You’re Just Bitter Because You Didn’t Succeed in Mary Kay

An email I received from a very “successful” woman who has been in Mary Kay a whole month!

I started selling Mary Kay a little over a month ago, and I happened to run across your site this morning. I find your site to be extremely one-sided. Of course, not everyone is cut out to run a business, not everyone is cut out to be a Mary Kay consultant, or you would find everyone selling it, if it was sooo easy.

I am not sure what kind of Sales Directors those people on your site have but they were obviously not of any caliber. I was never lied to or told that I NEEDED to buy inventory. I still haven’t bought any inventory yet and have already made over $2,000 for my family from Mary Kay. And I do not have any other source of income. I have three children under the age of four and I don’t have much time to put into my business but I am doing well.

I thinkk your website unfairly takes the positions of those who could not fit into the Mary Kay program and makes it seem like a scam or an illegitimate business. That is a ridiculous thing as I happen to be finding success with this business. But like I said, to each his own, but if you want your cause to be taken seriously, consider talking in facts, and not taking the words of a few bitter people and claiming it as the Mary Kay Way.


  1. Nope. No. Not EVER!

    So, one month in? You have most likely tapped your ‘warm market’ and all the ‘pity sales’ that go with it. Hopefully you understand the tax obligations of your ‘business’ and plan for that. Hopefully you are counting your true cost of time, goods and supplies. As a true business owner myself, I’ll tell you – one month is NOTHING. Come back one year from now please with your Schedule C and your success story then. I’ll wait….

  2. Lazy Gardens

    I still haven’t bought any inventory yet and have already made over $2,000 for my family from Mary Kay.

    Unless you are stealing it from other consultants, you most certainly have bought inventory.

    1. MLM Radar

      I wonder what she’ll call it she needs to place a $225 wholesale/ $450 retail activating order to get the discount for a $20 customer purchase. Then she realizes that money has to come out of her own pocket because her friends already bought all they’re likely to want or need for the next year.

      Oh, it’s just a few things… she’ll sell them… she hopes…

  3. Neverpink

    One month is enough to suck your warm market dry. I highly doubt this “success” will be repeated in the coming months. Mary Kay products are costly and you can get the same results from Walgreens products for half (or more!) All without worrying about having to host a party and be recruited.

  4. Changeyourthinking

    The only way one “stumbles on this website” is by googling something negative about MK. Examples: “negative MK”, “is MK a scam?”, “can I really make money doing MK?” “Does MK test on animals?” Etc. Etc. Etc. Nobody who is doing that well and has full confidence in their business accidentally finds pink truth.

    1. RiaJaize

      Actually, I did find Pink Truth while looking up Mary Kay “ranks” so I could understand a friend’s posts. I’ve never been part of MK so although I wasn’t a fan, I wasn’t looking for anything scammy about it.

  5. ClapForMyOwnSelf

    We’re quickly approaching the holidays where people are (usually) buying good and wanted gifts and they’re tapped out of extra money relatively quickly. I’ve never come across a single person who has explicitly asked for ANYTHING Mary Kay. So…good luck to you, honey, during this holiday season trying to peddle your ridiculous wares that no one is interested in. Come back in January/February and tell us how successful you were and how you’re rolling in the dough…and I ain’t talkin about the cookie kind, either.

    I’ll tell my story on here and eventually. But just know…no one believes you just stumbled on to this site.

    1. BestDecision

      Sephora is about to have their VIB Sale, and MK just can’t compete with their amazingness. I’m eyeing things to splurge on for myself, and NOT ONCE did I ever feel that way about MK.

      1. ClapForMyOwnSelf

        I can’t wait for it!! I’ve (sadly, not sadly) made it to the VIB Rouge level so I’m hitting them up bright and early Friday for their sale. PLUS I get a killer birthday gift of stuff I actually want and use!

    2. enorth

      “holiday season trying to peddle your ridiculous wares”

      I so much enjoy how hard they try to dress up the products:

      — a lip gloss nestled among hard candies atop a plastic martini glass from the Dollar Store, lovingly protected in hair-dryer blown shrink-wrap
      — a man’s shaving cream bedecked with a paper mustache and AC Moore plastic googly eyes and topped with a Dollar Tree baby sock for a cap
      — and my personal favorite…a Dollar General dish towel attached to a hand cream and two wooden spoons. Now, THAT’S how to say, “Thinking of you during this holiday season.”

  6. TransportGal

    I’m a female (former) truck driver and I once had a MK rep try to stalk me in the cosmetic section of a Walgreens. I was wearing dirty jeans, combat boots and one of my husband’s old Air Force sweatshirts. I told her to f-off because I was just there for some Great Lash and some concealer.

    I think that she legitimately believed that I “needed” more makeup in my life!

  7. Deflated Pink Bubble

    For the 5 Christmas seasons that I was in Mary Kay, not once did any of my customers (or their husbands for that matter) purchase products as gifts. Unfortunately, I gave Mary Kay as gifts to family and friends. I have since apologized.

  8. Tiffany

    Well, hey, if the girl DID make $2,000 in commissions, congratulate her–she’s made more in one month, supposedly, than 98% of all Mary Kay reps are able to make over the course of a year. And, she claims she hasn’t bought any product.
    Bid her well, as long as she doesn’t buy any products, no harm in that!

  9. Nicci

    I was a consultant for about 3 yrs, went to Seminar in Dallas 2 yrs in a row. It was such a struggle to sell products. I spent hours organizing my stock, printing off fun and new sheets for classes. Bought lots of cute baskets, wrap and beautiful ribbon, had open houses, facials and parties at my house for those who didnt want to have to clean their house. I did whatever it took, and I still ended up in a lot of debt, and tons of products I sold 50% off and still couldn’t gey rid of all of it. I still use some of there products, but a friend of mine does an order every 3 mths and gives everyone the 50% discount.

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