Top Ten Reasons to Leave Mary Kay Directorship

Written by Raisinberry

Being a Mary Kay director is hard! When you’re in DIQ, they tell you to just push through and work your face off. THIS is the hard part, they say. It gets easier after this. Not true. Every month is DIQ all over again when you’re a Mary Kay sales director. You’re constantly trying to recruit and get initial inventory orders so you can make production. (Yes, most of the sales directors struggle to make the minimum monthly production on a consistent basis.)

I know you’ve thought about “stepping down” from directorship many times. The two main reasons women don’t quit: pride and blame. They have to much pride to look like a failure to their sister directors. Or they blame themselves (rather than this corrupt system) for not doing more, being more, and making more money.

It’s an ugly cycle. And Mary Kay has deliberately designed the system to make you keep running in circles and not giving up. But you’ve thought about it. And here are my top ten reasons you should leave directorship…

10. No longer having to attend the annual clap and cry session in Dallas, awarding women for their ability to use multiple credit cards.

9. Not having to present a false picture of your Mary Kay life on social media. No need to pretend you’re making tons of money. No need to say you’re so excited about the same old promotions. No more “challenges” that you need a few women to participate in.

8. To develop intelligent language skills to replace, “awesome! dream big! pink hugs!love and belief!, fake it till you make it!, you bring about what you think about! and restore normal, thoughtful communication.

7. To be able to take vacations without warm chatting the lifeguards, the servers, the staff at the hotel front desk, and anyone else you run into.

6. To return to month end civility and allow your family members to stop hiding in closets. No more frantic phone calls, emails, or text messages looking for orders from customers or team members.

5. To regain your status as a cherished friend instead of the person who is constantly posting about their MLM on social media.

4. To wear a normal amount of makeup and jewelry. No normal person wears multiple pieces of fake jewelry on a daily basis, and the amount of lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, and blush worn by the Mary Kay diehards is embarrassing.

3. You are getting too good at lying. (And you might not even know it!)

2. To stop the month end mental anxiety attacks from splitting unnecessary orders among three credit cards, figuring out commission at 9%, 13% and bonus against what this order will cost, saving the unit yet again with the debate to never do this again…

And the Number One reason to get out of Directorship…

1.To break the cult manipulation over your soul that has kept you circling the drain in a punctured pink life raft.


  1. I was thinking to myself at #10 ‘WTF?!’ and “Really?!” It also makes me feel ashamed that personal financial management and business including contract law are not required in public schools beginning at the earliest grades onward anywhere. If they were, the vast majority of people would know how to manage their money, make their money ‘work’ harder/more effectively, know how to critically examine contracts and discern nutty cult organizations able to profit on those ignorant of how sound businesses operate.
    Having worked in real estate including new home subdivision sales I learned the ‘hard way’ about ‘draws against commission’ which are a close mimic of the way MK keeps people on a hamster wheel cycle to ‘keep up’ ‘Long story short: the builder enticed me with a generous monthly draw against commission on luxury home sales and ‘created’ a way to gyp me of the large commissions possible by adjusting the pricing of the new home so that the sales rate was slow enough that he was able to pay me and 3 other salespeople 1/3 of what we could have earned plus a marginal additional commission due to a few additional sales despite the pricing if the homes were priced at or slightly below the local market pricing per square foot for new homes! ‘Sucks to learn the hard way, but how could I have known at age 20 of that possibility?

      1. MLM Radar

        I’m sorry you feel that way. But I also think you’re feeling offended when no offense was intended. Gyp, meaning to cheat or swindle, has been part of American slang for a very long time. The common definition of Gyp also refers to a behavior, and not to a physical characteristic or genetic trait.

        However, unlike most offensive ethnic slurs, few people on this side of the Atlantic Ocean associate the word with the Romani, or even know who the Romani are.

        1. AutumnMoonfire

          Just because gyp has been a part of the language for so long does not take away the fact that it is, and remains a slur. The English language is very rich and deep, why use a slur when you don’t have to?

          There are plenty of Romani in the United States and I imagine they cringe inside when they hear or read the word gyp in this usage. I get a little worried when someone defends the use of a slur…

    1. MLM Radar

      I learned the ‘hard way’ about ‘draws against commission’ which are a close mimic of the way MK keeps people on a hamster wheel cycle to ‘keep up’

      The one small difference with the commissions from your real estate builder and MK was that at least you understood the commissions weren’t earned yet.

      The builder still overplayed your potential earnings, and enticed you to draw too much based on that overstated potential, so you probably wound up in a position where if you quit you’d owe him money. And that was wrong.

      But in the Mary Kay world no one ever talks about the fact that your commissions aren’t really earned until the chargeback period has passed. No, those big “high checks” are just totals before chargebacks, before co-pays, before expenses. And instead of drawing against future commissions, they’re paid to you immediately, and then taken back without warning when someone returns her inventory. Surprise!

      1. True and thanks for the info. I would hope that there is detail on the MK commissions/chargeback thing, if not it sounds to me like the perfect opportunity for a class action lawsuit between past to present MK leaders. Luckily I owed the builder out of only one of my sales so they took the draw money out of that commission for part of the current month’s draw and the 2 months before that. The compensation situation coincidentally occurred within days before accepting another job offer (with a company that staffed large builders known as Ryness/ the others were not so lucky and one owed back 5 of the commissions so didn’t get squat for the effort!

        1. BestDecision

          Yes, we were subject to having our commissions taken from us up to 1 year after the wholesale orders/production occurred. So, a $2,000 wholesale order would bring me $260, which could be subtracted from my future check 1 year later after that person returned that amount of inventory.

          For anyone still in MK and believing their business is something they can count on and unlike corporate America, consider this: The income I earn in November is mine to keep forever. My taxes are taken out for me automatically, I don’t have to save to pay that out when I file taxes next year, and Social Security–a benefit any way you look at it–is taken out for me.

          The production you pull in by the 30th, however, won’t be guaranteed yours until December 1, 2018.

          I would say corporate America offers a LOT more stability than MK ever will.

          1. BestDecision, “Yes, we were subject to having our commissions taken from us up to 1 year after the wholesale orders/production occurred. So, a $2,000 wholesale order would bring me $260, which could be subtracted from my future check 1 year later after that person returned that amount of inventory.” That is a terribly long amount of time to wait for a subtraction against commissions! It’s true about taxes as far as being a W-2 earner & yes, it takes discipline to set aside $ out of commissions when working 1099/self employed. Owing taxes and having to work it out with IRS is no fun either if one ends up going too long with no sales in straight commission work because they charge interest on what you owe on top of it! Due to a failing situation as a result of a partnership/economic downturn-situation beyond our control I am in ‘uncollectible status’ and once I am earning again I may need to file bankruptcy since the interest accrued will add significantly to the principal amount I was unable to pay.
            There’s an old saying in sales: ‘Chicken one week and feathers the next’ so for many it’s better to be employed while starting and doing a business that you and only you create!

    2. random reader

      “It also makes me feel ashamed that personal financial management and business including contract law are not required in public schools beginning at the earliest grades onward anywhere.”

      Too many of the parents who *did* ask schools for more math education asked it for science and technology and eventually-going-to-medical-school and nerd pride reasons, not for coping-in-the-real-world reasons like understanding finances at home and statistics in the news.

      No, it’s all about the algebra to geometry to trigonometry to calculus track for these folks. Hence their kids who grew up to be engineers and doctors who turn twice as stupid about math if you put a dollar sign next to a number.

  2. This is OT But your including a photo of this years’ Director’s suits caught my attention. I’m fairly well versed in Color Analysis and know per the ‘Color Me a Season’ method which types of colors are best suited for each ‘color type’ ie: Spring, Autumn, Summer and Winter and wonder, what the heck is the reason any beauty company creating an annual uniform for its top salespeople that does not create 4 color themed options? The intensity of those blue and black themed suits and accessories per my computer monitor scream ‘Winter’ and would appear optically discordant on those whose ‘best colors’ fall into Color Me a Season’s other color types! Ditto for color cosmetics that have 4 or more colors in a color compact where a few are other than the colors that ‘fit’ a customer’s color type.

  3. BestDecision

    To realize that even a Triple Star doesn’t equate to a Cadillac or the net profit of one. I don’t miss the “It’s unbelivable!” or “Awesome!” replies when hearing other Directors asked how things are going–knowing they’re not clearing what they act like they are. Or sitting here at the end of November and counting down how many more days I have left to sell and deliver 12 Days of Christmas sets. And then hoping I sell through my Holiday/limited edition items before Christmas Day.

    I miss absolutely NOTHING about being a Director or a part of MK. I make better money, have benefits, am off COMPLETELY on weekends like this (every weekend, actually), and am not fretting end of month or qualifying for a Leadership event.

    And those haneous suits still aren’t getting better looking.

    1. raisinberry

      Ha ha, BestDecision…i completely forgot about “Triple Star”…My god, the sales incentive overkill was so over the top. They made up more “contests” and Qualifiers so that there would be multiple avenues of ordering pressure, status sustainers, and achievement benchmarks to run us pink hamsters like we were qualifying at Pimlico.

      We should figure out a list of a typical quarter’s contest bait. It starts with the perfect start, followed by Star Consultant, Pearls of Sharing, moving soon into Senior Consultant, Star recruiter..simultaneously your Area will have a “move up” contest where you win a cheap ring or bracelet by recruiting, doing a 600, or both, then the company will simultaneously ALSO be offering a ordering contest to get yada yada free, or win Section 2 crap, and on and on it goes…
      There’s always ONE MORE REASON for the Director to call you and mention “how close you are” to YADA YADA!!! And not only do you win “xxxx” you ALSO win “XXXXX”!!! Yep, business is UNBELIEVABLE!

  4. ShatteredPinkCaddyDreams

    As a person who missed directorship twice by 3 people; I truly just laugh now as I am constantly bombarded with “love” to see if I want to come back. I’m so happy with my other actual business and in my career field that I won’t even consider.

    I did however give my 30 faithful clients to a friend of mine to service so she’s at least making some steady income. So happy to be done with the cosmetic line and I’m hoping to check out Ulta soon.

      1. Patty

        How much do you get paid to comment on this blog? Where do I apply? I charge $5 per comment normally, thru my fiverr. I see you comment alot, this must be your full time job.

        1. TRACY

          I actually pay her $10 per comment, but only because she’s so good at it and has been around so long. Try commenting regularly for the next month or so, and I may offer you a job too!

          1. Patty

            I was being serious. I see you have about 5 regular commenters, and I offer commenting as well as driving web traffic via my fiverr. One comment = 5 bucks but of course my more sophisticated packages are higher. I’m a level 2 seller, I’ve commented on literally more than 10,000 blogs. You need some fresh commenters on this blog. Other than that, the amount of fast comments is outstanding! Good luck and happy holidays!

            1. TRACY

              No, we don’t “need” fresh commenters. We have new commenters every day. And the people who’ve been around for a while have plenty to add. People who pay for blog comments are idiots.

            1. pinkpeace

              Haha! Just think, we can comment on this blog from home and be there for our kids. We can give ourselves a raise at any time! (See, I just made $10 right now). What a deal, Tracy! How much to sign up?

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