The Sad Tale of a True Mary Kay Believer

Comments from a true believe in the Cult of Mary Kay, who has been losing money for 28 years, is in debt because of her MK activities, and just WON’T GIVE UP. She knows what NOT to do because of us! 

Hi, I enjoy coming on here every once in awhile, to get inspired from those that got lied to. And from those, like myself who haven’t given up. I’ve been a director, I earned the car (took the cash), I’ve had lots of personal team members (43 at one time). I’ve also lost it all, but not to MK. I did it on my own.

I’m still in, I still have debt (most that I know, do too – so what). In fact I’ve been in for 28 years! I won’t give it up. I’ve been sick most of that time, and recently had back to back surgeries. I don’t know of any one in the corporate world that would hire and keep someone like me as an employee. I work when I can, my mk money goes to bills, and to the charity work I do.

I am grateful for your site. I have seen and learned from you all. It gives me insite on what not to do. I have even chewed out my national and my director. I’ve costed my national a few DIQ in their final months of qualifications, for something that was wrongly done to me. I didn’t want it to happen to them. My last director ( I was moved twice by corp), is now a consultant. She told a consultant I was in last month of car qualification. I called the company and had cancelled that order, and a few others that month. I was so angry!

I just wanted you to know, yes there are a few that won’t give up. Yes, I know a few of my sentences are wrong along with some words. I really don’t give a shit!

I was once told by my current director and NSD, that I shouldn’t write down to anyone my thoughts and concerns (maybe write it down, then throw it away, give it to God)- really! So I make sure that someone reads what I write or in this case type. Because really, do you really care. I thought not.

Have a great day!


  1. MKHater

    ” I don’t know of any one in the corporate world that would hire and keep someone like me as an employee” Sorry, but that’s a cop-out. ADA and FMLA have pretty much prevented that from being an excuse. One of our employees has COPD and she goes home anytime she feels she is having trouble breathing.

    28 years. If you would have invested just $200 a month in an S&P500 index fund you would have about $400,000.00 right now and no makeup in your closet, basement, or garage.

    1. JanRD

      There are those in the corporate world who might not offer her a position based on her spelling and grammar.

      “No makeup in your closet, basement, or garage.” Hilarious!

    2. Barbie

      FMLA only offers limited protection, and ADA only requires reasonable accommodations. I think there are many people whose time away from work would exceed what FMLA guarantees, and whose accommodations would be more than a company legally has to provide.

      MLMs still aren’t the answer, of course. They’re just a way to make a bad situation worse.

  2. karla manriquez

    Thank u for writing this story. I also sell Marykay I’m new and I was getting scared. But I love selling and goin to the parties. 🙂 lol I do owe 200 now I owed 600 ! At first I didn’t reached my goal and my director would let me borrow money. We did that for 3 months. Finally I said I’ll just put my order in even if I don’t reach my goal . And I’m happier selling more and enjoying what I do. I mostly buy for me and my family.

    1. BestDecision

      Your Director let you borrow money? Did she tell you she was making 26% off your orders and getting that back for free? Unbelievable! You’ve not see fun makeup and outstanding skin care until you’ve shopped at Sephora. Amazing customer service, too!

      1. karla manriquez

        Wow I just went to check out the web site n
        What’s unbelievable is the prices! One cream for
        45 dollars. ? One foundation for 40 also. I get my
        Whole set of creams for 55 or 60. And they work
        Awesome ! But thank u maybe one day I’ll try them.

        1. SassyFuschia

          You pay that much becuase that’s how much it’s worth. You sell it for twice the price.
          Sephora has lots of different options. Ulta has even more, because they carry drugstore too.
          Even at $60, MK is over priced for what it is.
          MK foundation was terrible for me. The matte formula burned and the other one just would slip and slide all over my face.

        2. NoThanksMLM

          You’re in debt $600 and have had to borrow money to do MK, but you are concerned about Sephora’s prices? I’ve never gone into debt to buy makeup. I’d never buy MK anyway, as they test on animals, but I can’t wrap my head around being in debt to get makeup.

          1. karla manriquez

            Yes because I wanted to reach my goal.
            But that’s very true 😂 thank u from now I will
            Order only what I need because the sets are working amazing for me.

            1. enorth

              If you like the MK products and want to save money, buy them from eBay.

              Your Director loaned you money to place orders? I’m sure MK Corporation would be interested in knowing that. If the Director did it for you, she probably does it for others.

            2. MLM Radar

              Karla, what WAS your goal? Was it to sell a certain number of product sets, or make 10 presentations, or get 10 customers? All of those would be sensible goals for a new business start-up.

              Or was your goal just to be a “star,” which simply means that you place a certain $ level of “wholesale” orders whether or not you sold anything?

              And whose idea was it that your goal just happened to coincide with placing $600 in orders? Why not $250, or $500, or $750?

              Now it just so happens that your Director gets a generous bonus if she can convince you to place orders for $600. You did know that, right?

              So my guess is that your goal of placing a $600 order wasn’t really YOUR goal at all. My guess is that it was your Director’s goal, and that the REAL goal was to do whatever was necessary to snag a “star” ordering bonus for herself.

              The subliminal manipulation starts early.

        3. BestDecision

          Yet, MK just launched paper masks that are $70 for a 2 week supply. The Miracle Set NEVER gave me the effects I’ve gotten since I changed brands. What I love about Sephora and Ulta is the VARIETY of brands available. If you want LeMer, you’ve got it. If you want cruelty-free, you’ve got it.

          What I know for certain is that I never got compliments on my skin or makeup while I was a Director. Now, I get them all the time. People have said I look healthier and better than ever. Some have asked what’s different about me, and that’s the only thing. Interestingly, we’ve all aged in that time period, yet I get told I look better post-MK.

      1. karla manriquez

        The story she told made me realize what I did
        That’s why I commented on the lady story. Told my
        Truth about owing all that money at first and
        Learning from my experience. Thank u

    2. Barbie

      You could be happy selling makeup at a store without having to put up your own money. The wages would be more steady, and there could even be benefits. You could have access to a wider array of products, which are more in line with the current trends.

      You should consider applying at Sephora, Ulta, or even a department store. You’d even get to meet lots of new people!

  3. karla manriquez

    No she didn’t tell me but I figured. I will check out that site. Hope the prices for the skin care are amazing like at Marykay. I can get my whole set for 60 !😀

  4. AutumnMoonfire

    MLMs look nice at first blush because they don’t require face time like a job does, they just measure results. The trap is that the products are garbage and they generally wear out your warm market very fast. So then you find nobody wants to buy and your “results” disappear like the morning mist. Compound that with recruiting and you just plopped a competitor right in the middle of your market!

    All this even before buying inventory comes into the picture!

  5. Jason Houston

    I wouldn’t hire you on your grammar alone. But MK couldn’t care less about grammar. 28 years, and you haven’t yet learned anything? You’re like the guy who beats himself over the head with a hammer because it feels good when he stops. If you keep shut and don’t complain, you’ll work at MK another 28 years, for all they care. This is not a job, it’s being owned. You’re nothing to them except a soft, easy, ever-ready money fountain. An old saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” True words, dear.

  6. ran4fun

    “I’m still in, I still have debt (most that I know, do too – so what).”

    So what? Are you serious? But I thought MK “enriched” women?!?!

    Thanks to my JOB I am totally debt free! 🙂

  7. Jamming Berry

    FYI: Those pricey masks are soooo creepy!! I showed the pics to my husband the other night and he said they looked like Freddy Krueger! hahahaha—- Yikes!! And $70???

  8. Jay

    I read everything here, but never commented, but man… this was probably one of the saddest things I’ve read here, if not the saddest, period.

    I thought the pink fog couldn’t be so thick, but that just tells me otherwise. Yikes, if I ever see someone trying to recruit me into MK, I’ll just run the other way as fast as my legs can carry me (found out they’re in my town too, so now I have to keep an eye out).

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