothing to do with her job or her family. What could it mean to her to invest that time into preparing for, traveling to, and holding 2 classes per week?”

    It’s been said before, but worth mentioning again, that those 6-10 hours per week are considered down time. Most of us rely on some time throughout the week when we can engage in less productive activity (like I am right now – lol)!That being said, good luck booking those classes and not having them cancelled.

    1. Neverpink

      YES! I was just about to comment on this. People NEED downtime to recharge from their daily life. Asking someone to give up that time and devote more of their life to MK is asking for even faster burnout. ….not like the NSDs really care, though.

      1. cbbgreat

        How condescending to imply a person would “waste” time on “frivolous” activities such as television viewing! Ha! 6-10 hours in front of the television?! I have one full time job, a spouse, 4 daughters/stepdaughters, their spouses and children, plus work training (for which I receive compensation) and various business trips, elderly parents and aunts/uncles for whom I assist with care, a small but much-loved group of friends. With all that “life” going on, I don’t ever watch television unless it’s to find out the weather forecast so I’m properly attired for all that I have going on! I welcome the opportunity to watch television!

      1. Barbie

        I was wondering the same thing. Googling “Bunko” shows search results for “bunco,” which as a noun is defined as “a swindle or confidence trick,” and as a verb, “to swindle or cheat.”

        There does appear to be a game as well (search “bunko game”), but it’s delightful that it’s not the first thing that shows up.

        1. ran4fun

          Bunko is a dice game that women like to play at neighborhood parties. Usually once a month, hosted by different women each month. It’s a way to get to know your neighbors. Actually I’m surprised the MKaybot doesn’t recommend going to Bunko parties to get to know more of her neighbors to push her MK stuff on. However, it would only take one time and that MK neighbor wouldn’t be invited to Bunko next month! 😉

  7. QueenOfTheTanned

    Who wants to give up an evening for a Mary Kay class? Oh wait–don’t forget the few days before you have to start cleaning your house because people are coming over. OH! Don’t forget the snacks, of course. AND NO BIG GIRL DRINKS! This here is a Christian company, and there will be no alcohol at this class/party/indoctrination.
    No thanks! I’ll just go to Sephora and Ulta–no housecleaning needed. I’ll probably get some free samples with my purchase, and they are truly FREE–they won’t cost the salesclerk anything (UNLIKE MK). And as I leave Sephora or Ulta, I’ll swing by the restaurant next door and have a beer on the patio.

    It’s not 1960. We can have Girl Time anywhere we want, how we want. Doesn’t MK get that?

    1. Pakvora (screen name)

      QueenOfTheTanned: That is very true. I have thought about having parties like this in the past, but honestly, by the time you got done buying all those extra snacks and drinks and then paying for your stuff, it would have been cheaper to just go to Ulta or Macy’s or Sephora and buy the same things from MAC or Urban Decay. And that’s just someone like me, who has one small pet, and no kids. If you have kids, you either have to pay a babysitter or give your partner or a friend or relative money to take them out for the evening. If you are caring for an adult family member, someone has to step in to take over for you….the costs just seem to add up.

  8. Pakvora (screen name)

    I would think the lack of market alone would prevent this from happening. I recently came very close to being scammed. What I thought was a job helping to set up and run a new household goods store turned out to be a home air purification machine and air freshener MLM. They promised a base pay of $2,000 a month, plus $200 for each machine you sold. You also earned $100 bonuses for bringing people into the company, and of course…free trips…prizes…more money if you moved up the ladder and built your team. It all sounded like the perfect job, especially for me. I’m an artist, a fiction writer who keeps trying to talk myself into getting back into the acting, music, and dance I’ve only dabbled in before, as well. There was just one problem. In order for you to earn your $2,000 a month, you had to book twelve demonstrations per week. That’s just not going to happen. Even the most outgoing, social, popular, hard working, and dedicated person is simply not likely to meet twelve people who want somebody coming into their home and doing a demonstration every week., when they can go to a store, or log in to a web site and get the same thing with much less fuss and bother. The same holds true for Mary Kay. I have to admit, I am not a huge makeup person, but I do like some of their products. I would buy and wear one or two of their cream eye shadows, their dark brown eyeliner, their mascara, and one or two of their lipsticks…..but I could go to the mall and spend just a little more for MAC and Urban Decay….or I could go to the drugstore and spend a lot less for Covergirl, Maybelline, e.l.f., or L’Oreal. (And the savings over MAC would not even likely be that great when I added in all the stuff I’d have to buy to throw a “party” that was really a sales demonstration. It might even make it all more expensive.) People simply don’t want this “service”or this stuff when there are more convenient, and usually cheaper, options out there.

    1. MLM Radar

      BOOK 12 demonstrations a week? Just how are they going to verify that? If that’s what you need to get $2,000 per month, I’m sure the sales reps’ appointments are loaded with demonstrations “booked” by imaginary people who mysteriously cancel and vanish at the last minute.

      The only thing they can really verify is how many machines you sell per week. Or buy yourself when you don’t meet the quota.

      1. Pakvora

        MLM Radar: Right? They tell you it’s $2,000 a month just for booking and demonstrating, with a “bonus” if you sell a machine…but that just means they can use your lack of sales as “proof” you haven’t been booking the expected number of demonstrations and use that as an excuse not to pay you. There’s also a bunch of vague talk about attitude…meaning…like the Mary Kay uplines…they can get on you about your “attitude” and blame that for you not making any money.

        It’s pretty much the same line. “if you book a Mary Kay party, you will sell.” ….”If you book a demonstration with this place, you will make money.”…with just slightly different twists.

        What it boils down to is: You’re going to put in long hours for us. Every move you make is going to be advertising and promotion for this company, which we will not have to pay for. You might…maybe…get a little something out of it…one good period at the machine sales place where you actually get your $1,000 out of years of working there….one good month at Mary Kay where you actually sell a bunch of their stuff and make a decent profit…but by then, you will have put in so many hours for this company, it will average out to pennies per hour. And that’s a good career here. You’ll be more likely to flat out lose money paying for travel, supplies, inventory, etc.

  9. MLM Radar

    Notice the subliminal message that the only time you will work is when you’re actually conducting “classes”?

    Notice the condemnation that you’re not doing that “simple little thing”?

    Yes, I may have the 2 or 4 or 6 hours required to hold fake classes. What I don’t have is the 4 or 8 or 12 hours required to do fake class preparation and follow up.

    What I definitely don’t have is the phone numbers of hundreds of friends and strangers required to find the few who might be hostesses, nor do I have the time or resources to find more such contacts EACH and EVERY week.

  10. BestDecision

    Yes, I might be working for someone else now, but I have a MUCH higher paycheck WITH benefits and guaranteed downtime when my family and friends are available. I don’t miss being gone for Fall Retreats. I don’t miss the guilt of watching a movie by the fire “when (I) should be on the phone”. And I can certainly give any current MK girl my opinion of their products compared to what I’m using now–MK sucks!

  11. enorth

    “If you attend Career Conference, Weekly Trainings, Seminar and other events– you will get motivated, educated, inspired and trained.”

    But you won’t get paid.

    1. Neverpink

      I’d never heard of it either until I met my mother-in-law. It’s a dice game, like Yahtzee. I haven’t the slightest idea how it works. They play it every Thanksgiving/Christmas season.

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