Mary Kay New Year, New You

It’s the start of a new year, and that means an opportunity for a new you. Are you in Mary Kay but you want to get out? Are you questioning your Mary Kay experience? Or are you a potential recruit for MK, and you’re thinking of starting something new in the new year? These are all valid reasons to take some time and look around Pink Truth.

We’ve got tons of information for you. Much of it is stuff that your recruiter and Mary Kay Inc. wish you would never know. The people here at Pink Truth aren’t lazy or bitter, and we’re not lying about Mary Kay. We have no vested interest in whether you are a part of MK or not. We simply want to share the truth with you.

The goal of this site is education. We want potential Mary Kay consultants (and current and former consultants too!) to know about the “other side” of Mary Kay. It’s not all Pink Cadillacs! What women are told by their recruiter and your upline is only part of the story. Pink Truth is here to tell the rest of the story.

Mary Kay Cosmetics has spent over 50 years developing and perfecting a positive image. The general public believes that Mary Kay is a company that helps women. The reality, however, is that Mary Kay Inc. is a predator. It preys on women who need something (extra money, more friends, a career, a purpose, etc.) and exploits those needs. Women are deceived in the recruiting process, and the deception continues as the consultant is persuaded to purchase more inventory than she can ever sell, to recruit other women by not giving them all the facts, and to continue to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars knowing that she will almost certainly never earn that money back.

In addition to providing a place for Mary Kay consultants to share their experiences and opinions of Mary Kay, here you can find important information such as:

Happy New Year! And congratulations on taking the time to learn more about the pink predator they call Mary Kay Cosmetics.


  1. BestDecision

    I am SO glad I sent my inventory back. And no more Leadership Conferences, Career Conferences, or Seminars full of fake people posing as wealthy. Ladies not on the Top Trip last year, you’re not making an executive income, nor are those big gawdy rings and pins real. Please!

  2. Debbie

    Well I wish I’d known all this before I ordered “ inventory” . What I did know and do know though I am not a salesperson , I figured the MK product would sell itself, haha!! And I admit doing the career surveys was uncomfortable, my director had told me they were to get peoples opinions on the video I asked them to watch, then it turned out she was trying to recruit them! This is a very informative site, though, I love what you’re doing. I’m hooked on it I’m gonna continue coming here everyday to see the newest post.

      1. BestDecision

        Don’t feel too bad…We all had the same lines used on us. I believed my Director made executive income until I became a Director myself and did the math.

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