Can You Make a Living Selling Mary Kay Products?

If you wanted to just sell Mary Kay products and not recruit anyone, could you make a living doing so?

You might be able to make a living just selling Mary Kay products, but it’s going to be difficult.

Suppose you sold $1,000 per week, EVERY week. Now remember… there are very, very few women in Mary Kay who sell $1,000 per week. There are very, very few who even sell $500 of Mary Kay products each week. But let’s just assume that you can and do sell $1,000 per week, every week, with 2 weeks a year off.

How much would you make????

This net profit includes all expenses on the LOW end. Experience has shown that most Mary Kay consultants offer more discounts on the products, and have higher expenses than shown here. So this calculation would represent that absolute best case scenario for a consultant.

Do you consider $14,500 a year a good living? That’s about $1,200 per month.

What is it per hour? In order to sell that much product, you’re going to need to hold at least 5 skin care classes a week. That would require at least 20 hours a week once you factor in all of the legwork involved to find people, get them to book classes, coach them to the classes, prepare for the classes, get there, set up, conduct the class, clean up, fill orders, follow up, etc.

It’s not a good living.


  1. BestDecision

    $14,000/year net profit is $7/hour. When Personal Websites are telling customers to call them 60 hours/week or, in some cases, “24/7”, it’s less than that.

    If you’re currently in MK, go browse some others’ websites on the left side of the pages for their “hours”. 12 hour days or 24/7 availability for customers to call or text.

    Always “on”!

  2. pinkvictim

    You forgot about taxes. Uncle Sam has to get his cut. 1099, self-employed rate will run about 33%… round down to 30%, leaving 70% of $14,500 after taxes:


    Less than $850 per month. @ 20 hours per week (yeah, right!), that’s just over $10 per hour. No retirement, no benefits either.

    1. MLM Radar

      One bounced check from a customer will blow all that away. Good luck collecting on the NSF check fees.

      One customer who uses half the product then demands her 100% satisfaction refund will blow all that away too. Yeah, you can get a product replacement from MK, but the extra time you spend processing it won’t be repaid.

  3. enorth

    You purchase products to re-sell, but the company you bought them from dictates how, and where, you sell them… and also prohibits you from advertising. LOL

    Your up-line (your “mentor” who only has YOUR best interest at heart) constantly encourages you to give away your products or sell them at discounts so you can hurry and order more. According to your up-line: “You won’t make a profit, but you’ll break even! You don’t lose any money! Isn’t that great?”

    I heard a SD say that, at her SCC, if a customer buys a filled roll-up bag, the customer can buy all makeup at 50% off for a year. Assuming the customer buys makeup in the next 12 months, the SD makes no profit from it. (And do you really think the customer will be willing to pay full price for makeup after the year is up?)

    Oh, well. Who cares about profit when you’re taking home prizes like handbags (that have been handed down several times starting from your NSD), tin bracelets, rhinestone-covered travel mugs, and Cadillac-shaped refrigerator magnets?

  4. raisinberry

    And, there’s the “plug in events” like Career Conference, Seminar, Rally’s, Advances Retreats, also chipping away at that profitability. If you choose not to go, you lose the hype the new product training.

    Ironically, if you do anything the “Mary Kay Way”, you’ll lose money.

    1. enorth

      I looked at a SSD’s calendar for January. She charges $10 per weekly meeting! So, in January, Chrissy Consultant is SPENDING $40 just for the weekly meetings, and January Jumpstart will cost her another $30 for registration alone.

      $70 in January just for rah-rah meetings!

      In the following months, she’ll have various conferences, plus WOW Night, Seminar, Fall Advance, Girls’ Night Out, Star Consultant Sleepover, and more. And SHE gets to pay for everything.

      If you want income and benefits, get a job. Mary Kay is just a shopping club, a women’s club, and an expensive hobby all rolled up into one.

  5. Lazy Gardens

    If you have a spouse or child living on your profits from selling $1,000 a week at full price, you are legally in poverty.

    And how few sell that much? Look at what it takes to make Court of Sales. If you sold $50K a year you would be tippy-top in court of sales.

    1. BestDecision

      A dead giveaway that Court of Sales people really aren’t profiting much is their June orders. ironic that it’s where their biggest orders always come in.

  6. enorth

    Is the cellulite gel cream going bye-bye? Just saw that Corporate is offering it as BOGO for the next three days only. The NSD says you should “stock up now and double your profits.” The “good news” is that there are no limits.

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