A “Quality” Mary Kay Prospect

What do Mary Kay consultants and sales directors look for in potential new recruits?

The truth is that any woman with a pulse and a credit card is a viable recruiting target for Mary Kay consultants. They are taught to offer the “opportunity” to everyone. Everyone.  Because to not do so would be selfish. And who are we to decide who deserves the Mary Kay opportunity and who does not?

So even though Mary Kay consultants will recruit just about anyone and everyone if given the chance, there is a little list of more desirable qualities. If you have many of these, the recruiter will be visibly salivating and likely won’t stop calling you until you threaten to get a restraining order.

On the left are the desirable qualities. These are the ones that signify access to money in order to make a large inventory purchase up front, which is the most desirable recruit of all. On the right hand side are the qualities which suggest you can’t buy any inventory and might not be successful, although if you’re still willing to sign up, they’ll take you.


She pays a mortgage payment monthly. She rents an apartment or lives with family.
She has available credit and uses a checking account. She pays only in cash.
She has a support system (husband, family, etc.) She is a single Mom or has no support system.
She has purchased a Skin Care System. She has purchased just 1 or 2 items.
She has integrity—holds appointments made. She’s cancelled or rescheduled an appt. with you.
She has in depth questions about Mary Kay. She has vague interest in knowing about Mary Kay.
She asked you how many hours you work.. She asked you how many hours do you HAVE to work
She asked how much inventory is best. She asked if you HAD to have inventory.
She would do things the Mary Kay way. She looks for shortcuts, curses and speaks negatively.
She has high standards for her appearance. She places little importance on her appearance.
She could write a check today for her Starter Kit. She has to wait to save money for her Starter Kit.
She has expressed a desire to want to make a change. You have impressed upon her a need to make a change.
She is an optimist (The glass is half full!). She is a pessimist (The glass is half empty).
She is 25 or older. She is 24 or younger.
She has a bright cheerful spirit. She doesn’t smile often.
She has a passionate quality about her. She reveals little emotion.
She enjoys a challenge. She would rather be a follower.
She maintains strong eye contact with you. She finds it difficult to look you in the eye.
She has been highly successful in previous endeavors. She has half heartedly pursued other things.
She has a strong work ethic. She lives on public assistance.
She loves Mary Kay products. She has never tried the products.
She has great bounce-back-ability. Obstacles tend to stop her.
She is decision maker. She often has to ask others for their opinion.
She has a strong self confidence. She often seeks approval of others.
She uses her children as a reason to begin. She uses her children as an excuse not to start.
She owns a car. She owns no car or only has one in the family.
She purchased her products in full. She used the payment plan.


  1. NeverPinkAgain

    Repressive and just down right awful. Who does that? I mean… WOW. I’m SO glad that my family is out of it… Thank you Tracy for sharing the truth.

  2. raisinberry

    Back in the day, we were told to offer the opportunity to everybody because you can not “pre-judge” people. Looks like THAT’s out the window.

    It doesn’t matter if you tightly screen your targets or recruit anyone who breathes.
    You are still sucking them into a product based pyramid that will slowly indoctrinate them into the “pink bubble” where they will exhaust themselves trying to make money while losing it, build customers while recruiting them, move people up the career path while fighting attrition, and become proficient at “faking it till you make it”. Faking it will become their essence…with no acceptable way to discuss the realities and conflicted state of mind they will now experience…not without being shunned. Only now, your lies are on record…all the bragging about how wonderful the opportunity is…no way to back out of it without exposing yourself as a manipulator and liar.

    Mary Kay is a big pink bear trap for the smart and savvy as well as the challenged and naive.

  3. Morningstar

    I forgot about this list. It has been around for at least 25 years. What I learned today is how the columns point to inventory purchases or lack thereof. My director gave this out and taught us to focus on the left column to build our business. This is related to how fast the bath tub drains out in the recruiting and how to focus on bringing up your future unit. Of course it is for the NSD/director to focus on people with money and to spend their time with those who can part with cash. My director would not spend time with those in the right hand column and pointed this out to us. Of course anyone can join but don’t focus on lower incomes. This reveals the scheme that it is MORE ok to pry monies from those who already have extra income. Never mind those who don’t – you will get a little something out of it but not your next star (as in buying inventory) in your team bulding activities. Anyone can join of course but how many times did the mantra become I will match my time with your time – READ PURCHASES.
    Thanks for this post today.

  4. BestDecision

    The mass movement for Gold Medals has started now that Leadership is over. If the business is based on sales to customers foremost, shouldn’t the focus be in adding “x” number customers by Seminar? If they’re selling so much and making money, my experience is that the “quality” team members come naturally.

    1. Ijustquit

      That’s how I worked mine. I never recruited. I sold to customers. Customers who want to sell will ask you about it if they want to. How many others run their business like That, who knows. But not many

  5. Peaches

    I think the biggest quality that was looked for was financial security coupled with self insecurity. Add in a little of the gullibility factor and we have a “quality” Mary Kay recruit. It doesn’t hurt that she can make herself think she is successful just by purchasing unwanted and in-needed inventory. I believe they call this self delusion and self hypnosis. And the ability to lie, cheat, steal, sneak funds, hide inventory – gee isn’t that sounds like Robbery in the first – at least against her family.

    Mary Kay brings out the worst in human nature. Run. Very Fast from anyone in a Pink Cadillac. Or anyone who swears out that MK is the opportunity of a life-time. But then a woman who joins MK has a life-time of regret and hurt to make up for.

  6. Kiki

    This list makes me realize the difference in how my mother and I were treated by our ISD. My mother could rarely, if ever, get her attention. Whereas I could get her attention immediately, sometimes she would even reach out to me but not my mother, despite her being my recruiter. My mother is a lower income level with no support from my father and could only afford a small inventory. My husband and I were sacked into it big time, have a better income and we’re able to purchase a large inventory. According to this list, I was a better target than my mother was for our ISD, and so worthy of more attention. So sad and sick, so glad I’m out and my mother only purchases for herself now.

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