Pink Truth is Filled With Negative Rants

Why are you doing this? Anytime I look for something for my business your blog comes up. I do understand that this did not work for you, but its not a blanket experience. It works for some and not for others.

The 4 minutes it takes me to type this isn’t really worth it, but its hard for me to understand where God plays a role in the time and energy you have put into making this website. Its filled with negative rants about how it didn’t work for you. But it does work for others, many others, enough others that it can be given a fair chance. It just seems like you are bitter because it didn’t work for you.

Its hard to believe Wal-Mart does not work for everyone (shoppers, employees, distributors) but it still stands as a multi-billion dollar company…., there are thousand of companies or jobs that just didn’t work for some people, but that does not make it bad for everyone. I truly believe that your analytical and writing skills can be channeled to really do something amazing….just not this. This is just way too negative and I have to find a way to block your site from my searches. I don’t know your name, but I will be praying that God heal your heart from whatever tore a hole in it. God bless.


  1. Lily in NYC

    Let me guess, OP is a Red Jacket. They always are. OP, you can’t compare Walmart to an MLM; they are entirely different business models. NO ONE makes money in an MLM; I’m curious as to why you think you’ll be the exception.
    I’ve noticed these pink kool-aid drinkers NEVER rebut the MaryKay math articles; they only speak in abstract terms, telling people they are too negative or that they just didn’t work hard enough. Hey, OP! Go read some of the math articles here and tell me why they aren’t accurate, I dare you.

  2. BestDecision

    I prayed the Prayer of Jabez so much He did answer my prayer with the courage to get out. If so many people in MK weren’t saying it does work for everyone, that anyone can be whatever they want it MK, not all of us would be on here.

    It took me less than 5 minutes to type this, so now I’ll go back to my lower stressed life, filled with real friends, healthcare benefits, and better pay than all my years as a Director.

  3. Morningstar

    Very good to know that this site comes up so easily and proves it is popular. This information is awesome.
    She must be taking a quick break from her income producing activities and it proves she reads this site and the site is invoking an obvious emotional response.
    Great job! BTW Walmart is a MK competitor!

  4. raisinberry

    Yeah I have to disagree…she doesn’t read this site. How else can you accuse the women here of a “didn’t work for you” experience?

    It worked for us. Yep it really did. We learned to hold whiz bang business debuts, great guest events, superfantastic muffins and makeovers, pizza and possibilities.
    We had the 4 point recruiting plan down cold! We booked 8 to hold 3…then hold 2…then couldn’t book any, then warm booked, then stalked the Target, then asked for referrals, then got told that “the real money is in recruiting”, then took on the career path, to suck other women into that same scenario…of burning up your warm market either with bookings or askings to guest events, either recruiting them or losing them as friends, and then on to strangers with a highly perfected con, while our debt increased as we had to “qualify” for all the various leadership benchmarks and production requirements. As long as you keep ahead of attrition, you can keep the production com going. Took me winning 6 cars to finally have the blinders fall off.

    Have YOU won 6 cars yet?
    Yep, it worked for me…and all of us. Then we grew a conscience.

  5. Susie

    The Walmart comparison is laughable! I can never remember an instance where I shopped at Walmart where I had to be lured there under the premise of a spa/relaxing time with friends, then had to sit and listen about the job opportunities from some amped up, fake, over the top employee, and, oh yes I’ve never been asked for my friends, family, neighbor, coworkers’ contact information to win the same spa treatment!

  6. MLM Radar

    So it works for others, and God plays a role? OK, let’s follow a God -tested way to check. Remember Abraham?

    Can you name 50 people for whom this works? No?

    How about 45? Can you name 45? No?

    40 then. Can you name 40? Having trouble?

    Ok, 30. Can you name 30? With Schedule Cs that show a profit?

    Alright. I know that’s tough. How about 20? And please make sure they’re real people, not just anecdotes from “fake it” land.

    No? Can you even give me the names of 10 real people with real MK success, not fake profits from frontloading inventory? Just 10 real people?


    Of course, if you read your Bible you know what happened next.

  7. Cindylu

    She had better never become ill or have a family crisis. Within MK every single minute and every single activity must involve MK. Church group sell or recruit. Family reunion sell and recruit. PTA meeting sell and recruit. No such thing as quality time with children. At McDonald’s or the mall with a toddler, time to warm stalk. Since leaving MK my home is somewhat empty of MK (Although I still occasionally find the odd MK mirror, eye shadow or stupid ribbon.) I still wince at those hideous MK Seminar or fake conference photos. For years, I would cut the photos of my director (separating myself or others from that evil, selfish SD). I would send them to her husband or daughters at Christmas. I would ask them how they could continue to support a mother/wife SD 25 years later. A woman along with the NSD who had ruined the lives of hundreds of women. For now I get a Friday and Saturday off to relax and enjoy the moment. I can enjoy my children, husband and friends. As to invoking God, how is it godly to be focused on recruiting and selling products even on Sundays, at church, during Christmas, Easter and for nearly 300 days of the year. How is it godly to recruit women who waste their grocery money on the useless pink starter kit. It was really sad. I felt horrible for having brought that woman there early on. I never realized my SD was such a predator that she would steal a woman’s welfare check. I was happy when that woman returned the pink slop back unopened the next day. How can this fool justify NO place to advertise, the constant change in products (done on purpose by Corp)? Very soon she will get off the hamster wheel for a couple of minutes to clear her head of the pink Kool aid. She will come to realize that after 50 years in north America misleading thousands of women, that the jig is up. PT is the icing on the cake. It began with Jackie Brown’s book. It continued with former directors and even Directors jumping ship. Blame it on being mlm and mostly like Amway or any other pyramid scheme. Blame it on a company run mostly by men who mostly don’t really follow the faith, family, career philosophy. Blame it on a laughable, convoluted party oops skin care scheme that hasn’t changed in decades. When I tried to sell MK at a kiosk, women avoided my table like the plague. You can’t financially, psychologically and emotionally harm women and family for decades and not have a system that women intuitively avoid. Recruits liked me. They hated my SD and the MK BS, they saw through once they were interviewed by my SD. Yuk. Back to enjoying relaxing without the nightmare of sell/recruit.

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