Pink Truth Women Are So Bitter

Another love note from the pink cult:

This site is scary, to say the least.  Wow… these women are so bitter.  Why don’t they just move on?  Mary Kay is not the devil and not all of the women involved in MK are mindless robots.

I do not sale MK, but I do use the products and have friends that sale.  They love it and have had wonderful experiences.  I showed them this website and they seemed very shocked.  None of these women could relate to the stories.  The women I am referring to are not backwoods, gullible, followers who believe everything and anything they are told.  Two of the three women have college degrees and one of them has a master’s degree.

I think the women who should be scolded and reprimanded are not the women involved with MK, but the idiots who didn’t have enough backbone and common sense to not be peer pressured into debt and buying things they didn’t want.  Just because some of the women were, at best, fools don’t mean the other ladies are going to make the same obviously ridiculous choices.

Let ALL women on this site be able to speak their opinion without the repercussion of verbal abuse or re-title the site, “if you don’t share my miserable experience, you are an LOL.  I crack myself up.


  1. pinkpeace

    “I showed them this website and they seemed very shocked. None of these women could relate to the stories.”

    Of course, that’s what they told you, especially if they’re well educated. How embarrassing for them to be duped in the same way we all were here!

    I will bet my JOB-paid-for house that those women came back to Pink Truth to investigate further. Because they absolutely relate to these stories – or they will in time.

  2. coralrose

    That’s just it. I’ve been coming to this website for over a year, and Very few posts seem “bitter” or angry. Women are sharing their experiences. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they’re bitter or “negative”.

    1. SassyFuschia

      That’s how it works in Mary Kay. Or really any MLM. If you don’t like something, it’s YOU that is being negative and they just don’t have time for that. If you had a problem with the product, even though they will try and find any reason you might not, it’s actually YOU, not the product and you are just being negative and causing trouble.

  3. BartheDoor

    Let’s say you needed a new car, and you asked friends for a recommendation. Several told you that they bought a car from a dealership and found out later that the mechanics were rolling back miles on the cars and that the sales department was telling customers that they’d get 80 miles to the gallon on every single car that they sold, management/owners were aware of it, but said that it was just a couple of rogue mechanics or salesmen who were doing it, and they couldn’t track everyone who did it. Would you want to know before you bought a car there? Would you call someone who told you about their experience with that dealership a negative or bitter person? Didn’t think so. So let’s apply the same logic here.

    That’s what Mary Kay is. They’re selling you something with rolled back miles and illogical MPG estimates. When people realize they are losing money and return products, they’re told they did the business plan wrong. Or they were lazy. Or they didn’t want it enough. Or or or or or or.

    I could go on and on, but I know that it’s futile. You’ve made up your mind because a pretty lie is a lot more attractive than a cold, hard truth.

    If you had looked more carefully at your friends who “sale” for Mary Kay, you’d have seen the distinct cast of fear on their faces as they realized what they’d signed on for; perhaps you should ask them how much they are making and if they are counting the hours of setting up, delivering products, etc., as part of their “profits” with Mary Kay. I can give you a spoiler. That’s the moment when the goal post is moved from “I’m making great money!” to “I’m enriching the lives of women!” That’s what they’re taught to do, because the moment a consultant acknowledges the closets and basements full of unsold products and the debt, they’re lost to Mary Kay.

    If you like the product, buy it. There are a few products from MK that I actually do like; I buy them on Ebay. But don’t call these women, some of whom were VERY high up in the company and quit because they had ethical concerns, bitter. They’re the people who won’t let you buy the car from the bad dealership.

    1. onelessSD

      ^^ excellent analogy!

      Another thought- ask to see their Schedule C… That is the actual hard cold truth of whether or not they are making money in MK. Speaking truth is not being bitter.

      1. BartheDoor

        I would love to know what the answer is to that.

        Her: Hey, can I see your Schedule C?
        Friend: Umm. Yeah. Let me find that really quick. Did I tell you that Mary Kay offers a 90% buyback?
        Her: Great.
        Friend: And here’s this amazing new color! Let’s try it on you really quick.

        Duck. Dodge. Hide.

  4. MLM Radar

    “Let ALL women on this site be able to speak their opinion without the repercussion of verbal abuse”

    Let’s relate that to any Mary Kay or MLM weekly “success” meeting. Please explain why anyone who raises doubts is shunned, labeled “negative,” handed a stuffed skunk or rubber chicken, or forced to wear a doggy “cone of shame” (we’ve seen the pictures).

    On THIS website, if you raise doubts you get answers. You may not like the answers, but you aren’t shamed and silenced for asking.

  5. BestDecision

    Any Director looking at this site in front of anyone else would HAVE to fake surprise, just as Laura Beitler did on 20/20. It literally paid us to have positive comments. We couldn’t afford losing production, recruits, or momentum if we voiced one bit of frustration or doubt. Let alone being ostracized from the others. Forget being invited back to that Directors’ meeting next time! Even Sean Key would pivot from someone having an off year and combat that with highlighting someone who was doing something miraculous. Sure, there are a few seeds that sprout, but the majority of the sales force has NO chance of making it.

  6. Pinkiu

    Um…and how many of us have college degrees and master degrees? That’s about as logical to being deceived as saying that just because I’ve dated, I can spot a cheater at first site. However, if there was a website dedicated to ALL the ways this man cheated women, I read it and I still went ahead and recommended him to my friend, who is the fool?

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