Become a Mary Kay Sales Director… Guaranteed

Check out this scheme for becoming a sales director in Mary Kay. And amazingly enough, it takes almost no time at all! Only 9.5 hours per week for six months (or less!!!). And at the bottom they tell you becoming a sales director is GUARANTEED! The impossible part of this plan is meeting new people who will hold classes and become your recruits. The plan suggests you can spend 30 minutes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday meeting 3 to 5 new people. Good luck with finding people that quickly who will want to have facials or hold skin care classes.


  1. BestDecision

    And that’s 3-4 nights away from home/family time! Unit meetings lasted 1.5 hours, so it’s impossible to do an interview AND travel to & from meetings in just 2 hours. And once you do an effective individual close at classes, it takes longer than 2 hours to hold it.

    Anyone who has ever truly works their business knows these numbers are hypothetical and can NOT be guaranteed. 3 interviews a week = 12/month. With unit recruiting being so low, as seen in the current Applause, this plan is ridiculous hyped up from reality.

  2. TRACY

    Right? All the time commitments are seriously downplayed.

    1/2 hour for meeting people and making those phone calls? Actually 2 hours.

    2 hours for a class? Figure at least 4 hours when you include prep time, traveling to and from, setting up, breaking down.

    1. coralrose

      So true! Also, it says “interview on the way home”. You have to bring your A-game of manipulation to get someone to sign up, and that’s hard to do when you’re driving. There’s no way you’ll have a recruit sign up on the drive home.

  3. TRACY

    Also by the way…. classes on only Thursday and Saturday are not going to get you enough potential new victims to get you to director. They forget to tell you that.

  4. Jamming Berry

    Right? Delegate to … ??? And where does one find these 3-5 people? Stalking at Rite Aid and Target? That’s actually illegal. It’s called SOLICITING. And getting two people to book classes out of the class you just held? My SD says only 3 make an official class, so 2/3 of those people would have to agree to another night of non-sense.

  5. PurpleH

    Even if this fairy tale were possible, so many things are missing from the week. Once you recruit, each person needs coaching and a debut. Conference calls with your own SD & NSD, Ref Jacket Retreats, quarterly BS star brunches, etc all add hours and are not account for on this formula. Basically the minute you recruit someone, she starts to need time in addition to the time being gobbled up by your own “leaders.”

    1. BestDecision

      This!! Very accurate description of someone who obviously has been there, done that just like so many of us on here. I thought the same thing after I’d commented above. So may other things left out!

  6. ran4fun

    If 9 1/2 hours is all it takes, then why do you need to delegate laundry or housework?

    “Guarantee” is a very strong word to use. How can she back that up? She can’t.

    But if you don’t achieve director, it must be your fault cuz you didn’t do something in her “guaranteed” plan.

  7. onelessSD

    AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! That whole plan is a bunch of crap! There is no way on earth you’ll accomplish all of that in that little time… AND become a director in that time frame. No way, no how. Sadly, I bought into this type of plan when I was in MK… and I can tell you honestly- after trying to work this diligently for a month… I was so frustrated – and angry at my director for spreading these lies like it was happening all over the place.

    I hate this company. It’s nothing but a pile of crap… just like this action plan.

    1. Shay

      Not even whatshername? who became a Director the fastest in MK history could do this.

      I know it’s rude to call someone “whatshername” I am tired and can’t think and had to do my daily stop to PT and of course add my 2 cents.

    1. pinkvictim

      I wish.

      I found this “training material” on many SD and NSD websites. I also found some different “training material” that talks up the same BS about how much money and how big a team a MKult victim can make in only… 9-1/2 hours per week!! However that 9-1/2 hours included not just one class, but three!!

      At’s all BS.

  8. Formykids

    All one, doing this plan, would have to do is actually track everything in the plan for a month or two. Using a P n L, and a tracking spreadsheet to account for every minute spent on MK, it would be so irrefutably obvious that this is total BS, which is why MK NSDs and SDs discourage you from actually using fundamental business tools. Every business needs to run a very detailed P&L, track inventory and manage it tightly, and account for every hour worked. That’s just running a Business 101. That should be he first and biggest Red flag that this isn’t an actual viable business.
    BTW so happy to be finally divorced from my MK Bot. Not necessarily thrilled to be divorced from her, but ecstatic to be divorced from MK. My house is finally clean and uncluttered, and I now have a handle on all of my finances, the good, the bad, and the ugly….no surprises. Peace and freedom on the other side.

  9. enorth

    “Business 101”

    If you listen to the MK videos out there, it’s all about “Turning in your Weekly Activity Sheet”, “Getting in front of faces”, “Getting new names”, “Helping other women feel good about themselves”, and “Fun, freedom and flexibility.”

    1. BestDecision

      I can personally vouch that it is a never ending career, at least as a Director. Your mind never shuts off. When we were on vacation, I’d naturally think about a promotion I could run, a prize I might buy for one, and how much production was coming in while I was away. We never went anywhere at month-end or at the end of June. I couldn’t plan long-term because I needed to be readily available to my on-targets or DIQs.

      Then there were company events that I couldn’t miss like Leadership (January), Career Conference (March), and Seminar (July or August). That didn’t account for the extras, yet highly “necessary for success”, Fall Retreats, Feel the Powers, or other guest events and workshops coming anywhere near me. I was chewed out by my Director for missing a Career Conference and then chewed out again for actually skipping out on month-end to go to an NSD’s event.

      I could never win.

      And neither have my Directoror any of the unit members I passed up to her when I resigned. They’re all in the same place now as they were then. Yet, here I am on a weekend not working, planning our next vacation without plotting when we can do it, and making MORE money, having BENEFITS, and LOWER stress than any of my days in that suit.

      1. TRACY

        I wouldn’t call it a career. I would call it a con game. Because you’re always looking for the next victim. Never enjoying time with your family as you’re always looking for someone who might be interested in signing up, etc.

  10. Shay

    Is Ebates a good deal? I know the one shopping program you reviewed a few years ago I thought was good but wasn’t. I like to get your POV / OPINION before signing up.

  11. Mickey

    The most upsetting part of MKMLM, is that so many women used churches to “hunt” for new prey, I mean, members of their team, of course. So, it is encouraged to actually network in the church. That is beyond criminal, and to also network, with lower income women, telling them how “rich” they will be. And these women, their friends don’t have money for expensive lipstick.

    One woman, literally had her entire front room, full of Mary Kay, it was all old, smelly, dusty. Yuck.

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