Pink Cadillac Drivers and Executive Income

The most clever marketing ploy ever instituted by Mary Kay is the PINK CADILLAC! It screams success. The general public sees a woman in a pink Cadillac, and assumes she is very successful and earning the big bucks in Mary Kay.

The sad reality is that most of the Cadillac drivers are making about $30,000 to $40,000 per year. That’s not executive income! And these women are in the very upper ranks of Mary Kay.

Below is a snippet of an interview I did on HuffPost Live a few years ago, talking about pink Cadillac drivers. At the time I calculated that about 200 women in Mary Kay in U.S. were making six figures after business expenses. It could be up to 300 women in the U.S. But when you compare that to the approximately 600,000 women who are now consultants in the U.S., the numbers are dismal.



  1. BestDecision

    It’s simple math. Just look at the bar pin earned this year by a Director. Anything less than $400,000 isn’t Cadillac production and isn’t GROSSING more than $46,000/year.

    The math:
    $400,000 Circle of Achievement
    = approx $200,000 wholesale
    *Note: New consultant product bonuses, monthly product bonuses, PCP GWPs, etc. add up the retail but DO NOT earn a Director more in commissions

    $200,000 wholesale divided by 12 months
    = $16,666 wholesale average/month
    X 23% commission
    = $3,833 commission a month
    x 12 months
    = $46,000/year gross profit

    This is WITHOUT dedecucting her costs such as her suit, prizes, conference registrations, newsletter publishing, postage, etc. that ALL Directors incur.

    So, next time a Director tells you she’s making Cadillac production and all this money, ask her what bar pin she picked up last summer. If the $400,000 bar pin on her shoulder is years old and she’s not picking up a new one this coming summer, she’s either maintaining or is going backwards.

    And that’s the truth.

      1. TRACY

        No it’s $16k a month production for the unit, times 23% average commission = $3,833 commission check per month.

        What she’s figuring is the 13% sales director commission plus the 10% bonus.

  2. Formykids

    My ex wife “earned” a Pink Caddy for two years. During her entire tenure in MK her net taxable income on her schedule C has never gone above $19,000, and that’s for approx 60 hrs per week. For most of the two years she drove the caddy she was making a copay, as much as $900 per month for the last 6 months. Her Senior SD, drove the caddy for, I believe 4 years, then showed up at my house one day driving the Chevy Cruze, two steps down. From what I can tell most Pink Caddy drivers popped and dropped, earning the caddy, then almost immediately falling below caddy production, meaning that most Caddy drivers are well below the 30-40k you suggest above. I would be willing to bet that over 70% of MK drivers have copays, and have current production below their car qualification number.

  3. Bethany

    I feel like there is another very clever aspect of this ploy that targets the actual drivers. There is SO much hype and pressure to get there, and adoration and praise when you do, that when you inevitable fall below the level necessary to maintain it, you do everything you can to maintain the appearance that you are at that prestigious level of success. MK wins financially with your co-pays, topping off orders and the driver loses. You lose financially, and keep living a lie with even more pressure.

    It is such an obvious marker of what level you are at, so I can see why they frantically try to claw their way up to staying at that level. It would be humiliating to have others know that you lost your caddy.

    They build it up so much, that when you get there, you do everything you can to maintain that Cadillac image because it is the most effective PROP in your own charade to sell that image and lifestyle to sucker others in to continue to prop up your own castle in the sand.

    Very smart of MK corp!

    Now, Jamie Taylor, I automatically want to exclude from these calculations because her social media is THAT compelling and I want to believe that she has zero credit card debit and makes 6 figures like she claims.

    1. Pinkfreesince2015

      We honestly cannot exclude Jamie Taylor from this. I would like to know the honest truth about this. Has she been in the top 100 in unit production the last 6 months? That would provide a strong glimpse into how she is truly performing.

      We all saw her NSD post on Instagram. Let’s not forget she has missed trip the past two years. Is she as “popular” as she once was? No. I have seen more posts about Kimberly Copeland’s daughter who became a director in October. Who by the way, apparently already “earned” her Cadillac. This who facade is a complete joke and beyond laughable.

      1. BestDecision

        The December Appaluse shows her unit didn’t do more than $17K wholesale in August. Her social media shows she submitted for NIQ this month but needs a TON of DIQS to finish AND at least 3 of her Directors to make it into Premier Club…by March 31.

        What I see is a weak unit that’s been shooting off Directors but won’t be able to maintain the NSD requirements. Just going across the NSD finish line isn’t a smart business decision. It’s staying there AND making more money. At this rate, she’ll never be in the scoreboard for NSD commissions over $10K.

    2. BestDecision

      I think she’s building a career out of sand, according to what Applause says and what she admits she needs to finish NIQ. Not even doing $17K wholesale and going into NIQ? Not a good idea.

      1. TRACY

        I think she’s trying to do what Dacia and Allison did. You build super fast so that you get to the goal before anyone has a chance to drop off. (You see she fell into that ugly cycle already where people are dropping off and you lose numbers quickly.) If you can complete your qualification period super fast before anyone has a chance to fall off, VOILA you’re done, you’ve made it. Then when people start dropping off, it *sort of* doesn’t matter because you’re already there.

        Now OF COURSE, that’s a big lie. It DOES matter because your income plummets and you have to replace these people somehow. But theoretically it’s easier to replace these people because you have momentum and now you have the title of NSD and some people will sign up simply because they’re dazzled by your title.

        What we saw is that sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn’t. In Dacia’s case it worked. She was able to keep the churn churning, and she’s still an NSD.

        Allison wasn’t able to keep the churn churning, and she ended up flaming out badly. So badly that she quit MK, went to to another MLM, burned out there. Went to another and failed there. Found her only way to “win” was to marry the owner of an MLM but to do that she had to change her name and take on a new persona and make a whole new pretend life for herself. So I guess that worked out?

  4. enorth

    A certain SSD lost her Cadillac, but kept her FB profile pic of herself standing next to it. So, I assumed she was still driving it.

    The only way I found out she had lost it was she recently held beg-a-thons on social media to “help me get back into the Pink Cadillac.” And, she did. Until she loses it again.

  5. Shay

    I remember reading an article of MK’ s son boasting despite recession MK did 2 billion in sales and he said, “lots of our starter kits sold” notice not products- starter kits.

  6. enorth

    As my mother used to say to me, “Remember, you won’t always be young and thin!” Boy, was she right! She was also right about, “Save your money for a rainy day. You don’t know what’s ahead.”

    It’s tragic that so many women are throwing away good jobs, throwing away college degrees (GOOD degrees from GOOD schools) to pursue this nonsense. Spending more money on their “career” than they’re making at it.

    These ladies are giving up so much, but they don’t realize it. Yet.

    They’re forfeiting good things now AND in the future (a savings nest-egg, home ownership, benefits, pension) for a few fleeting moments of gowns and crowns….rhinestone baubles…scattered applause from strangers…dollar-store sashes.

    Life is short. (Mom was right about that, too.)

    Don’t be foolish.

  7. ShatteredPinkCaddyDreams

    I remember when a certain now retired SNSD and her daughter out of Cleveland Ohio were literally pressuring their “future” area which included me as the only consistent seller in the metro DC area to push because we were already bigger than most national areas with 210 consultants.
    The former SNSD before she became that was upset that she was a career EESSD. When she came to push me my family members pushed back and said that they were not going to push me since I at the time was working, a single mom and stable but just barely and they didn’t help which is why I failed DIQ twice for lack of recruits which was prior to maintaining star status. I’m truly thankful for that failure and I dodged the bullet of debt.

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